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ERC20 Token Development Company
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  ERC20 Token Development Company

ERC20 Token Development Company

Generally, Ethereum blockchain is a network’s used to build a different type of tokens using a solidity smart contract.

The entire ETH network can be visualized as a single entity called the “Ethereum Virtual Machine” or EVM. Tokens are often issued by the ICO(Initial coin offering) through publicly for crowd sale.

Before, building your own ethereum tokens for your business, just stuff your mind with a broad knowledge of what and why ERC 20 is using. Fine, let me detailed explain to you about ERC 20 tokens.

What are ERC 20 Tokens?

Erc 20 is a protocol stands the ethereum request comment and 20 is the identification number is used to creating a token with a set of regulations on the ethereum blockchain.

You can create crypto tokens for the business like various platforms like fundraising business model, exchange business model, trading business model. 

Many startups found that token business is a successful one. 

The most common type of utility token is ERC20.

In 2017, an influx of blockchain startups who create their decentralized applications (dapps) in the Ethereum network and raise their money in initial coin offerings (ICOs). 

They create own tokens and sell them to the public any crypto exchange for Ether.

The Erc 20 comes through six mandatory functions and three optional one.

Mandatory function:

Total supply 

We want to set the tokens limit they meet the smart contract condition to fuse one token.

balance of

How many tokens are sent to the smart contract address return the unwanted tokens.


This method carries a set of tokens given in total supply.

Transfer from

The token can transfer from one end to another end user.

Approve method

In this method check the token conditions to meet the user requirements.

Allowance method

Now, the user sends their tokens to anyone through a wallet or list in the exchange platform.

Three optional signs 

You can add the name of the token, symbol, decimal number of points.

Example: you can create a token 

Name = apple

Symbol: app

Decimal: 30.33

The benefit of Erc20 token

  • Increase token liquidity

  • Reduced risk of smart contract breaking

  • Reduces the complexity of the token interplay Uniform and secure transaction

  • Verifies the transaction more efficiently.

  • Assures operation with decentralized applications (Dapps)

  • Easily Combines with other currencies

Source: Dapp University

How you can also create your own token in Erc 20 protocol?

We at Sellitbuy offer you a great service in ethereum token development and trading services. 

We follow the five steps for the token development process,

Token creations

Decide which platform you need to create the token and How many tokens are needed for your business as well.

Develop a smart contract 

To develop the token they must regulate the set of rules and verify the token through etherscan.

ICO Development 

We can help the businessman to set the ICO campaign and market the tokens.

Erc 20 Token Wallet

You can store the token into a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S, Trezor and web wallet like metamask.

If you also need a separated wallet for the token we are the finest company in multi-wallet creation with secure private key algorithms.

Increase sales to crowdfund

A token is ready for your ICO business just, market your tokens to buy the coins.

Why choose sellbitbuy?

We have Ethereum token developers who are highly skilled coders and smart contractor solidity directories.

  • Excellent Technical Expertise

  •  Regular updates

  •  Daily analyze in the crypto industry for the latest technology:

  • Quick Response time

  •  Affordable budget

  • 24X7 Technical Support

You can lengthen your business plan and also create a New token business with prominent features in many platforms like Erc 20, Erc 223, ERC1400 and more...

How much does it cost to build an erc 20 token?

To create a token, you need to specify the Token Name, Token Symbol, Token Decimal places, Number of Token, Code of smart contract, Verify the Source code.

The price of the token may vary from high to low to build tokens is also depended upon on token features, design, platform to launch the token, testing, and distribution.

To know the exact price of the token for your business requirements or regarding creating your token in ERC20 token services? 

Just feel free to talk to our experts at any time.

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