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Binance Smart Chain Development Services Company - Sellbitbuy
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Binance Smart Chain Development Services Company - Sellbitbuy

Binance Smart Chain Development Services Company - Sellbitbuy

Binance Smart Chain Development

Binance Smart Chain Development is the services offered to build a secured ecosystem for Decentralized Finance. BCS can be described as a blockchain that runs parallel to the Binance Chain. To offer functionalities like DeFi Swapping, Yield Farming, Borrowing BEP20, etc, BSC development is involved in developing Decentralized Finance platform. In addition, here both the blockchains run simultaneously. It can run even when the Binance Chain goes offline.

Binance Smart Chain Development Company

We Sellbitbuy is a popular Blockchain Development Company offers launch ready services to build DeFi platforms on Binance Smart Chian Network with all the advanced functionalities that includes Yield Farming, DeFi Swapping, Smart Contract Development, etc. Grab our Binance Smart Chain Development solutions and build your DeFi and NFT platforms on BSC.

Our Binance Smart Chain Development Services 

The BSC development services include,

  1. BSC DeFi staking development 
  2. BSC DeFi swapping development 
  3. BSC DeFi yield farming development 
  4. BSC DeFi token  development 
  5. BSC DeFi lending development 
  6. BSC DeFi Borrowing development 
  7. BSC smart contract development ‘
  8. BSC non-fungible token development 

Binance is a smart contract platform. DApps development BSC DApps results in the production of a Decentralised application that exhibits its basic features over the BSC rather than the centralized server used by traditional apps. The development of BSC DApps helps in the development of a variety of different tools, as well as the creation of an open-source environment for monetizing decentralized applications.

What Is Binance Smart Chain?

The Binance smart chain is a separate blockchain that works alongside the Binance chain. It is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and a solid smart contract. As a result, it is extremely versatile on a blockchain network. The Binance smart chain isn't a two-layer or off-chain scalability as advertised. It's a stand-alone blockchain that could continue to function even if the Binance chain went down. 

From a design sense, both blockchains are quite similar. Users and developers alike benefited from the binance chain's compatibility with the Ethereum virtual machine. Integrating their projects with Ethereum becomes simple. Users may also easily incorporate MetaMask on the Binance Smart chain using only a few sample settings.

Features Of Binance Smart Chain

The following qualities of the Binance smart chain make it an excellent choice for decentralized application development.

1. Proof of stake authority- PoSA

BSC uses an innovative PoSA algorithm where different validators stake BNB known as Binance coin- the native token of the binance ecosystem to secure the network.

2. Cross-chain compatibility

To protect the network, BSC employs a novel PoSA method in which different validators stake BNB, also known as Binance currency, the native token of the Binance ecosystem.

3. EVM compatibility

BSC is EVM compliant, which means it works with the Ethereum ecosystem of tools and DApps. Smart contracts created for the EVM can be simply transferred to the BSC.

4. BEP20

The BEP-20 token standard is based on the ERC-20 protocol and is a BSC token standard. It serves as a framework for tokens, outlining their purpose, how they may be used, and who can spend them. A BEP20 token can be used to represent anything from company stock to cash in a vault. To put it another way, a steady coin.

How Does BSC Work?

These two techniques are required for the Binance smart chain to function.

Cross-chain compatibility

With the concept of dual chain architecture, a smooth asset transfer was accomplished between blockchains through the cross-chain compatibility procedure. Binance smart chain was created as a stand-alone technology that works in tandem with the standard Binance chain.


Users stake BNB for platform verification using a Proof of Stake (POS) consensus process in Binance smart chain development. They receive a payout from the network for each valid positive block.

Why Choose Binance Smart Chain?

Difference Between Polkadot, BSC, And Solana


Polkadot is a blockchain network being created to allow web3.0, a decentralized and fair internet in which individuals own their data and markets profit from network security and efficiency. It lets many blockchains connect with one another, allowing for easy upgradeability, and includes " shared security," a plug-and-play network security paradigm that allows developers to focus on the technology rather than hiring a group of operators to manage a new blockchain.


