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The 360 Degree Guide To Create An NFT Token
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The 360 Degree Guide To Create An NFT Token

The 360 Degree Guide To Create An NFT Token


What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?

  • An NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is information added to a file that generates an uncommon signature. 
  • NFTs are a group of data stored on a digital ledger
  • The data can be an image, a song, an art, a text and other forms of digital files. 
  • Basically one can own a digital file. 
  • NFTs are a form of decentralized certification.
  • NFTs are unique, inseparable, and non-interchangeable.
  • NFTs are based on Ethereum protocols called ERC-721 and TRON's TRC-721

Non-Fungible Token Development 

In today's hyperactive digital world, the NFTs have become of great significance. Now content creation and revenue generation are at its top. The unique works and profits of the content creators are being improperly shared by the middle agents and platforms. To solve this issue, NFTs were raised as a solution. By Non-Fungible Token Creation, one can store their ownership rights for their digital contents. Simply NFTs are used for any digital contents that are unique and need right ownership. The creators can publicize their content and get a lifetime handful of revenue. The NFT tokens have different identifiers, so that they are non-interchangeable with other tokens. The details of the owner and the contents are publicly verifiable. Each tokens have unique metadata which proves that they cannot be traded like regular fungible tokens on the exchange platforms. 

Sellbitbuy is a top notch non-fungible token creation company. With our token creation services, both an individual and institution can enjoy the prosperity for their tangible or intangible assets. We create NFT tokens that are indivisible, non-counterfeit, hold license of ownership and recoverable.

Our Wide Non-Fungible Token Creation Services

Let us know about the varieties of domains that branches out from the non-fungible token creation services. 

  1. Media And Entertainment
  2. Gaming Industry
  3. Art
  4. Crypto Collectibles
  5. Real Estate 
  6. Software License Management
  7. IPO Development
  8. Peer to Peer Exchange
  9. Asset Lifecycle Management

Non-Fungible Token Standards On Ethereum Blockchain

Pick the right blockchain standard by understanding your business needs as NFTs work properly on the correct blockchain standard. Most of the NFTs are built using Ethereum token standards called ERC-721 and ERC-1155. We provide non-fungible token creation in both the blockchain standards. 


ERC-721 is the first standard token on NFT that speaks for non-fungible digital assets. It was introduced in 2017 and is based on Ethereum. It is used to serve for specific assets and responsible for creating specific NFTs for digital assets. Its standard serves for the ownership of digital assets, immutability and clarity in security.


The ERC-1155 supports fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens. Having a wide range of ERC-721 can make the system slow and inefficient. At this place the ERC-1155 becomes the savior. 

Non-Fungible Token Creation Service On Other Blockchain Platforms

Not only in Ethereum blockchain, NFTs can be efficiently built on various other blockchains. Few of the other blockchains are,

Binance Smart Chain

Using the binance smart chain, you can make transactions on all the platforms like PancakeSwap, Teasureland, Jugger WORLD, etc. The main aim is to make the creations and business to hit new achievements.


NFTs can also be built on TRON networks for reasonable transaction fees. On the TRON network TRC-721 is the standard for NFT. The digital collectibles have unique value. This can be increased by digitizing your collectibles into NFTs. TRON has strong public chain infrastructureTRC-21 is the best adoption from the crypto investors view.

Features Of Non -Fungible Token Creation

Here are some of the highlighting features of NFTs,

  1. Verifiable
  2. Non-Interchangeable
  3. Customized Smart Contracts
  4. No Middle Man Intervention
  5. Indivisible
  6. End to End Encryption
  7. Unique
  8. Increase In Liquidity
  9. Secured Wallet
  10. Greater Market Efficiency
  11. Custom Blockchains
  12. Wide Accessibility

Benefits Of Non-Fungible Token Creation To Your Business

  1. NFTs own its specialized protocol in each token formation making them Identical.
  2. The collectibles are securely stored in a very safe environment using the anti-fraud mechanism. 
  3. You can get  access to many ledgers and get forecast information about any of the industries you belong to.
  4. The main element of blockchain is transparency. It helps to follow each transaction processing inside the community.
  5. NFT serves a wide range of industries so the market visibility is increased by NFT platforms.

Benefits For Buyers

  • Buyers can resell their NFTs to other investors.
  • The stored information cannot be altered by anyone.
  • By holding the token for a long period, the buyers can generate high revenue. 

Benefits For Creators

  • Steady income for lifetime
  • From supply to shortage everything will be in creators control.
  • Capacity to validate the ownership.

Create Your Non-Fungible Token At Sellbitbuy - The Market Chief

With a strong belief that blockchain powered solutions, we NFT Development Company will offer great solutions for the issues in the current world, we offer the best solutions for clients across the globe. The digital content creators and investors will get high revenue with the ERC-721 token development

We offer non-fungible token creation services to help businesses to obtain a countless number of tokens according to their needs. Some of the benefits are mentioned below,

  • Transparency in liquidity of the platform.
  • Adds more worth to the digital asset by having unique identification.
  • Secured verification protocol for tokens.

Why Choose Sellbibuy For Non-Fungible Token Creation?

We have a team of blockchain developers who are pro in blockchain technology for years. Sellbitbuy is known for delivering the best projects to the clients. I have  listed some of the reasons for choosing us to build your NFT. 

  1. 24*7 technical support
  2. Advanced security features
  3. 100% customizable solutions
  4. Avant-garde API integration
  5. On-time delivery

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