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Posted On Jan 3, 2020 05:45 PM

In recent days, trading volume has been increased by the demand for exchanges like P2P, Centralized, Decentralized, and Hybrid. A Crypto enthusiast or entrepreneur always looks the best exchange business platform to gain more money likewise now I am here to explain a p2p cryptocurrency exchange.

Before going into the P2P bitcoin exchanges development let us discuss types of the crypto exchange model

Peer to Peer trading exchange: These are websites that connect buyers and sellers and take a fee for each transaction. Don’t have a fixed market price for the crypto instead, each seller sets their own price rate.

Brokers: These are websites that anyone can visit to buy a bunch of cryptocurrencies is similar to foreign exchange dealers.

Centralized exchange platforms: Centralized exchanges involve an intermediary person to execute all the transactions. During in transactions process, a certain percentage of the money will be charged. For all transactions, the user wants to submit the legal documentation for the AML act.

Decentralized Exchange Website: This exchange does not allow the third party for all user transactions and trade matching engines to match the exact party. Some DEX exchange has a smart contract method when it meets legally both parties conditions. 

What is a “peer to peer exchange website” or “person to person” exchange trading?

A Peer to peer exchange allows the users to carry out their cryptocurrency to buy or sell with fiat currency in exchange platform.

Source: linkcoin.pro

A short overview of p2p exchange works:

If you are the buyer or seller in a P2P network you need to post an advertisement for trade. Your trader can specific price range, defined location, number of cryptos, etc. When their both requirements meet direct interaction will take place through chat options. If the is a problem between the counterparties they can call the escrow.

Sellbitbuy cryptocurrency exchange development company provides different type of crypto exchange website script for all over the global clients.

What are the initial steps we maintain for an Effective p2p bitcoin exchange platform from our clients?

Requirements gathering






What are the technology stacks are used in our project?

Node js

Node.js is a server-side platform built your exchange platform securely without server issues.


Angular are additional features to the functionality of developed modules attributes.

Express Js

Express 3.x is a framework help to organize your web application multiple pages in an MVC architecture on the server-side. 

Php 8.0 

PHP 8.0 is an advanced version to developed a web application.

To know more about our technology stack or You need a unique techy stack language to develop exchange

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The benefit of developing a peer to peer crypto exchange in sellbitbuy

Privacy subsistence

In our p2p exchange, the admin wants to know the customer details for the KYC regulation method and Anti-money laundry system to avoid the money spammer.

The triple layer of security level to overcome from cyberpunk, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, etc.

Escrow Shield

It aid to secure the user safe transactions and avoid fraud deductions customer in exchange. The escrow enables us to take necessary action against such disputes and the feedback system helps admins to monitor the user experience independently.

Diverse payments method

The user can send, receive, or request payment with multiple payment options like PayPal, ANY Credit/Debit Card, digital wallets, etc.

To elude this Transaction Malleability Attacks we provide a transaction confirmation automatic authenticated software.

Types of Cryptocurrency Order Pairing 

 In our p2p exchange the is a Market Order,  Fill Or Kill(FOK) Order,  IOC (Immediate Or Cancel) Order, Stop Limit, Stop market.

Extra features you can get in peer to peer exchange solutions

Safeguard escrow wallet 

Independent chat system

Atomic swap

Advertisement on Platform

Multicurrency Wallet Development 

Disputed Resolutions methods

Expeditious matching engine

Liquidity and API Integration

Trading Bot 

Margin Trading & Lending

And more…..

Sellbitbuy will provide you a ready-made Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange script that includes Customizable white label solutions. 

If you need a clone for your inspired p2p bitcoin exchange like localbitcoins, remitano , paxful, etc. Here is a  cost-effective localbitcoins clone script, paxful clone script, etc.

Get a free demo from our experienced programmer coders and launch your own P2P Exchange platform sooner.

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