Localbitcoins Clone Script Make Your Own Peer to Peer Bitcoin Exchange Business.

Posted On Jul 12, 2019 04:16 PM

We are living in the Digital Era, where everything has changed to digital form. yes, of course, we all are in the busy world no one is ready to stand in big queues in the Banks People are preferred to the Digital Currency as it is decentralized. Due to ease of transaction cryptocurrencies are widely adopted.

The peer to peer is Collection of nodes, connecting each one Over the network, without the central Authority(Bank). An enthusiastic crypto entrepreneur is interested to start a crypto business in the peer to peer business model for attaining High Roi. The p2p exchanges allow buyers and sellers to trade directly with one another without trusting any third party.

Which peer to peer bitcoin exchange platform has huge traders?

LocalBitcoins is one among popular bitcoin exchanges, started in Helsinki, Finland in June 2012 and has a large number of crypto holders in their exchange at the initial stage itself, had several crypto holders in around 110,000 active traders with a trading volume of 1,400–3,000 bitcoins per day in December 2013.

If you are now crazy to start the peer to peer bitcoin exchange like localbitcoins earn more money.

Welcome you for this right place to start your crypto entrepreneur carrier.

We are the sellbitbuy the topmost software company. We have 5+ years of experience in providing ready to market localbitcoins clone script.

What is the localbitcoins clone script?

The Local Bitcoin Clone Script is a Crypto Exchange Script to launch Exchange like LocalBitcoins, Build with advanced technologies and security features to overcome the issue of LocalBitcoins Exchange.

In our localbitcoins clone script, we offer limitless opportunities for bitcoin exchange platform admin.

How our localbitcoins clone works when you set up in the server?

When you are willing to sell the bitcoins to the buyer follow the below steps

Step 1: You want to fill the registration form with official mail id, phone number on this platform.

Step 2: After the registration, a wallet will be generated on this platform. You should have to maintain sufficient bitcoin balance.

Step 3: You could make ads to sell your bitcoin in this platform.

Step 4: The ads consist of location, payment method, type of currency, margin level.

Step 5: Once the ads are completed the notification is sent to all the buyer who has chosen buy bitcoin anywhere.

Step 6: Interest buyers can view the seller ads and chat with the seller.

Step 7: The seller can accept or reject the buyer request when the seller is not interested in that buyer.

Step 8: Once the seller receives the payment from the buyer.he/she can click the receive button automatically bitcoin will send to the buyer wallet.

When you are willing to buy the bitcoins from the seller follow the below steps

Step 1: The new buyer also wants to fill the registered form.

Step 2: You want to search the seller location, payment, price, etc.

Step 3: If you once choose the seller to keep them on online chat.

Step 4: When you send the proof of payment slip attachment to the seller.

Step 5: Once the seller verifies the payment option, he/she can click the receive button.

Step 6: After clicking the receive button the bitcoin wallet will send to the wallet. 



Responsibility of escrow

In this platform, when the seller and buyer scam in any situation. The powerful dispute resolution can help to solve the problem between the trader. The escrow service will be enabled in case of a dispute between the seller and buyer during tradings.

Monetization Possibilities

When the seller post an ad the escrow can collect the commission from the seller. when Buyer post an ad admin can collect a commission from the buyer.

You will get a commission for every Successful Trading held on your exchange.

When traders are increased in your exchange platform. You can get the ads from another crypto exchange website to make the profit.

Features in our localbitcoins website clone software

Online and Offline Trading

The user can perform trading with online and offline tradings in LocalBitcoins Clone Script.

Two-factor authentication

In our localbitcoins clone script, the trader is secure from the mobile base password with help of two-factor authentication method.

Current bitcoin live price

In our localbitcoins clone script, you can set the live bitcoin price up to date. You can also Current market value of the Bitcoins.

KYC/AML verification

In our localbitcoins clone script, the trader can upload the photo, bank details, etc. This is a mandatory process in all crypto exchange website.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

In our LocalBitcoins Clone script, it supports more 100types of cryptocurrencies in the tradings.

Margin Trading

The user can decide their Cryptocurrencies values for selling their Cryptos. He/She can Sell the crypto for a specified amount without intervention on the exchange.

Matching Engine

The user can find the best Match using the Advanced search option displaying the related matches for tradings. It helps users to navigate through a large number of crypto holders for them with the required feature.

IEO Launchpad

In our Clone script, we provide the exclusive feature of the IEO launchpad where you launch any cryptocurrencies like a token on your exchange. In the future, even you can launch your cryptocurrency for example as binance has its own currency called bnb.

Enhanced Security Features in Our Clone Script

We have provided a well-secured Exchange platform to secure your trader's cryptocurrency held on your exchange, to avoid hackings and thefts.

Escrow Protection
Login Guard system
Multi-signature Wallet
Un-Hackable Exchange Platform

There is a lot of technology features in our localbitcoins clone script. Don't miss it.

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