How To Build A Peer To Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Website?

Posted On Jan 9, 2019 12:22 PM

In a digital world, people are permitted to buy cryptocurrency in a legal way in some countries. Nowadays, There are a lot of cryptocurrency coins stillborn in the crypto market. The business experts are spending their amount in the cryptocurrency to earn more money. But, when you begin a new cryptocurrency exchange website you should analyze the popular crypto exchange site like local bitcoins,paxful,remitano etc

What is Peer to Peer?

The exchanging and sharing information within two parties without the third person is called Peer to Peer or People to People. The exchange of bitcoin involves in sellers and buyers with terms and conditions in the website.

Trader preferred Peer to peer exchange site

The trade conducted through on online method so, Seller can decide own price of the bitcoin and what kind of payment acceptable. The buyers can easily search the sellers, according to the location, regarding the price of the bitcoin. They can conduct their own deal without the inter-mediated person.

There are lots of entrepreneurs are ready to start own peer to peer exchange. The Sellbitbuy is a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange script development company that extends its hands to struggling entrepreneurs to achieve their goal.

Why Sellbitbuy?

Did you think our scripts available in the online directory don't have any advanced algorithms? 

We having professional developers in providing a technically advanced Peer to Peer exchange script. 

We have Selling P2P Crypto exchange clone for branded exchange platforms like localbitcoins, remitano,paxful and localethereum, wazir, etc.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a P2P Bitcoin exchange website script that allows you to build an escrow based bitcoin exchange website like localbitcoins. 

We offer the best Local bitcoin clone PHP script with enhanced features like multiple payment gateways with encryptions code's,  complete secure escrow dashboard additional security APIs and so on.

Paxful Clone Script 

We provide the most reliable Paxful clone script to start your exchange as a like paxful. Our Script holds superior security modules, multicurrency support, user-friendly traders dashboard and a lot more features to grab high-density users.

Localethereum clone script  

We develop a localethereum clone script  for all entrepreneurs who are interested to start an ethereum exchange like localethereum with smart contract 

Remitano clone script 

Remitano clone script is a p2p cryptocurrency exchange website software that has all the existing features like remitano . Our innovative trading plugins stand unique in the crowd.

WazirX clone script

It is a cryptocurrency exchange website clone script that has the same features and plug-ins as the most popular crypto exchange Wazirx.

We render Features  for your traders

Smooth user-friendly currency exchange site

Spot trading

 Latest trade match engine

Live Chat

Two-factor authentication method

Type of order/ margin orders.

Price predictions bar charts

And more...

Security features

https protocol

Session login

Web attack protection

Escrow system

Technology stacks




Node js

SQL security

Even you can launch your peer to peer exchange website to achieve a mount heights of success. 

You can just fill the demo form in sellbitbuy.


About Us

Sellbitbuy is the Top-Notch Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company having 5+ years of industry experience. We provide business ready Bitcoin exchange clone scripts like localbitcoins, Remitano, Paxful and much more which enable you to create your own P2P Exchange Trading Website instantly.

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