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Peer to peer exchanges are the most demanded ones among the crypto users. Because of decentralized ecosystem which operates without a central authority rule, anyone can buy or sell cryptocurrency without verification requirements. is great example for peer to peer exchange. Are you interested in launching a website similar to Localbitcoins? Our localbitcoins clone software solution helps you to create decentralized exchange and trading platform without any hassle. Our local Bitcoin clone script with enrichment of sophisticated features like escrow module, 2FA, offline trade etc. will help you in creating buy/sell Bitcoin website even more easier.Just add this script in the website for the miracle to happen.

Prime Features In Our Local Bitcoin Clone Script

Online/Offline Trade Bitcoins

Online/Offline Trade Bitcoins

Online Bitcoin trading done without meeting your trading partner and Bitcoin escrow will be automatically enabled.Offline trading connects your trade partner directly in any particular local place for trading and exchanging the Bitcoins.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Disputes/Tickets can be opened by buyer in exchange if the seller does not release Bitcoins. The escrow admin option enables admins to take necessary action against such disputes. The feedback system helps admins to monitor the user experience independently.

Secure Escrow Wallet

Secure Escrow Wallet

We develop multi-signature escrow wallet for storing and trading the cryptocurrency. Once the trade started, escrow admins take full control on the user’s Bitcoins. They will deliver Bitcoins to buyers if only the trade is matched with the sellers.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

User can be enabled mobile based password authentication(Two factor authentication) for securing their account.Using this two factor authentication API, you can avoid security flaws on your exchange from hackers who try to get private keys of individual users. It encloses the high end security for user end.

Multiple Coin Support

Multiple Coin Support

Adding of multiple cryptocurrency option is available. You can customize the which type of cryptocurrency you want to add in the exchange platform. This option enables users to trade in your trading platform without hassle. Listing of new emerged coins and tokens can be adapted with the easy content management system.

Advertisement on Platform

Advertisement on Platform

Buyers and sellers are allowed to create advertisement regarding the details of the cryptocurrencies with the particular limits of value they want to buy or sell. It will be notified to both the sellers and buyers for further proceeding of trade and exchange.



We can create Local Bitcoin Clone with compliant Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations easily you can be identified relevant information about the traders. This regulation varies from a country across the globe.

Wallet Development

Wallet Development 

We can develop Multicurrency, Multisignature Wallet, Mobile wallet using blockchain technology to store private and public keys so, your trader can securely carrying out transactions, using escrow service, manage their balances and improve their investments using your trading platform.

Current Live Pricing

Current Live Pricing

We can add the live price of the cryptocurrencies that allow the trader to have a clear idea about the digital coins that are being traded.

Security Features In LocalBitcoins Clone Website

Escrow Shield

Escrow Shield

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Email Verifications

Email Verifications

HTTP Authentication

HTTP Authentication

Asymmetric Encryption Method

Asymmetric Encryption Method

Jail Login

Jail Login

How Does Our Localbitcoins Clone Script Work?


In the initial stage, the traders must register on the exchange website. After the login, the bitcoin wallet is created for each trader.


In the exchange platform, the buyer or seller can post their Advertisement on Platform regarding the details of setting a location, currency, payment method, price, limits, and write terms of trade.


After the advertisement, the notification sends it to the relevant buyer or sellers. They can go through it and pick out the ad exact matches for trade.


The chat will be opened once the user taps the Buy/sell option. To avoid any problem, the amount of BTC hold by the escrow wallet by the administrator.


According to the exchange platform condition, the trades must complete the trade within the time duration. Else, the transaction will be ended by the admin.


When the seller received payment slip from a buyer, the admin will release the Bitcoins from the escrow wallet, or any problem dispute will rise based on evidence supplied by trade participants.

Localbitcoins Clone App For iOS & Android Development Services

We are providing end to end solutions for creating reliable Localbitcoins trading app for android and iOS by our expert team. Our clone app comes through existing features and additional security benefits under the exclusive pack of local bitcoins clone development.

Premium Features of Localbitoins Clone App

  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Push up notification
  • Multiple Payment mode
  • Transaction history extraction
  • Multicurrency wallet integration
  • Encrypted voice chat
Localbitcoins Clone App For iOS & Android Development Services

Ready to Launch Localbitcoins OTC Clone Website

Acquire more traders through numerous BTC transactions in our Localbitcoins OTC clone website development at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Localbitcoins clone Script

Benefits of Localbitcoins clone Script
  • Our solution includes verified Payment Options for the Transaction of cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies.The payment processors can be set by the User posting Trade.
  • The user to user trading with secured trading is performed on the platform without Admin intervention using our software.
  • You can set up multi-language system in your exchange & trading platform and languages can be customized based on the country you choose.
  • User friendly Admin Dashboard helps you to manage and control the user activities easier.
  • The solution is structured by the escrow admin, which brings an extra security for the users’ asset.
  • The Feedback & Reporting option allows the Website Admin & the Users to recognize the Trusted Traders on the platform.
  • The Website Admin is allowed to store the Cryptocurrencies safe & secure on the Offline Wallets in addition to the Online wallets.
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Localbitcoins Escrow Clone Script Dashboard

Localbitcoins Escrow Clone Script Dashboard
  • Trader Dashboard

    Trader Dashboard allows the seller / buyers to log in, signup and get access from wallet support, protected with 2 Factor Authentication.

  • Advertisement Dashboard

    The trader can publish their ads for selling BTC and list out the open, closed, completed, canceled trades and disable trades.

  • Merchants Dashboard

    Merchants can use their bitcoin to paid invoices for any things through and integrate API .

  • Trusted Members Dashboard

    The admin can view the people ad's add or remove from trusted members view list.

  • Admin Dashboard

    You can view the list of trader details, advertisements, history of transactions, approval of kyc/aml , live price crypto, monthly report generation system etc.

Why Choose Us To Buy Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

Why Choose Us To Buy Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

As a prominent cryptocurrency exchange clone script provider Sellbitbuy offers LocalBitcoins clone script stand unique from another script with high end to end security features. We offer your users a seamless experience while buying or selling their bitcoins on the platform. Our squad of developers makes assured that every client who buys our local bitcoin clone script becomes a successful entrepreneur shortly.

Our Clone Script Supports Major Cryptocurrency








Bitcoin Cash




And many More

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FAQ - Localbitcoins clone website development

What is unique in localbitcoins clone script?

Our Localbitcoins clone script stands among heavy competitions in crypto playing industry through security features like Browser detection security Database encryption etc.

How does localbitcoins clone works?

Our localbitcoins clone script just replicates the working function of localbitcoins. If you want to add the extract functionalists or technical features just click here .

How many days does it take to build a localbitcoins clone website?

We at sellbitbuy used to develop our localbitcoins clone script within 7 days.

What is the cost range of our localbitcoins clone script?

The Cost range of localbitcoins clone script various according to your requirements, features and security add-ons.

What is the revenue model that can except our local bitcoin clone?

Our localbitcoins clone script is embedded with various features like Trade Commission, Withdraw Commission, etc.

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