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Metaverse Game Development Company - Sellbitbuy
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Metaverse Game Development Company - Sellbitbuy

Metaverse Game Development Company - Sellbitbuy

Metaverse has become a popular topic around the globe, and the market size, industrial data, and demography of the metaverse are all rapidly rising. Nearly 25% of individuals are expected to spend at least an hour in the metaverse by the end of 2030, and 30% of software companies are expected to be prepared to offer products, services, and solutions connected to the metaverse. This turns into the gathering place for business people looking to launch ground-breaking ventures in the metaverse. We Sellbitbuy support the success of gamers, investors, and business owners by assisting them in the creation of a feature-rich, virtual metaverse game with precise technology integration.
Do you wanna create your metaverse game? Read this blog to get an idea and assistance to start your project.

Salient characteristics of our metaverse game development 

The salient features of our metaverse game development services are,

Decentralized Platform

Blockchain technology underpins the metaverse NFT gaming platform. It gives users complete ownership of in-game because it is a decentralized network.

Social gaming

We provide a fun metaverse NFT gaming platform where users may communicate with one another and carry out a variety of tasks simply by logging in from anywhere in the world.

High-quality graphics

We use top-notch visuals to give the 3D metaverse virtual environment a realistic sense. And we improve the functionality of the platform using a variety of tools and algorithms.

Advanced UI

A user-friendly platform helps keep players on the gaming site. We, therefore, concentrate on offering players a user-friendly 3D metaverse game.

Multi-currency wallet

Secure and convenient transactions are ensured with a multi-currency wallet. We use Web 3.0 to construct an NFT-compatible wallet that supports a variety of currencies for users.

AR/VR metaverse

We incorporate AR/VR to give a real-life experience to metaverse games. Our team will leave no stone unturned to make the metaverse games interactive and successful.

Working Process

Selecting the right blockchain

Metaverse game creation needs a blockchain environment to give players a distinctive experience on a decentralized network. We construct a metaverse NFT platform on the most appropriate network.

Create your storyboard

Our team collaborates with our clients to create a storyboard on the concept for a 3D metaverse game. While creating, we consider every minute detail to bring the best-in-game characters.

Gaming environment

The process of game development will begin with the creation of the game's setting and characters by our metaverse game developers. We consider every small element while producing the finest game possible.

Visual content

The heart of the 3D metaverse game is its graphics. Our development team uses cutting-edge technology and works to enhance the gameplay's graphical appeal to draw players.

Adding effects for each level

The gameplay is made more exciting for players by including acoustics. A game without effect may be seen as uninteresting. Since Sellbitbuy experts were aware of this, sound effects and character voices were added to the game.

Building game levels

The expectation amongst the players is kept alive through leveled games. We divide the game into many stages to help players represent the difficulty level and maintain the direction of the plot.

Metaverse game payment methods

We provide gamers in the metaverse with simple cryptocurrency payment alternatives. Swap and liquidity pool technologies are used to develop crypto wallets and gateways. Transactions can be made anywhere.

Reward system production for earning

We regularly integrate a powerful rewards system into the metaverse NFT gaming platforms to honor players for their accomplishments in the virtual world. As an outcome, players get inspired while playing.

Checking metaverse games and deployment

Our skilled testers will play the game multiple times during the testing phase to identify and if necessary, correct any bugs. The game is prepared to be released on the international market after our specialists have determined that it is bug-free.

Our services are listed below

Avatar creation 

The main function of a metaverse game is played by the game characters, hence creating better avatars will draw in more players. 

3D modeling 

Make a company judgment regarding whether the 3D image of the game assets can accurately depict the true subject of the game you are developing such as lands and buildings.

UI/UX design development 

The success of the metaverse game was solely dependent on UI/UX development. At Sellbitbuy, we create UI and UX that are incredibly straightforward. 

3D Animation 

Improve the animation and interactivity of the 3D places and game components generated so that consumers may experience the uniqueness of the virtual world.

Tool integration and technology 

Sellbitbuy hires specialists to incorporate the necessary technology, tools, and APIs into your metaverse game in the best possible way.

Hosting and maintenance 

We host your metaverse game on a server, blockchain framework, and cloud storage of your choice. We are also available to help you within 24 hours.

Types of  Metaverse game development

  • Racing games

  • Casino games

  • Action games

  • Battle games 

  • Card games 

  • Ludo games 

  • Adventure games 

  • Puzzle games 

  • Fantasy sports games 

  • Collectibles games

Why Sellbitbuy for the metaverse game development?

Sellbitbuy is a leading Metaverse game development company with distinctive features and cutting-edge operational models to grow your business. We support our clients from the initial stages of game development till launching the development of metaverse games. We develop effective, tailored metaverse applications that are appropriate for your target audience and meet your business goals. We finish the job on schedule, under budget, and to the highest possible standards.

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