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DApp Development For Wide Range Of Industries
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DApp Development For Wide Range Of Industries

DApp Development For Wide Range Of Industries

DApp Development Company

DApp Development includes the development of decentralized applications that includes smart contracts having ability to run on a decentralized computing system and blockchain network. Sellbitbuy is expertise in developing dApps that can scale millions of transactions per second because of its extensive blockchain development experience. Our professional DApp developers use their expertise to create scalable and versatile dApps that can run on any blockchain especially ethereum. We give special care to creating EOS-based DApps as this blockchain protocol started to rage with a wide range of usage on DApp development.

DApp has proven to be more safe, robust, and adaptable. Dapp also offers the added benefit of being self-contained and independent of any centralized control system. Users of DApp benefit from a significantly more distributed approach than those that rely on data flow from a single central point. In fact, any computation required is carried out among multiple “nodes”, removing the necessity for a single entity.

What are DApps?

DApps service allows enterprises, organizations, and owners to have direct engagement with end-users by expanding the business community. It operates on a peer-to-peer network, allowing nodes to exert more influence by removing a single central authority. This software helps you to communicate with your target audience through smart contracts that use existing blockchain technology or by constructing your own EOS blockchain.

Uses of DApps 

DApps provides several advantages to both end-users and company owners. This type of DApp avoids the granting of complete authority to a single node and instead distributes power to each entity in the network. As a result, DApps are considered to be more user-friendly.

DApps are 

  • Consensus mechanisms should be prioritized.
  • Open-source
  • Immutability and multilayer security.
  • End-users are rewarded or given referral credits.
  • Transactions are completed faster and there are fewer transaction costs.
  • To the nodes in the decentralized network, it is trustworthy and transparent.
  • Avoid being hacked.
  • Prevents data from being stored in a decentralized manner.

Special Features Of Our DApp Development 

There are some of the additional features that our DApp solutions give to our client, take a glance.


In the DApp solutions, we offer, it is not possible to change the data that has been collected. As a result, the security of the data collected and shared by DApps would be enhanced.

Zero downtime 

We deliver a DApp in which a node instructs another node, ensuring that app updates are never interrupted. The app is now more stable and accessible as a result. 


We provide privacy in our produced apps because the data in DApp is fully encrypted and anonymized. A private key can be used to decode data.

Fast processing

DApps allow many computers to work on the same task at the same time. As a result, it necessitates examining data at the same time, reaching an agreement, and processing information quickly.

Hardware wallet support 

Our developers have experience in creating DAPps that work with a wide range of hardware.

Enhanced UI/UX

Wireframes and interactive prototypes are created to provide our global clients with the finest possible user experience.

Proof of stake

Our intention is to make the DApp tamper-proof by confirming the use of transactions as proof of stake, hence increasing the efficiency of the blockchain network.

DApp development platforms we work on, 

  1. Ethereum- An open-source decentralized public platform with the functionality of a smart contract.
  2. Hyperledger- A business model of open-source blockchain platforms and relevant tools.
  3. Corda- An open-source blockchain platform to create cross-industry apps
  4. Tezos- An open-source platform for decentralized assets as well as applications
  5. Stellar-An open platform to create decentralized financial products
  6. EOS- A blockchain that can manage industrial-grade dApps as well as scalable
  7. Hashgraph- A public network built for business that uses the asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance algorithm.
  8. TRON- A decentralized platform to create high-performance blockchain apps

DApp Development Process 

We offer a decentralized application development approach that turns concepts into real-time, scalable, and practical decentralized applications.

Blockchain innovation

We will talk about your business idea, potential, and viability. Our experts will also define technological components and off-chain and on-chain business entities. We will also create a product strategy at this point.

Concept creation

We will select a dApp'splatform namely Ethereum Hyperledger or others, and build a proof of concept with it (POC).

Technical and visual design

Our designer will develop the user interface for development tools as well as the product’s technical architecture. We will also keep evidence and document GDPR regulations.


Multiple variations of the dA[[ product with real-time features like sour code, smart contract, and other components will be created.


We will start with the cloud and then go on to the app store.


After the app’s release and deployment on app stores, we will prioritize the backlog and create new smart contracts, microservices, and other new technologies based on business needs and user input.

Why Hire A DApp Developer From Us?

When you hire DApp developers from us you will move your company closer to achieving and streamlining its operations. When we build the basis for a decentralized application, we do it after performing thorough research on your domain and succeeding in giving the most innovative solutions that pave the way for your company’s unrestricted growth.

We offer DApps a better shape and improve them in every possible way, we also design them so that you can easily align them with your operations. With our DApps, we make your business completely unbreakable.

Hire DApp developers from Sellbitbuy to make your project a huge success. We make it happen with a streamlined development process that consistently exceeds your expectations. Our services quickly propel your company to the pinnacle of its industry while allowing you to take advantage of limitless chances, we make the app excellent in every manner.

Our DApp Development Expertise 

Our  DApp developers have extensive experience in a variety of industry verticals including finance, healthcare, sports, GIS & e-commerce, travel, and transportation.

Healthcare Apps

We develop DICOM/PACS software, ETH/ EMR software, Health exchange software, HL7 interface. Hospital Information System (HIS), Senior housing, and other HIPAA-complaint software solutions and healthcare apps.

AI/ Machine learning apps 

To create creative commercial mobile apps, we leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Blockchain apps 

We have a full team of React Native app developers who can harness blockchain technology to create apps that meet your needs. 

Location Sensing Apps 

We design apps with technologies like BLE Beacons, combining the power of geospatial analysis, analytics, Near field communication, WiFi standards,  and exact geographical demonstration.

Biometric Sensors

Our developers are skilled at using biometric technology to create an app that includes fingerprint scanning, face and voice recognition, and other biometric characteristics.

On-demand travel apps 

We create custom React Native travel apps on demand such as virtual tours, augmented reality navigation, payment gateways, eTicket systems, and ERP.

Education and E-learning apps 

Our React Native developers create smart learning apps such as E-learning apps, education apps, and knowledge-based apps.

Why Sellbitbuy For DApp Development?

Sellbitbuy is a leading Blockchain Development Company which you may concentrate on their services and get all of your demands met without any problems. With courteous service, we've covered all the bases. Take a glance at why we're the top name in the business when it comes to DApp development services.

  1. Transparency and trust
  2. Cutting-edge technologies
  3. Customer satisfaction 
  4. Customer service is available any time

So, whatever your demands and specifications are, just let our team know and we'll take care of it! Sellbitbuy technologies work with entire dedication and commitment to ensure that there are no gaps in the process.

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