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QuickSwap Clone Script - Unique Approach To Launch QuickSwap like Decentralized Exchange On Matic Blockchain
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QuickSwap Clone Script - Unique Approach To Launch QuickSwap like Decentralized Exchange On Matic Blockchain

QuickSwap Clone Script - Unique Approach To Launch QuickSwap like Decentralized Exchange On Matic Blockchain

QuickSwap Clone Script

QuickSwap Clone Script is an AMM-based decentralized exchange script built on Matic/polygon layer-2 platform. Using this QuickSwap Clone Script a decentralized permissionless exchange can be built for the purpose of trading ERC20 tokens at a flashing speed with near-zero gas cost. 
Enterprise or startups or any individual can make use of this ready-to-start QuickSwap Clone Script if they wish to make profits in a DeFi era. No efforts or experience is required as trained experts are ready to assist you at 24/7. Continue reading the blog as you can get a quick glimpse into the insights of QuickSwap and its working structure in detail. Hope you will like it!

QuickSwap Clone Script Features

Liquidity Mining
Great provision is provided for the liquidity providers. They get a QUICK token as a reward if they offer liquidity to the pool. This incentive encourages everyone to donate their liquidity to build a strong community.
Yield Farming
In general QuickSwap charges a 0.3% fee for every transaction. The earned fees are distributed in two ways, one half of the portion is for liquidity providers and another is for the users who stake it.
Community Governance
QuickSwap is a community governed project where the QUICK token holders can submit proposals if they wish to have a change in the QuickSwap protocol. This feature is highly encouraged among the traders. 
Non-Custodial Trading
Direct trading is possible for traders who wish to make an exchange. Just user's wallet like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet or other wallets which supports ERC-20 assets can be connected. Also, traders can have full control of their private keys by using this feature in QuickSwap.
Layer-2 Transactions
Polygon-powered QuickSwap on Matic network is a plasma-based layer-2 Ethereum solution that allows asset swapping in two seconds at a low gas fee. 
Permissionless Listings
No permission is required for listing user's ERC-20 tokens on QuickSwap. In brief, if a trader wishes to list their asset they do not require to apply for permission.

QuickSwap Clone Development

In the QuickSwap Clone development process a DeFi platform developer will follow the industrial standards for building a QuickSwap Clone Script (contains 100% source code). Here programmer develops a script that looks similar to the existing QuickSwap exchange platform's script. As the result, a resulting website/ exchange platform like QuickSwap is replicated with the advanced features. 
If additional features are not mentioned by the clients then a QuickSwap Clone Script is built with the same features and works with the existing workflow as like QuickSwap exchange platform. So, never delay to specify your demands to our developers, if you have an idea of it. 

How to start QuickSwap - A DeFi Based DEX platform on Matic Blockchain?

Framing on your mind to launch an AMM-based DeFi exchange like QuickSwap?
Well, you need not hold back, it's the perfect time to get started. Just follow the below suggestions & deploy your decentralized exchange like QuickSwap.
  1. A most important thing you should do is to have research about the other decentralized exchanges trending at present, before you get started.
  2. It helps you to know about the loopholes and valid reasons to start a DeFi exchange on a blockchain network for making profits.
  3. Many DEXs are existing and their market cap and trading volume differ based on time to time and season to season, learn about it.
  4. Pick out the valid reasons for starting a QuickSwap. It makes you to identify the benefits of launching QuickSwap like DEX platform compared to other DEXs.
  5. Now, you should get to know about the features of QuickSwap Clone Script, It is nothing but the ready-made QuickSwap Clone Script which contains the source code for starting a QuickSwap like decentralized protocol.
  6. Learn about the exclusive features of QuickSwap Clone Script existing at present and specify the features you wish to include in your QuickSwap like exchange to the DeFi developer.
  7. If you are in search of a skilled DeFi developer then you can contact our team - SellBitBuy.
  8. Our crew is obliged to offer advanced QuickSwap Clone Script, to our client who likes to be an entrepreneur by starting a decentralized exchange platform like QuickSwap.
  9. Further, if you have an idea of including customizations in QuickSwap Clone Script, like an eye-catchy UI and DEXs platform's look, you can convey it to our experts. We are happy to listen to your demands.


QuickSwap - Explained In Detail

Hey, looking for statistical data & reported trading volume about QuickSwap?
Here it is, we are happy to collect this data from CoinMarketCap.Com. The published information is based on the mentioned date as specified below. Take a look at it!
DATE : 26/05/2021
QUICK Token Price - $1,023.29
Market Cap - $163,474,380
24hr Trade Volume - $11,129,714
Max Supply - 1,000,000
Circulating Supply - 159,753.00 QUICK

Images Source: CoinMarketCap.Com

What is QuickSwap & Why to start?

