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How To Create Blockchain Game Like Gods Unchained
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How To Create Blockchain Game Like Gods Unchained

How To Create Blockchain Game Like Gods Unchained


The recent NFT Trading Card game “Gods Unchained '' is making hype in the NFT game arena, and this influencing game, made many entrepreneurs get mad at creating their own blockchain game like gods unchained. But they are not very clear about where to start and how to start. If you are also one of them and want to create a game like gods unchained then this exclusive article can help you on “How To Create a Blockchain Game Like Gods Unchained''.

How To Create an NFT Trading Card Game Like Gods Unchained?

Here are the steps that can help you to create a blockchain game like Gods Unchained.

Step1: Plan - Derive the complete Game Theme

Without a plan, it is highly impossible to create a Game Like GodsUnchained. The Main factor you should concentrate is, your business plan should not be similar to the original GodsUnchained .

“Be Unique, and Derive Your Own Plan”

What should you do? -  You should have deep knowledge of current NFT gamings. And analyze how they work, where the current gaming platforms are losing their users, how you are going to retain those users to your platform, and how you are going to make money.

  • Write down the Game Theme
  • Derive strategies
  • Write down how to play the game

Note: It Takes Much Time To Understand and Analyze, so that you may lose the hotness of the blockchain gaming market.  

How can Sellbitbuy help you To “PLAN”? 
We have a team of research experts who always stick to the blockchain, market. We know how blockchain games works, and how they can be improved. Also, we provide a clear consultation to our clients to resolve the existing impediments of the current gaming market.

Step2:  Design - Have a Clean Design Plan

Design is the most essential part for the gaming platforms like GodsUnchained. Because 70% of gamers would be likely to be involved in a game just because of its eye-catching design. So if you would want to overtake the current NFT gaming platforms then your design should be highly impressive, and easy to store in mind.
What You Should Do? - You should have a deep imagination, So that you can explain your requirements to the designer to design the game.

  • Create a Design Mock-up On your Own (or)
  • Design Attractive avatars, Gaming interfaces, and elements
  • Get Feedback on the created avatars, fine-tune them and freeze a complete theme,

Note: Creating designs on your own is highly impossible, also hiring freshers to design would result in less quality. 
How Sellbitbuy Can Help You In “Designing”?
We are having expert designers, who are having a deep design knowledge for blockchain games. Our experts create a complete design plan based on the requirements. and can cross check with our clients whether it meets the expectation.

Step3: Resource Identification

Find the best development resources to fulfill your expectations

What should you do?

  • Research for best blockchain or NFT development company
  • Talk to their team, get samples or portfolios of the projects completed by their development resources

Note: The current NFT Market is dumbed with a lot of companies, who can provide you the low-budget estimation to impress you. But the quality of the result is a Big Question? So Choose Wisely!
How Sellbitbuy Can Help You In “Resource Identification”?
We don't search in the dark, we give you the light to search for what you look for.
We have a team of experts who are ready to showcase our worked projects, and it is up to you to choose our resources.

Step 4. Development

Execute the plans with the right development team

What You Should Do? 

  • Escalate your requirements to the development team
  • Give time to bring the best output. 
  • Cross-check the results with your game plan on each phase
  • If you are not satisfied, ask the team to modify the work immediately

Note: The development process should be transparent, if the company you hired is seemed not transparent, then ask the reason and bring all the completed development process for your knowledge
How Sellbitbuy Can Help You In “Development”?
We have a transparent work nature so that you can cross-check our development process whenever you need.

Step 5: Integrate Blockchain

Choose the Blockchain In Which You Want To Launch Your Game, Preferably “Ethereum”. Blockchain is the backbone of NFT Trading cards like GodsUnchained, so you should analyze and choose the best blockchain that suits you. We suggest “Ethereum” for the best result. 

How Sellbitbuy Can help You in “Blockchain Integration”?
Sellbitbuy - is a predominant blockchain development company by nature, and NFT development, NFT gaming platform developments are our extended service.We have deep knowledge in a blockchain platform so that we can help you to easily choose& integrate the desired blockchain for your dream blockchain game. Check out here in which blockchains we can work.

Step 6: Create Native Token

Native Token Creation is The essential part while creating a game like GodsUnchained.

How Sellbitbuy Can Help You In Native Token Creation?

We create tokens preferably in ERC20 Token standard, and with a complete bug-free smart contract integration.

Step 7: Create NFTs


How To Create NFTs Check with Our Experts Now!


Step 8: Make It Live

If you are satisfied with the completed project, and if there are no improvements needed, make it live on time.
Note: have some improvements on queue for the next versions. This would engage the audience frequently with your game.
The above are the steps to launch an NFT trading cards game Like GodsUnchained.  You can Make the above 8 steps simple as 8 In 1 steps just by contacting a reputed blockchain and NFT development company like Sellbitbuy, and purchasing the ready-made gods-unchained clone script. 

Gods Unchained Clone Script

GodsUnchained Clone Script - it is ready to launch the NFT trading gaming platform clone script, with which one can instantly set up their digital card game like Gods Unchained on Ethereum blockchain, The script is ready-made, and can be easily deployed.  

  • Advanced design templates
  • Inbuilt avatar designs 
  • Excellent UI/UX
  • Smart Contract Integrated - Bug Fixed
  • Own NAtive Coin Integration Support
  • Infinite NFT Trading Cards

And more.

Why Sellbitbuy?

We address our company as a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company & one of the best NFT gaming platform development. At Sellbitbuy we frequently follow the trends and upscale our service in the blockchain space with next-gen crypto and blockchain applications. DeFi and NFTs have become the shining horns of blockchain’s head. We address the growth of NFT games and blockchain games, hence with the support of our expert NFT developers and blockchain developers, sellbitbuy satisfies its global clients in creating next-gen blockchain games like zed run clone, axie infinity clone, gods unchained clone, splinterlands clone and more. If you have an idea to build your blockchain we at sellbitbuy can make your dream come true.

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