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JustSwap Clone Script - To Create a Decentralized Protocol Like JustSwap On TRON
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JustSwap Clone Script - To Create a Decentralized Protocol Like JustSwap On TRON

JustSwap Clone Script - To Create a Decentralized Protocol Like JustSwap On TRON

JustSwap Clone Script

JustSwap Clone Script is a Tron based decentralized exchange protocol used for launching a exchange just like JustSwap on the Tron blockchain. Using this readymade JustSwap Clone Script a DeFi protocol like JustSwap can be created and launched instantly with the help of the technical support from our developers. JustSwap Clone Script also allows global traders to trade and exchange TRC2O tokens straightaway in a hassle-free way.
We, Sellbitbuy is happy to offer our JustSwap Clone Script to those who likes to create a Tron based decentralized protocol similar to JustSwap. We keep inspiring our clients by offering similar decentralized exchange clone scripts at a less expensive cost. Watch out further and explore about the demandable reasons to start a DeFi exchange like JustSwap. 

Features of JustSwap Clone Script

JustSwap decentralized exchange protocol has this top 8 core features.
Reliable & Affordable
Extremely reliable for users to use it and comes within the budget. Traders can easily process their transactions at a lower cost over TRON network.
Limitless Liquidity
Abundant unlimited liquidity if offered by recognizing the importance of liquidity in crypto market, our JustSwap Clone Script is developed in a way that completely quits liquidity issues faced while converting a asset for cash. 
Excellent Convience
No matching order is required while exchanging your assets. JustSwap Clone makes sure that traders can perform a instant exchange at a greater convience.
Robust Security
JustSwap escapes from errors as robust security is offered to encompass the security level of this decentralized exchange protocol on a big scale.
Highly Profitable
Creates a free threshold profits to traders in JustSwap. Processing fee is enriched by the traders without adding commission.
24/7 Availability
Open financial transaction is a major highlight in JustSwap as it is easily available for everyone. It is possible in TRON network.
Overcome sky-high Gas Fee
TRON blockchain makes, to getting avoided being charged by High gas fee that usually happens in Ethereum.
No restrictions imposed for trading in JustSwap as there is no Know Your Customer policy in this protocol.

JustSwap Clone Development

Manually developing a JustSwap Clone will take plenty of time from you and in addition to that you must have a in depth knowledge on high level programming language. To cut-off those problems our team of developers develops a JustSwap Clone perfectly with the edge-cutting technologies.
In the JustSwap Clone Development process, source code is scripted using high level programming language, tested, debugged and finally complied to deliver the source code in the name of "JustSwap Clone Script", to create a DeFi decentralized protocol like JustSwap on TRON. 
As development process of this decentralized exchange script is complex for freshers, we have a high qualified developers who can deliver a bug-free JustSwap Clone Script to people overall the world. Talk to our team if your need an advanced JustSwap Clone Script to start your decentralized business platform

Easy Ways To Start A Decentralized Protocol Like JustSwap?

Decentralized protocol like JustSwap can be deployed to real world by following the below steps. 
  1. Picking a maximum user volume based trading exchange will let you know which decentralized exchange protocol that you should create it immediately.
  2. Now just research about JustSwap protocol before you get started with it.
  3. Having a detailed know about JustSwap Clone Script will be much better if you wish to start a similar DeFi decentralized protocol like JustSwap on TRON network.
  4. Note the important feature that you wish to include in your JustSwap Clone Script and convey it to our developers to get started.
  5. Our experienced team of developers makes you to launch a JustSwap like exchange on TRON network.
  6. Even you can specify your ideas to our team for customizing it in our White-label JustSwap Clone Script.
  7. I have mentioned one of the simplest and easiest approach to launch a decentralized exchange in a limited interval of time.


JustSwap - Explained In Detail

Hurray, we are obliged to offer the details about JustSwap token as listed in DappRadar.Com. Have a glimpse of it if you wish to know in depth.
DATE : 21/05/2021
Users: 3.55k
Transactions: 21.22k
Volume: 65.66M
Balance: 440.81M
Image Source: DappRadar.Com

What is JustSwap?

JustSwap is the first decentralized token exchange launched on the TRON network for swapping TRC20 tokens and TRX tokens in a convenient way. Using this protocol traders in TRON blockchain can make a quick trade by overcoming a sky-high gas fee. JustSwap protocol also makes an easy conversion of TRC20 tokens based on a system price. Once after conversion, the trading fee is sent to liquidity providers rather than this protocol itself.

