PancakeSwap Clone Script - Create PancakeSwap Clone On Binance Smart Chain
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PancakeSwap Clone Script -  Create PancakeSwap Clone On Binance Smart Chain

PancakeSwap Clone Script - Create PancakeSwap Clone On Binance Smart Chain

Pancakeswap Clone Script

PancakeSwap Clone Script is a Defi-based DEX Exchange Clone Script which is a readymade, battle tested, perfectly compiled and well-customized script to quickly start an own DeFi based exchange on top of the Binance Smart Chain(BSC). This PancakeSwap clone can be effectively utilized for swapping BEP-20 tokens and works on the basis of AMM which means automated market maker (AMM). 

Our pancakeSwap clone script at Sellbitbuy is completely tested, error-free and can be instantly deployed which eliminates the need to develop a DEX platform from scratch. If you wish to start a DEX platform on top of the Binance Smart Chain, then the right solution is to go for our PancakeSwap Clone Script which includes BEP-20 token swapping, liquidity pools, and much more functionalities available for the business freaks who wishes to start DeFi based DEX exchange platform.

We offer a pancakeswap clone script that provides a white-label decentralized exchange DEX solution for you to start a DEX platform on a quick notch.

Pancakeswap Clone

PancakeSwap Clone is a Binance Smart Chain based DeFi Exchange Script that works exactly similar to the pancakeswap platform. 

Our team of developers at Sellbitbuy keenly focuses to develop 100% smart contract audited and highly customized pancakeswap clone script which concerns user requirements as a top priority and works full-fledgedly to launch an exchange similar to pancakeswap on the top of Binance Smart Chain network.

How To Clone Pancakeswap ?

The whole crypto industry is embracing the success of pancakeswap, and it becomes a root cause for entrepreneurs to start thinking about "how to clone pancakeswap". The solution to clone pancakeswap or to create a pancakeswap clone is "pancakeswap clone script". The script can be a template, or source code, that would have all the features of current The code can be customized, altered, or recreated with the support of expert defi exchange developers.

Only popular defi development company like sellbitbuy alone would sell Bug-free pancakeswap clone script, and can provide a complete pancakeswap clone development, that would give you an answer to "how to clone pancakeswap?".

PancakeSwap Clone Development

PancakeSwap Clone development services offers a high-end defi based smart contract audited services that efficiently processes automatic swapping of the BEP-20 tokens. Here a native token is used and it is termed as a "cake" token. At here the token is developed which automatically boosts the liquidity provision of the pancakeswap platform. During the time of the development process, the developers of the smart contract keenly focus on eradicating smart contract vulnerabilities which offers smooth functionalities of the DeFi exchange for a  longer period of time.



Advanced Features Of Pancakeswap Clone Script

Highly-Integrated Security Protocols

Multiple layers of security checks are performed which includes oracle security, DeepSea.

Automated Market Making Protocol

Works exactly similar to the order book engine and it is capable of making all the transactions smooth by processing trading functionality with the market less susceptible to be manipulated by other humans.

Private Individual Transaction History

Perfectly records all the transaction history by the user and it effectively integrates the total value, current balance, and also about the current status of the account.

Other Features of PancakeSwap Clone Script

  • High-Speed Regular Auditing checks
  • Error Free Smart Contracts
  • Integration of Liquidity API's
  • Price chart monitoring system
  • Highly secured API's
  • Lottery System
  • PancakeSwap Analytics

PancakeSwap Clone Software

Our PancakeSwap Clone Software supports Binance Smart Chain in the DeFi ecosystem. It reinforces the Automated Market Making (AMM) based working model and effectively includes liquidity provision, swapping, staking, yield farming services, and more.

If you have a plan of launching a decentralized exchange platform then simply go for our pancakeswap clone software which could be of an ideal solution for your problem.


PancakeSwap - Explained In Detail

Searching for the PancakeSwap insights? 
Here it is, have a quick view about the insights provided by The below details are provided as per the date of publishing, there may be changes in the numbers. To get clear report visit

DATE : 10/05/2021

CAKE Token Price - $38.46
MarketCap - $6,342,109,149
24hr Trade Volume - $423,160,546
Total Supply - $164,900,129
Reported Circulating Supply - 164,900,128.86 CAKE

Source: CAKE Token price On


What is PancakeSwap & Why Start a DeFi DEX platform Like PancakeSwap?

What is PancakeSwap?

In short, PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange platform exclusively built for swapping BEP-20 tokens. This food-themed DEX platform functions based on the AMM model rather than order books. Users in this exchange trade against a liquidity pool where the pools are filled with the user's funds. 

Why start it?

Issues faced by other decentralized exchanges are sorted and fixed in PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap's innovative approach and commitment to security are some of the main reasons behind PancakeSwap's growth among multiple food-based decentralized exchanges. It has secured itself as one of the highly notable alternatives to Uniswap.

Source: Binance Academy


How to use PancakeSwap?

Get started with PancakeSwap

  • Starting with PancakeSwap is too easy, initially click on MetaMask, Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, Binance Chain Wallet
  • Better choosing MetaMask is preferable as it is BSC-based Dapps.
  • After confirmation just unlock the wallet and get further details.
  • Different liquidity pools suggest different returns, let us explore about it in detail.

Adding liquidity
On the left side, traders can view the "Trade" option. So just navigate to it, click liquidity and then choose add liquidity option. Now, select the token pair that needs to be deposited. Before processing make sure that you get to know about the impermanent loss before adding liquidity to the pool.

