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What is P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

P2P cryptocurrency exchange script is a platform where users can go through the decentralized and peer-to-peer experience. P2P crypto exchange script is a ready-made software with features similar to P2P crypto exchange. Our trading script developers create platforms that are ready to launch with customization options based on the businesses needs and target users. Purchase and launch the software and start a profitable business in the world of digital currency with which you can provide a conceivable and user-friendly exchange service to traders.

Features of Our P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

KYC/AML Verification

KYC/AML assists in confirming the identity of the users and helps to control and clear fraudulent activity like money laundering and so on in the future.

Escrow System

Escrow system serves as an added layer of security that allows users to trade securely. It constantly tracks the activities of the users(buyers and sellers) and ensures that the cryptocurrencies are traded without any problem.

Dispute Management System

Dispute management system is answerable for enduring any sort of dispute that arises during cryptocurrency transactions. It is responsible for solving the overall dispute rate.

Two-Step Authentication

Two-step authentication (2SA) provides enhanced security to the users by requiring an OTP to log in to the crypto exchange account along with basic requirements like username and password.

Admin Panel

We provide an admin panel through which you can monitor the activities of the users from a single point of access. It gives entire control over the crypto exchange.

Multi-language Support

This feature provides the freedom to communicate in your preferred language and lets users towards peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange on a global scale.

Power Trading System

This Power Trading System feature allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a moment. It pairs sellers with apt buyers.

Swift Crypto Swap

Our peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange permits you to trade between cryptocurrencies i.e., one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency in a moment.

Preferred Trading

This is an important feature where sellers can choose their preferred buyers and vice-versa.

Flawless Registration

Our cryptocurrency exchange software provides a flawless registration process and lets users get a demo of trading instantly.

Search Option

The search option feature allows users to directly find orders that they have been looking for with ease.

Multi-Currency Support

With this feature, users can trade with multiple cryptocurrencies of their choice.

Awe-Struck Benefits of P2P Crypto Exchange Development

Sellbitbuy delivers a P2P Crypto Exchange platform that profits both the user and admin. Following are some of the benefits of a P2P Crypto Exchange solution.



High ROI

Rapid Transactions

Robust Trading Engine

Low Trading Fees

Liquidity pool

Integrated Digital Wallets

Highly Secured Payments

Ingenious Blockchain Solutions

Multiple payment methods

Step-by-Step Procedure of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

User registration
User registration
Identity verification with KYC
Identity verification with KYC
Wallet creation
Wallet creation
Posting buy/sell order
Buy/sell order placement
Order matching engine between seller/buyer
Order matching process between seller/buyer
Traders negotiate in an encrypted chat
Traders negotiate in an encrypted chat
If desired, a deal is sealed
If desired, a deal is sealed
Smart contract holds seller’s bitcoin
The smart contract holds the seller’s cryptocurrency
Buyer starts the payment process
Buyer starts the payment process
Seller verifies payment receipt
Seller verifies payment receipt
Asset is released from Escrow
Asset is released from Escrow
Buyer receives bitcoins in the wallet
Buyer receives cryptocurrency in the wallet

Our Process for Developing P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange


Our team of experts gives priority to know the client's requirements thereby develops a clear road for a quality output. After analyzing the needs, P2P crypto exchange development is carried out for the further process.


Our UI/UX developers create a user interface by applying interactive visual designs for a close-knit user experience that allows you to earn a competitive edge over rivals.


Our team of certified developers develops solutions with enhanced security, and robust. We also provide customizable P2P cryptocurrency exchange solutions by acknowledging the prerequisites of the clients.


The P2P Crypto Exchange undergoes multi-level rigorous testing after the development process to assure a bug-free product. In case of facing any issues, we provide tech support and instantly rectify the issues thereby ensuring a flawless user experience.

Launch / Deploying

The product is launched immediately after the testing process and is deployed in a live environment. The performance of the software is scrutinized to confirm that it is working as planned. Our work doesn't stop after deployment, we also provide post-launch services in case of any threats/ issues. Turn your visitors to clients using our solutions.

