Remitano clone script to start a p2p crypto exchange like remitano

Posted On Jul 11, 2019 01:34 PM

In the world of cryptocurrency, then you’ll presumably hear about the remitano exchange platform. In some countries, the bitcoin is considered as the legal and other countries are illegal like Russia, China, Taiwan countries banned many cryptocurrencies, ICO and  Tokens, etc. But, The crypto investor or enthusiasts always used another way to trade earn more income from the crypto.

This blog will give you a great impression on a cryptocurrencies exchange platform. How you can also become a cryptocurrency exchange owner?

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What is remitano?

Remitano is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform. They offered the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Bitcoin Cash for the global traders. 

Remitano set up their exchange shop in 2016 and run out with the growing demand for Bitcoin trading in the emerging markets like Africa, South America, and the Middle East countries 

How remitano exchange website works?

If you are the traders they can select their trader partner through the choice of country.

You can check the seller's details through the reputation in their profile, so it’s best to choose a more reputable seller when your trading.

The platform works like an escrow service provider where the seller wants to sell the bitcoin. 

The bitcoin will send automatically to the escrow wallet.

Once the seller agrees with the buyer, the bitcoin will be transferred to the buyer wallet. 

The escrow charge 1% transactional fees from a seller to sell the bitcoin. 

The e-wallet is secure and uses the two-factor authentication mechanism.

Now, this video will clearly explain how the remitano exchange works?


Source: Remitano 

Highlight in Remitano exchange platform

Remitano first began with a BTC/USDT swap feature. The swap Trading was launched to support crypto-to-crypto trading to increase the trader counts and liquidity. 

Remitano has been integrated USDT is one of the most popular stable coins to supports the ERC20 standard to bring the best experience to a trader.

How to launch a crypto exchange platform like remitano exchange?

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