After receiving LP tokens by following the above steps, it's time to stake it before earning rewards. Just navigate to the "Farms" option and choose the option that matches your LP tokens. With ERC-20 tokens just approve BEP-20 tokens, by doing withdrawal of rewards is possible. Click Approve Contract, confirm the transaction, and finally display a fee.

Next, select the amount that needs to be staked and confirm. If you wish to harvest your reward then choose the Harvest option and confirm it. 

Stake your CAKE at SYRUP pools. All you need to do is to go to the Pools tab. Here a pool lists out the CAKE that can be staked. After approval, withdraw your tokens. Click approve CAKE then select the amount of CAKE that needs to be staked. 

PakcakeSwap lottery let's traders to get tasty rewards as they can try their luck. Each lottery section takes 6 hours to process were 1 ticket costs 10 CAKE.
Randomly 4 digit combinations can be chosen between 1 & 14. Eg: (12-8-4-3 ) is the combination you have chosen, so to win a jackpot, the numbers in your ticket should match all 4 numbers in the same position as a winning ticket. If 2 or more number matches then also jackpot can be won.

Winning special NFTs is possible, traders can trade it for CAKE value by registering into it, here winners are chosen at random. 

This Initial Farm Offerings (IFO) method can be used to get tokens from users using the yield farming method. LP tokens should be provided to the liquidity pool to access the newly launched token in it. 

Is PancakeSwap safe?
It's audited by CertiK. Ensure that you deposit affordable money before participating in it.

Source: Binance Academy

Unique Benefits Of PancakeSwap

  • Earn more Tokens
  • Low Fees and Fast Transactions
  • No KYC Requirement
  • Audited and Secured

Working Principle of PancakeSwap

Wallet Integration

Connect with the meta mask wallet or with the other trust wallet to participate in the trading. The participants can connect with the recognized wallet just before participating in the trading.
BEP-20 Tokens 
Native tokens of the pancakeswap clone script are nothing but BEP-20 tokens and it is commonly called by the name "CAKE". It's the main functionality of the pancakeswap clone script is nothing but the tokens can be transferred and functions on top of the Binance smart chain. 
Liquidity To The Exchange
Liquidity can be added to the exchange and it generates tokens that can be used for farming. Only when there is enough amount of liquidity in the exchange then farming can be initiated. 
Overall Distribution
Keeping track of the Cake token is essential and it can be efficiently carried out to process the transactions on a massive scale.

Launch Your Own DeFi Based Exchange Like PancakeSwap

Security is the major concern in the Decentralized finance-based operating services and keeping this in concern DeFi platforms considers one of the most alternative approach which gets adapt to the conventional banking system.
To enhance the security level and standard architecture of the Binance smart chain immutable frameworks and extreme security is enforced which effectively operate on the decentralized financial systems. 
You can grab our pancakeswap clone script which functions well on Binance smart chain as offers serviceable features and services which can definitely help you to kick start your business in a short span.

Explore about Binance Smart Chain Based PancakeSwap Clone To Launch DeFi Exchange Like PancakeSwap

Crypto enthusiast has been well familiar with the term called as "Binance" and noways it impacts have moved on to the familiar terms so-called as the "Binance". In general trading crypto exchange assets has never been so much easier and it offers 61 currencies which lets you to allow buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrencies. 
Binance chain allows the buyers and sellers of the Binance DEX platform which runs on top of the Binance network which lets you to process faster transactions, in a significantly secured environment. 
On top of the Binance Smart Chain network, the BEP-20 token sets very common rules for managing the token. BEP-20 is entirely compatible with the ERC-20 token and BEP-2 token.


Benefits Of BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain

  • The platform is extremely flexible for developers who use this token.
  • Newly developed tokens greatly represent crypto assets, shares, and other fiat currencies. 
  • Developers create other versions of crypto assets with the help of the BEP-20 token. 
  • Allows easy swapping of BEP-2 tokens with the other BEP-20 equivalents which allow cross-chain compatibility for swapping the other 2 native tokens of this platform.

Flapjack Millionaires: PancakeSwap Is Going To Make a Lot of People Rich

DeFi user's are fond of using PancakeSwap, and as an outcome, PancakeSwap hits profits above the expected rate by providing a turnover of 2M+ daily transactions.

People love PancakeSwap, and many eyes are rolled towards it because it creates a new way to engage a large community of audience. It has a team of battles, lotteries and moreover, many new prediction games are introduced in it.  PancakeSwap on the other end offers huge speed, low fees, a large selection of tokens & other features that make PancakeSwap more attractive by offering a great destination for users.

Apart from the above DeFi freaks enjoy the feature called 
"Syrup Pools" in PancakeSwap. It allows easy staking of CAKE tokens to earn other cryptos. These incredible features attract millions of people and thus created a basic idea of launching this success making PancakeSwap like DeFi project.

Source: Medium

Why Choose SellBitBuy for PancakeSwap Clone Script?

We SellBitBuy offers pancakeswap clone script which delivers the most advanced security features which function on the basis of the automated market maker(AMM), liquidity provision, staking, and swapping of BEP-20 tokens.
We offer a white-label pancakeswap clone script with allows extreme customization with a 100% smart contract audited system which functions based on the customer requirements and executes the platform similar to pancakeswap which runs on top of the Binance Smart Chain(BSC).
If you have a dream of starting a DeFi platform on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network then you can approach our team at Sellbitbuy. 

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