P2P Crypto Exchange - A Revolution in the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is used to link buyers and sellers based on specific rules and regulations. The matching engine matches buyers with relevant sellers agreeing to certain terms of trade.A cryptocurrency exchange platform functions when people look for a platform to sell popular Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. The orders placed by buyers are stored in a common ledger which is called as order book. When users want to buy a Bitcoin, they look for a satisfactory and reasonable price in the order book. If the search is not satisfactory then create your own buy order, specifying the rules and terms of conditions as needed. The crypto exchange matches the buy and sell orders when a suitable deal appears with the amount and processes the cryptocurrency trades.

Basic Things To Know Before Starting Your Own P2P Crypto Exchange

In recent days, Bitcoin transactions take 5 to 10 minutes or more time for a transaction. Fiat money transactions take even more time than required. In the case of an international payment it takes days to complete the entire transaction process. To fix the loopholes and to enhance the speed of transactions of crypto trading, P2P Crypto Exchange is used.
Crypto exchange settles all the crypto trades immediately even though the actual cryptocurrency transactions might not be completed. In order to settle this P2P crypto functions in different ways by eliminating third-party involvement. Here they match users after particular transaction orders instead of matching it with the order book.
When users buy and sell orders, the cryptocurrency exchange software does not automatically proceed with particular cryptocurrency trade, instead, it links buyers with sellers to meet up their satisfaction and deal without any third parties or intermediates.

White label P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Kick start your crypto exchange business with our white label P2P cryptocurrency exchange script. Assign your brand a name, logo, and theme as per your choice

Escrow an entangled part in P2P Crypto Exchange

An Escrow system is important for a secured crypto transaction in a P2P crypto exchange. Escrow service is provided to protect both buyer's and sellers' funds. This service removes the need for a third-party/middlemen presence and procedures. Generally, Escrow is a kind of financial agreement between users where the assets are withheld in an escrow wallet on behalf of two parties during the transaction process in P2P crypto exchange. Escrow is advantageous during the transaction of a hefty amount of money where every requirement is fulfilled before releasing the payment.

P2P Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts

Sellbitbuy provides P2P Crypto Exchange Clone Script services by incorporating all the features similar to P2P Crypto Exchange. We deliver solutions for the following,

  • Coinbase Clone Script

  • Remitano Clone Script

  • Paxful Clone Script

  • Binance Clone Script

  • Warizx Clone Script

Advantages of Implementing Our P2P Crypto Exchange Development

Given below are some of the reasons to choose Sellbitbuy to develop your own P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform as we furnish our solution with the following advantages in our P2P cryptocurrency exchange solution.

Global Transactions

The value and price of tokens are omnipresent. They can be skillfully and effectively used for cross-border transactions.


Valuable Crypto assets earned can be tokenized in the real world and traded in our P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Smart Contracts

Our Smart Contracts are developed on the principle of P2P interaction. Due to this feature, the whole process is done efficiently and at a reasonable cost.


With our P2P crypto exchange platform, liquidity can be increased rapidly by selling crypto tokens and coins instantly.

Social Commerce

E-commerce can be streamlined among other social communities with our supreme P2P crypto exchange development.

Why Sellbitbuy ?

Sellbitbuy’s pool of blockchain experts works with the full potential to create a safe environment for cryptocurrency trading. The risk involved in crypto trading is minimized with our advanced technology stacks. A flawless, quality-rich P2P cryptocurrency exchange script helps you win the crypto business competition ahead. Our pros are,

Certified developers

On-time delivery

Post delivery support

Customization option

Quality Guarantee & Brief Turnaround Time

IP-Rights Protection

No Agreement Lock-ins

24/7 Tech support


No. The transactions that happen through the P2P network are stored in a separate blockchain. So it can’t be hacked.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Time-saving
  • Worldwide trading
  • Easy installation

Enhanced speed in processing the deal, transparency in transaction, and automated smart contracts make P2P crypto exchange the most secure trading platform and hence your ideal business model.

Based on the client requirements, the cost of the project is subjected to differ.

A requirement for a middleman to process the trade is ruled out in the P2P network. Also, we provide Escrow integrated services for additional security to our clients.

Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API, Liquidity volume API, Rest API, Market Order API are some of the major APIs we operate on.

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