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SafeMoon Clone Script - To Create A Perfect Fundraising DeFi Protocol Like SafeMoon
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SafeMoon Clone Script - To Create A Perfect Fundraising DeFi Protocol Like SafeMoon

SafeMoon Clone Script - To Create A Perfect Fundraising DeFi Protocol Like SafeMoon

SafeMoon Clone Script

SafeMoon Clone Script is DeFi based DEX website script exclusively developed for creating a fundraising DeFi protocol like SafeMoon. Our SafeMoon Clone Script replicates the central functionalities of the existing DeFi protocol like SafeMoon. It comes with a mixture/combination of RFI tokenomics, liquidity pool acquisition, RFI static rewards & much more...
One who wishes to launch a powerful DeFi protocol like SafeMoon can make use of our multi-layer tested SafeMoon Clone Script and deploy your own SafeMoon like DeFi protocol to the world.  Our team of Experts & qualified specialists in the decentralized exchange development team will assist you by purely considering your demands and met them accordingly.
Keep skimming this blog, as much more interesting proved facts and insights about SafeMoon are awaiting for you. Finally, let's talk about "How could you create your fundraising DeFi protocol like SafeMoon?".

Features of SafeMoon Clone Script

Static Rewards
Due to the mass adoption of people migrating into SafeMoon, this DeFi protocol faces issues like condition-based trading & volume-based trading. To quit sort out this issue static rewards are introduced which wades a goodbye to these problems by reducing the pressure on the Token.
LP Acquisition
Auto liquidity pool function acts and offers two-fold beneficial implementation, one is achieved by collecting the funds from both buyers and sellers and adds those funds to the liquidity pools. Another most vital role done by LP acquisition is clone script contract assists the price floor of the token.
Manual Burns
The usability of the token is increased by this strategy. It is obviously beneficial for traders who are engaged for the long term. The burning of tokens is performed manually so that it can be frequently monitored and tracked by owners.
Sharing of passive income happens in this SafeMoon protocol and it is highly welcomed among the users. Income shared in SafeMoon protocol is based on every new user who is new to the platform.
Mass Migration
SafeMoon is taking over the world & thus we are witnessing mass adoption of this DeFi protocol among the users.

SafeMoon Clone Development

SafeMoon Clone Development process is a tedious process where a tech developer strictly follows the technical programming standards and codes them for delivering a 100% safe SafeMoon Clone Script to clients. 
It makes the work simple for the newbies who wish to create a DeFi protocol like SafeMoon instantly. The purpose of this SafeMoon Clone Development is to provide a solution for startups and crypto freaks who aims to grow their business in a decentralized network. 
All the functionalities are inherited in our SafeMoon Clone Script at the time of the development process which replicates all functions existing in the SafeMoon DeFi protocol. By the way, it benefits anyone as it is, customizable and scalable, quick and easy to launch, cost-effective, great chances of success, & off-course provides an instant solution.


How To Create SafeMoon - Fundraising DeFi Token Protocol

It's so simple and easy, follow the below guide and procedure if you wish to begin your own DeFi protocol like SafeMoon by creating it.
  • SafeMoon like a popular fundraising protocol can be created by doing a quick research about the SafeMoon protocol, functionalities, benefits, working principles, how to launch it & much more. 
  • Contact a DeFi protocol development company for creating a similar fundraising protocol like SafeMoon for you.
  • With the support of them, you can build your own popular DeFi protocol with advanced functionalities embedded in them.
  • Adding customizations of SafeMoon Clone Script is of your choice. You can convey it to the developers if you especially like to have a customized theme, dashboard facilities in your own SafeMoon like DeFi protocol. 
  • A huge number of professionals in DeFi development company are here to support you in beginning your own successful decentralized protocol in real-time. 
  • 24/7 customer support is available for you as you can stay connected with them. 


SafeMoon - Insights, Trade Volume & Statistics

Happy to share the data collected from CoinMarketCap.Com with you. Information provided by us is based on the date of publishing this blog. 
DATE : 4/06/2021
SafeMoon Token Price - $0.000003678
Market Cap - $2,153,735,592
24hr Trade Volume - $28,655,893
Max Supply - 1,000,000,000,000,000
Circulating Supply - 585,536.37B SAFEMOON
Images Source: CoinMarketCap.Com

What is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon is a US-based protocol that holds a native token called "SAFEMOON". A familiar protocol like SafeMoon happily functions with a wide combination of RFI tokenomics with a mechanism of auto LP generating protocol.
This protocol creates a revolution in the DeFi sector with an incredible pace of exponential growth & mass adoption of people migrating towards SafeMoon protocol. When we specifically note from a trader's point of view, the low cost (SAFEMOON) token price has created a huge attraction on a massive scale and thus creates a wider advantage in the growth of this fundraising DeFi protocol.

