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Comprehensive LocalBitcoins Clone Development

Set a strong footprint in the crypto exchange revolution by launching your own P2P cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins with our ready-made and easily customizable

LocalBitcoins clone script.

LocalBitcoins clone script

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Striking features of our LocalBitcoins clone script

Escrow option

The escrow feature will help in protecting digital assets against swindlers. Sellers and buyers can deposit their funds in the escrow account until the completion of the transaction and so get rid of the fraudulent activities.

Multi payment modes

With this feature, the exchange can accept funds from various sources. Therefore, traders will be able to trade their assets with a range of payment methods available on the exchange platform.


Provide a suitable space for new tokens or cryptos to get traded or listed in order to boost liquidity and brand reputation for your exchange platform.

Real-time data stats

This interesting feature in the LocalBitcoins clone script allows crypto aspirants to keep track of the current crypto market. It also enables them to have a definite crypto portfolio that accounts for monetization and financial stability.

Multi-currency access

The inclusion of this feature in the LocalBitcoins clone script will make the process of taking part in the Crypto trade easier as complete compatibility will be offered for trading huge volumes of Cryptos

Instant trade option

With this feature, you can pave the way for traders to trade and swap digital assets quickly and easily with a single tap.

Decentralized lending

Peer-to-peer trading and lending come with a decentralized function. Through smart contract control, users will be able to trade and lend cryptos to anyone

Impressive UI

The inclusion of attention-grabbing UI on the exchange platform will play a major role in increasing the number of users making their way through the platform.

LocalBitcoins Clone App Development

We help you in building a safe and secure crypto exchange mobile app like the LocalBitcoins exchange app in order to provide effective trading on mobile devices instantly. With complete compatibility across multiple platforms, the developed LocalBitcoins clone app will enable you to trade at your convenience. The app's striking interface will attract a large audience base quickly. So, reach us to build your own robust and cost-effective LocalBitcoins clone app within a short span of time. Some stunning features that will be included in our LocalBitcoins clone app development are as follows.

  • Crypto wallets
  • Trade history
  • Trade chart
  • Referral option
  • Margin trading
  • Buyer/seller chat option
  • Push notifications
  • Light/Dark theme support

High Liquidity provision

Make the best use of our instant liquidity provision to grab the amazing chance for continuous liquidity at launch. Connect your exchange platform with liquidity pools and make it easy for users to trade their assets seamlessly.

Why choose our LocalBitcoins clone script?

Sellbitbuy is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company that has well-established itself in the crypto space. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we excel in offering rigorously tested and bug-free LocalBitcoins clone scripts. Our ready-to-launch LocalBitcoins clone script will pave the way for faster deployment of P2P crypto exchange. So, share your fresh Crypto exchange business ideas with our team and make the best use of our LocalBitcoins clone script to materialize your dream crypto exchange business right away. Some astounding benefits that you can gain by approaching us are as follows:

On-time delivery of projects

100% Quality assurance

Cost-effective solutions

24/7 Technical support

Professional developers

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The time to build Localbitcoins like a Crypto exchange platform will vary depending on a range of factors such as crypto business requirements, features and functions to be included, and so on

The cost of building LocalBitcoins like a Crypto exchange platform will depend on several significant factors however you can build your exchange platform within your budget by approaching a leading Crypto exchange developer like Sellbitbuy

Escrow service, advanced security, swift trading, KYC/AML, OTC trading option, and in-built chat box are some notable features of the LocalBitcoins clone script

The elevated level of liquidity, access to the global network, reputation system, escrow-powered P2P system, a wide range of payment options, etc are some phenomenal benefits that LocalBitcoins clone script will provide.

Some profitable remunerative factors are Trade Commission, withdrawal commission, user rating, ads calculation, etc.

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