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DeFi Smart Contract Development Company

DeFi Smart Contract Development Company

From redundant expenditure to low work efficiency, organizations miss out on quality on various parameters. Without quality and efficiency, anything an organization spends on advertising and marketing will not be of any importance. So, can organizations improve the overall performance of the system by making good use of the latest technologies? 
Yes. It’s possible. With smart contracts. 

What are Smart Contracts? 

Smart contracts are predefined mutual agreements between the parties involved in the system. The agreement is written in codes that execute functions based on the conditions set. They are implemented in both distributed ledger and non-distributed ledger systems. Smart contracts are proving to be game-changers in the business landscape of late.

How do smart contracts work? 

Integration of smart contracts involves three phases. 
  • Signature phase. 
  • Data tracking phase. 
  • Functional phase. 

I)Signature Phase

This is the initial phase in which all the members involved agree to the terms and conditions of the process with their digital signature which cannot be forged. 

II)Data tracking phase

Once the agreements are encoded on smart contracts which are implemented on blockchain networks, the data required to cross-check with the conditions is constantly updated to the smart contracts. 

III)Functional phase

At any point, when the data fed to the contract meets with the pre-set conditions, then desired function will be executed. 

Benefits of smart contracts

Enterprises and start-ups have started integrating their systems with smart contracts because the benefits served are massive. Here are some of the ways in which smart contracts can channelize your organization to better growth. 


The agreement encoded before the commencement of the process cannot be edited (or) deleted. Hence, the operation is 100% immutable. Nothing can influence smart contracts. 


Since smart contracts are implemented on blockchain technology, they are protected by cryptography techniques. So, a system integrated with smart contracts is highly secure. 


Since smart contracts function completely online and no paperwork is involved, the overall performance of the system is improved. 

IV)No Intermediary

The main role of smart contracts is to get rid of the third-parties (or) the intermediaries because from the agreement to the execution, everything is taken care of by the smart contracts. 

V)Low Fee

Since the intermediaries are absent, the overall costs for maintenance and other third-party charges are drastically reduced. Thus, organizations can spend the saving elsewhere.  


Considering all the above benefits, it is evident that every process is automated. Hence, there’s no room for errors in a system run by smart contracts. 

Characteristics of Smart Contracts

  1. Smart contracts are self-verifying with numerous possibilities. 
  2. Smart contracts are self-enforcing as they execute functions on their own. 
  3. Smart contracts are immutable. They cannot be edited. 

Smart Contract in DeFi and other industries

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the next big technological advancement in the space of the fintech arena. Decentralized finance services and systems are completely automated by smart contracts because every DeFi-based platform is decentralized. 
Only because of smart contracts, DeFi platforms can offer concrete security and a stabilized system. Due to the reduction of human intervention, the amount of error reduction is vast. 
Some of the other industries that proved to be better-performing upon integration with smart contracts are as follows: 
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Energy sector
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Education
In an insurance organization, the entire database of customers can be collected and stored in files. This data filing work must be performed manually by the organization’s employees. Then, all the manually entered data has to be uploaded to the server. The multiple stages of communication involved in our traditional system suffer from massive information loss. Moreover, when the system gets hacked, there’s barely any protection to guard the data. 
If smart contracts are integrated into the same insurance system, all the data will be automatically uploaded to the blockchain system. Based on the conditions set, for every customer, the function is executed on its own, without the need for any employee to direct the orders. 

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