How does SafeMoon work — SafeMoon Protocol

SafeMoon protocols function with the basic set of steps that are instructed below. For acquiring SafeMoon tokens the below information will be right essential.
  1. The first and foremost thing that users should follow is to, download the trust wallet application.
  2. Secondly aquire BNB or BSC, because it can be swapped while swapping SafeMoon tokens.
  3. Search for dApps tab at the bottom of Trust Wallet, you will land to the token acquiring procedure of "PancakeSwap". Follow the token acquiring procedure as done in the PancakeSwap platform. Now click on to "Buy Now" button to get completed.
  4. Now click on to SafeMoon, and then choose the option so-called as "Select a currency" & the address of the SafeMoon available in the search box.
  5. Now it is time to set the slippage rate, preferably fix the slippage cost of about 11-12%.
  6. Decide and choose the amount you want to buy in SafeMoon and then proceed by clicking on to swapping button.
  7. Finally, confirm it.

What is HODL in SafeMoon? - Explained 

"HODL" - A predominant long-term strategy used in SafeMoon protocol by the long-term token holders where a token is held for a longer period of time. By using this method SafeMoon gains 10,000% gains/profits. 
The implementation of this strategy is to face the problems in SafeMoon while the protocol faces the ups and downs of an asset price. A wider approach and trust is gained among traders as the evolution of Tokenomics created a deflationary environment in the DeFi world.

SafeMoon: New Dogecoin or Ponzi scheme?

Digging SafeMoon into deep, it has millions of users, and SafeMoon token functions similarly like Dogecoin, Bitcoin, & Ethereum but it has some unique functionalities. To fix some key issues faced by other platforms like price volatility and its functionalities, SafeMoon offers rewards to the long-term token holders of about 10%. 
SafeMoon also comes under Ponzi scheme and profits earned by this DeFi protocol denotes a main beneficiary of the Ponzi system. 

Benefits of Creating DeFi based Fundraising Token Platform like SafeMoon

A wide range of benefits is there as SafeMoon is capitalizing among the crypto sector. The reason behind creating a DeFi based fundraising protocol like SafeMoon is because it solves the problems regarding to volatility. Many defi protocols face this issue like high volatility and higher price imposed on cryptocurrencies, so it solves the above problems as newly developed SafeMoon like DeFi protocol is developed with an intent of reducing the high crypto price fluctuations. 
In addition to that lower slippage rate is offered by the SafeMoon protocol, and it is one of the key success factors behind creating a popular fundraising protocol like SafeMoon.
SafeMoon Crypto Is Capitalizing
The growth of SafeMoon made it capitalizing it on the blockchain sector. Most decentralized exchanges are competing around the DeFi market, where the SafeMoon also competes with it, by holding a fee of about 10% transaction fee. So joining DeFi's SafeMoon will be worthy if you have a SafeMoon Clone Script, in your hand.
Source: Investment U

Why SellBitBuy For SafeMoon Token Development? 

SellBitBuy - Leading Cryptocurrency exchange development company & DeFi Development Company, develops and deploys SafeMoon Clone Script containing advanced and exclusive features of real-time DeFi protocol like SafeMoon. This SafeMoon Clone Script is a feature-packed Decentralized Exchange Script that helps you to create a business platform on a decentralized network like SafeMoon. Constantly, we support you in starting your fundraising protocol like SafeMoon.
Our Other Exclusive DeFi Protocol are,
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Disclaimer: Sellbitbuy never promotes any third party products or services, and we are not having any control over the brand "SafeMoon". We use the term "SafeMoon" for easy understanding, and we don't have any tie ups with the mentioned brand. Our solutions are complete white label solutions, based on the requirements it can be customized or altered.

FAQ - SafeMoon Clone Script

SafeMoon Clone Script contains 100% source code to build a popular DeFi-based fundraising protocol just like the existing SafeMoon protocol. It is adaptable to customizations so that you can specify your demands if you wish to have a unique dashboard-like facility.

During the development phase of SafeMoon Clone Script, a programmer ensures end-to-end development is perfectly done, and then complete testing of the SafeMoon Clone Script is processed, finally it is deployed to the global countries.

A simple approach can be done by your side, just visit a decentralized exchange development company so that you can enjoy DEX solutions at a budget-friendly price.

Considering the cost of SafeMooon Clone Script we offer it to you at an affordable rate, but then the price differs based on the customizations of the script. Just talk to us to know the price.

We take the best opportunity to enhance the features of SafeMoon Clone by adding manual burn options, auto LP aquisition, etc,...

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