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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

PancakeSwap Clone Script

Launch your very own DeFi DEX platform like PancakeSwap on BSC blockchain
with our highly customizable PancakeSwap Clone Script

Launch your very own DeFi DEX platform like PancakeSwap on BSC blockchain with our highly customizable PancakeSwap Clone Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

What Is PancakeSwap Clone Script?

PancakeSwap Clone Script is a launch ready DeFi Dex source code that helps you to launch your DeFi exchange like PancakeSwap. It is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain(BSC). The platform launched using our PancakeSwap Clone Script enables users to trade BEp-20 tokens and Binance coin. Using smart contracts all the trades are executed automatically.

Our pancakeSwap clone script at Sellbitbuy is completely tested, error-free and can be instantly deployed which eliminates the need to develop a DEX platform from scratch. If you wish to start a DEX platform on top of the Binance Smart Chain, then the right solution is to go for our PancakeSwap Clone Script which includes BEP-20 token swapping, liquidity pools, and much more functionalities available for the business freaks who wishes to start DeFi based DEX exchange platform.

Features Of PancakeSwap Clone Script

PancakeSwap Clone is a Binance Smart Chain based DeFi Exchange Script that works exactly similar to the pancakeswap platform. Our team of developers at Sellbitbuy keenly focused to develop 100% smart contract audited and highly customized PancakeSwap clone script which concerns user requirements as a top priority and works full-fledgedly to launch an exchange similar to PancakeSwap on the top of Binance Smart Chain network.

Automated Market Making
Automated Market Making

AMM allows digital assets to be traded without permission by employing liquidity pools. This can increase platform efficiency.

Integrated Security Protocol
Integrated Security Protocol

This Integrated Security Protocol feature boosts platform security. It maintains, protects management businesses & provides high security.

Trading Analytics
Trading Analytics

This allows you to review daily performance, updated statistics on crypto-volume, liquidity, availability, & current market price.

Swifty Audits
Swifty Audits

It increases the rate of audit processing and the number of audits per second, ensuring the platform's best order completion.

Transaction Tracking
Transaction Tracking

You can keep track of and monitor the history of transactions done at any time with the help of this feature.

Wallet Connectivity

Wallet connectivity is made simple with our PancakeSwap clone script, which includes a simple set up of a wallet that supports the BSC.

Yield  Farming
Yield Farming

It allows users to earn crypto tokens by farming and staking liquidity provider tokens. It simplifies the process of pooling the tokens.


Staking is the same as yield farming to earn additional tokens as rewards. It is the process of holding native tokens.


The process of exchanging one value for another is known as swapping. Users can exchange BEP-20 for native Cake tokens.


Users can purchase a lottery in order to win rewards, but only if the quantity of tickets purchased equals the winning lottery.


With this feature, you can transfer any type of decentralized digital asset, such as tokens, from one blockchain to another.


The feature provides users with exciting rewards. You may provide users with astonishing 2x to 20x BNB coin rewards.

White Label PancakeSwap Clone Software Solutions

White Label PancakeSwap Clone Software Solutions

Sellbitbuy offers a white-label PancakeSwap Clone Script that allows extreme customization with a 100% smart contract audited system which functions based on the customer requirements and executes the platform similar to PancakeSwap which runs on top of the Binance Smart Chain(BSC).

Using our white-label PancakeSwap Clone Software one can launch their very own decentralized exchange platform maintained on Binance smart chain network based on your requirements.

Start A DeFi DEX Platform Like PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap like DeFi Dex platform development services offers a high-end defi based smart contract audited services that efficiently processes automatic swapping of the BEP-20 tokens. Here a native token is used and it is termed as a "cake" token. Here the token is developed which automatically boosts the liquidity provision of the pancakeswap platform.

During the time of the development process, the developers of the smart contract keenly focus on eradicating smart contract vulnerabilities which offers smooth functionalities of the DeFi exchange for a longer period of time.

If you have a plan of launching a decentralized exchange platform then simply go for our pancakeswap clone software which could be an ideal solution for your problem.

Start A DeFi DEX Platform Like PancakeSwap

Benefits Of PancakeSwap Clone Script

  • Earn more Tokens
    Earn more Tokens
  • Low Fees and Fast Transactions
    Low Fees and Fast Transactions
  • No KYC Requirement
    No KYC Requirement
  • Fast Audit and highly Secured
    Fast Audit and highly Secured
  • Trade & Swap BEP20 Tokens
    Trade & Swap BEP20 Tokens
  • Lock Stake and Earn crypto token
    Lock Stake and Earn crypto token
  • Connect with all types of BSC wallets
    Connect with all types of BSC wallets
  • Get reward by staking
    Get reward by staking
  • LP Tokens
    LP Tokens
  • High Liquidity
    High Liquidity
Wallets Supported By PancakeSwap Clone Script

A user should install and set up the MetaMask for the BSC blockchain for the hassle-free transactions on the platform. Our PancakeSwap Clone Script supports the following wallets.

  • MetaMask
  • MathWallet
  • Trust Wallet
    Trust Wallet
  • Token Pocket
    Token Pocket
  • SafePal
Currencies Supported By PancakeSwap Clone
  • UNI
  • TRX
  • XRP
  • USDT
  • BNB
  • DAI
  • LINK
  • ETH

What’s Exclusive In Our PancakeSwap Clone Script?

Utilize our newly updated features like IFO, ILO, NFT marketplace, and security features in our PancakeSwap Clone Script. These exclusive features will help you in launching an extraordinary DeFi AMM platform like PancakeSwap.

Liquidity Pools

Bug Bounty Program

Initial Farm Offerings

APIs for Exchange

Referral System

APIs for Security

Dynamic Staking

NFT Marketplace

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Disclaimer: Sellbitbuy never promotes any third party products or services, and we are not having any control over the brand "PancakeSwap". We use the term "PancakeSwap" for easy understanding, and we don't have any tie ups with the mentioned brand. Our solutions are complete white label solutions, based on the requirements it can be customized or altered.

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