In addition to that, the traders of the JustSwap exchange enjoy great rewards like mining rewards, and have the power to earn transaction fees directly. The CEO of TRON Foundation "Justin SUN", once said that JustSwap on TRON was born due to a rising demand in DeFi space. At last, JustSwap is developed for offering solutions like providing lower fees at 200 times faster speed with instant payment options.
Source: Cryptoviet

Benefits of starting JustSwap

Since from JustSwap's launch it has found a great success within just 24 hrs. To be more precise JustSwap holds $3.5+ M of liquidity with a volume of $5M. This record breaking news holded by JustSwap is amazing and finds to be the best example for those who enter into a DeFi market as a fresher can shine in flying colors. Certain reasons are valid they make JustSwap exchange to make profits without any barriers.

Source: Cryptonomist

JustSwap Insights

Certain reasons are valid they make JustSwap exchange to make profits without any barriers. Let's watch out for what it means. 

  1. Instant exchanges are made between the traders while exchanging their TRC20 tokens. Thereby market makers make a huge profit out of this. 
  2. By taking the crucial importance of liquidity in decentralized exchanges JustSwap functions with unlimited liquidity. 
  3. The convenience to use JustSwap is another reason that should be highlighted as it processes instant exchanges without order matching.
  4. Processing fees can be enriched by the users while they perform their trade.

How JustSwap Works?

All you need to do is to get into JustSwap.io and connect your wallet initially.

  • On the top left of the navigation bar, you will be able to see the "Connect Your Wallet" option.
  • Now select "TronLink Wallet".
  • If you do not have the TronLink Chrome extension just install it so that you can access it easily.
  • Just enter your password now and get signed into TronLink Chrome.
  • Choose the account you want to get connected to.
  • Once it is get connected, you will be able to see your wallet address and TRX balance.
  • Two options are available for TronLink android users to enter into JustSwap.
    Market Page: On the top banner find "JustSwap", click the swap option to enter into it.
    Discovery Page: "JustSwap portal" can be found, then choose JustSwap Mobile to get entered into it.
  • Now let us switch over to iOS users. On the "market" page, they have to choose "JustSwap" available on the top banner then they should click the "swap" option to get started with JustSwap.
  • Token swapping can be done easily by selecting the holded token and then the token that needs to be swapped. 
  • Just enter the amount that needs to be swapped. Once after that "JustSwap" exchange calculates the corresponding token amount with the other token. 
  • You have to click the "Swap" option, now confirm it by using the "Confirm Swap" option.
  • Wallet confirmation also needs to be done. To process it you should click "Request signature" in the pop-up window.
  • It shows your swap request has been submitted successfully.
  • A confirmed message is displayed in the upper-right site when it gets complete.
Source: Cryptoviet

JustSwap - FAQ

1. What is JustSwap?
JustSwap protocol is exclusive for making a steady exchange of tokens like TRC20 so that a easy conversion takes place directly in a TRON network. Once trading happens the trading fees will be provided to the liquidity providers as a reward.
2. What tokens are supported for making swaps?
Both TRC20 and TRX tokens are supported in JustSwap and swaps can be performed in both the ways.
3. Does JustSwap charge any trading fee for exchanging tokens?
Yes a small portion of trading fee is charged 0.3%. You need to pay it to the liquidity provider for this protocol. 
4. What's the initial price for creating a fund pool?
Initial price for creating a fund pool is always set by the first person who creates those liquidity pools. If he/she fails to set the price range then user who does external arbitrage trading will set the price value at a reasonable cost.
5. How is price determined?
Number of tokens in each pool only decides the price. Certains terms and conditions are imposed by smart contracts for maintaining a steady range in price.

Why Choose Our Team For JustSwap Clone Development?

Searching for a techie for building your Tron based JustSwap Clone?
Solutions are available! - Cryptocurrency exchange development company & DeFi Development Company like us "Sellbitbuy" can provide you a instant solution by creating a decentralized protocol like JustSwap in a limited period. By making use of our developed pre-tested protocol like JustSwap anyone in this global world can start an independent functioning DeFi exchange like JustSwap of your own. You can happily start your earning by launching a end-to-end DeFi platform for achieving your financial growth.
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