Owing to a high matching engine decentralized distributed consensus, a decentralized digital asset exchange that is both fast and secure has been created. Binance DEX, the chain's native decentralized application (dApp), has shown its low latency and enormous capacity headroom by processing millions of trading volumes in a short period of time.

The programmable extendibility, or simply the smart contract and virtual machine functions, are the most demanded features of the Binance chain. Issuers and owners of digital assets are struggling to add new decentralized features to their assets, as well as any form of community governance and activity.


Solana is a censorship-resistant, fast, and secure blockchain with an open architecture that allows for global adoption. The top DeFi, Web3, and blockchain gaming projects chose Solana as their long-term platform. Solana uses proof of history and several other ground-breaking breakthroughs to scale at Moore's law's rate. It was created with the goal of keeping rates low for apps with billions of users.

Decentralized Finance On Binance Smart Chain

BSC is positioned to become a user-friendly choice for establishing a decentralized finance environment. The ecosystem will grow horizontally as more people use BSC for DeFi app creation, introducing a diversity of decentralized applications to the network.

BSC will become a market-leading DApp platform owing to features such as interoperability with the smart contract platform, cheap transaction costs, and quick transaction settlement times.

Application built on BSC

DeFi yield farming software 
DeFi MLM software 
DeFi exchange software 
DeFi staking software 
DeFi token
DeFi wallet

Successful DeFi Projects On Binance Smart Chain

With the emergence of DeFi and NFT, efficient blockchains are in high demand. Because blockchains like Ethereum are inefficient and are unable to scale, this is the case. BSC is utilized for various development activities such as BSC token production, exchange creation, wallet creation, and so on because it is faster and cheaper than ethereum.

Successful DeFi projects on BSC are as follows;

  1. Pancake swap 
  2. LenDeFi finance 
  3. Autofarm
  4. DeFi yield protocol

NFT On Binance Smart Chain

BSC infrastructure and community fuel the Binance NFT marketplace. It is one of the most liquid platforms available, allowing creators from all over the world to mint, sell, bid, and buy NFTs.

  1. The BSC will have all of your newly minted NFTs.
  2. The minting fee for each NFT on the BSC is 0.005 BNB.
  3. The following file types are supported by BSC NFTs and are less than 50MB in size.
  4. The action of NFT minting is referred as an on-chain action. Thus once you paid the fees, you can not stop the process. Also, once information gets added to the BSC, it can not be deleted, changed, or removed.

As per the above information, NFT is a token that represents digital content.

Top NFT Projects On Binance Smartchain

Referring to the top initiatives within the BSC ecosystem, Binance has identified the leading projects on the BSC in 2021 thus far.

The following considerations were taken into account when choosing the best projects:

  • Market influence and traction
  • Scalability and usability of the project
  • ‘Innovation product design and sustainability
  • BSC and the Binance ecosystem are linked and integrated.

Top projects are as follows ;

  1. Battle Pets: Gaming NFT
  2. PancakeSwap: financial NFTs

Why Choose BSC For NFTs?

Many projects use, create, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on BSC rather than Ethereum. The networks' scalability and low transaction fees make BSC a viable option to existing blockchains. Because BSC is compatible with the EVM, developers can quickly port over their Ethereum-based DApps.Buying and selling NFTs with BSC is more cost-effective from the user's perspective. Trading NFTs is prohibitively expensive for small investors and collectors due to high Ethereum transaction costs.

Why Choose Sellbitbuy For Binance Smart Chain Development?

Sellbitbuy, the leading cryptocurrency exchange development company has the potential to out-run all other chains in trends. We develop the DeFi platforms on BSC on time with pre and post-product delivery assistance, Current crypto market performance reports, crypto competitors, and specific zones to develop products of future use. 

We sellbitbuy develop the DeFi platform with,

  • Precise product delivery 
  • Prospective yield assistance 
  • Market performance report 
  • profit/loss presumptions 
  • All-time active query solving

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