What is QuickSwap?
QuickSwap is a DEX platform that functions on a Polygon network especially on Matic network. The reason for launching QuickSwap on the polygon is to reduce the transaction fees. Usually, Ethereum has a higher gas fee so enabling the QuickSwap function on Polygon makes an easier trade for the users at a budget-friendly price.
Apart from the above, one of the notable features in QuickSwap is that the QUICK token allows governance rights over the protocol.
Source: Messari.io
Why use QuickSwap?
Confusion may occur to you that why should you use QuickSwap? It is a valid question, QuickSwap ensures light-flashing speed at a user-friendly transaction cost. This popular Automated Market Maker uses layer-2 scaling solutions to increase substantially with huge network activity.
Scaling solutions in QuickSwap are developed exclusively for reducing gas fees and for providing incentives to liquidity providers as rewards. Passive revenue can be earned by using this incentive that is "QUICK tokens".

How QuickSwap Works?

Let us explore about the workflow of QuickSwap in detail. QuickSwap functions with a set of advanced smart contracts so that traders can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies without providing their personal data. 
Smart contracts in QuickSwap handle automated token swapping which does not involve a person to carry out the transaction.
  • QuickSwap is exclusive for token exchange on a polygon network. It also supports wrapped tokens like WETH (Wrapped ETH), WBTC (Wrapped BTC), stablecoins such as USDC and DAI which is also similar to the US dollar currency & others.
  • If a trade on QuickSwap wants to happen with MetaMask then tokens need to be sent to the QuickSwap's Smart contract for automatic token swapping. 
  • Now the smart contract picks the tokens you wish to buy from the seller who sells it.
  • Trader's ordered token is sent to their wallet automatically. 
  • At this place, liquidity matters the most for making a transaction. 
  • If there is no liquidity then it displays "Insufficient liquidity for this trade". 
Source: Kompulsa

Highlights Of QuickSwap

Extremely Ease to use:  QuickSwap is too simple to use and intuitive.
Almost zero fees: Swapping on the polygon is extremely very cheap. Just 0.3% fee needs to be paid to the liquidity provider.

QuickSwap Insights

QUICK Tokens
Likewise the other AMM protocols QuickSwap is also proud to own a token named as "QUICK" token. It is a governance token and the purpose of this community is to collect the distributed tokens. 
Here is a split of how the QUICK tokens are distributed,
  • 90% of the tokens goes to the liquidity provider
  • 5% is airdropped to UNI holders.
In addition to this, for every 4 years massive reward is offered to the liquidity providers, "986" QUICK tokens are distributed to them as an incentive. 
How to Farm QUICK Tokens on QuickSwap?
It is remarkably very simple and it is similar to SushiSwap's SUSHI farming.
Pick out the liquidity pool that fits your financial situation.
  1. Make a purchase of the required cryptocurrencies.
  2. Install and setup your MetaMask.
  3. Move your assets to polygon sidechain.
  4. Add liquidity to the pool that is chosed previously.
  5. Stake your liquidity provider tokens.

Source: The Chain Bulletin

Why QuickSwap On Matic Network/ Polygon?

Polygon is rebranded from a familiar Matic network and polygon is a developer-friendly hybrid protocol. The main role of this network is to combine Proof-of-stake (PoS) and plasma to build an environment that is user-friendly for the developers to build and deploy Ethereum-compatible Dapps which makes the DeFi industry grow vastly.

PoS checkpoints are used to finalize the transactions on Ethereum Mainnet. Ethereum is secure and highly programmable on blockchain for the developers by removing some computational functionalities from Ethereum polygon achieves 65,000 transactions per block. It also allows developers to build a customizable blockchain network easily and offers flexibility, scalability, and robustness nature for the platform.
Layer-2 scaling solutions
Multiple Layer-2 scaling solutions are available for Ethereum. It includes sharding, sidechains, Optimistic rollups, plasma, and more. 
Source: IvanOnTech Academy

QuickSwap - FAQ

1. Which transaction is a fee charged for?
0.3% fees are charged by QuickSwap for token swaps. It is offered to the liquidity providers directly.
2. How Can I Claim my QUICK?
Two ways are available for claiming LP tokens. One is done magically (i.e automatically claimed). Second way is to go to the QUICK page, then follow these steps. Manage > Claim > Confirm. 
3. Can I farm QUICK with QUICK?
Yes, it is possible for farming with the QUICK token.
4. How many assets per pool are allowed?
Only 2 assets are allowed.
5. What is the QUICK token allocation?
90% of the QUICK token is allocated to the community. 6% is airdropped. 4% is reserved for the team and marketing. 
6. How can I add a new token or a pair?
Traders have to apply if their token needs to be added to Matic blockchain
Source: Medium.Com

Why Choose SellBitBuy For QuickSwap Clone Development?

The simplest way to deploy into QuickSwap like an exchange on the DeFi market is to hire a developer from the DeFi Development Company.
Sellbitbuy - A cryptocurrency exchange development company & DeFi Development Company is obliged to offer DeFi development solutions to entrepreneurs or individuals who like to launch a QuickSwap like DEX platform on Matic blockchain. With our readymade and instant solution, (i.e) QuickSwap Clone Script you can start your DeFi-based QuickSwap like an exchange.
Other decentralized clone scripts, you should take a look.

Disclaimer: Sellbitbuy never promotes any third party products or services, and we are not having any control over the brand "QuickSwap". We use the term "QuickSwap" for easy understanding, and we don't have any tie ups with the mentioned brand. Our solutions are complete white label solutions, based on the requirements it can be customized or altered.

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