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BakerySwap Clone Script - Create Automated Market Maker (AMM) Like BakerySwap On Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
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BakerySwap Clone Script - Create Automated Market Maker (AMM) Like BakerySwap On Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

BakerySwap Clone Script - Create Automated Market Maker (AMM) Like BakerySwap On Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

BakerySwap Clone Script

BakerySwap Clone Script is a DeFi-based Decentralized Exchange Script that can be used to start your own food-themed based DEX platform like BakerySwap on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).
We Sellbitbuy deliver BakerySwap Clone Script which includes rapid token exchange services like quick swapping of BEP-20 tokens which functions on top of the AMM model. Apart from the above we aim to offer BakerySwap clone which includes the premium features like staking of non-fungible tokens on BSC network. 

BakerySwap Clone Script Features

I believe you should definitely have a take a quick glance about the premium features of our BakerySwap Clone Script before looking into this blog.
Here is a catalog of it,
Launchpad feature enabled in our BakerySwap Clone Script is distinct where a newly launched projects on BSC network can be easily accessed with the help of this feature.
NFT Combo
NFT enthusiast can participate in NFT bidding with the help of this feature. Bidding allows users to earn Non-fungible tokens with straightforward efforts.
Exclusive features draws BakerySwap into attraction by introducing game boxes to surprise $Soccer and $Poker holders. Gamification features is additionally happy to support the whole package of great NFT game Tokens on Binance Smart Chain(BSC). 
Increases Liquidity for user's funds and provides high annual return on BakerySwap DEX platform for BSC users.
Info Graph
BakerySwap Clone Script comes along with "info" option which lets traders to know about the BakerySwap protocol analysis which lists out the transactions, trading volume for past 24 hrs,  BNB price, & much more. 

BakerySwap Clone Development

BakerySwap clone development is creating a ready to launch, full featured, bug-free, food themed DeFi based DEX exchange clone, which will work entirely similar to the popular "BakerySwap". The developed BakerySwap clone satisfy and fulfills the needs of customer/client across horizons. This food-themed DEX clone is built with smart contracts which lets to start a open-source DeFi protocol for swapping of BEP-20 tokens on BSC. 
Additionally our team of developers have a vision of developing BAKE token which can be later used by the traders for providing liquidity to the exchange platform. At sellbitbuy we have ready to launch  BakerySwap Clone, which is 100% secured as it is multi-tested to build a secured decentralized exchange platform for our customers who wish to start a DEX platform like BakerySwap. 

What is BakerySwap Clone?

BakerySwap Clone offers services and solutions to launch a BakerySwap like exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Our BakerySwap Clone is ready to be delivered so that you can start your own DeFi-based DEX platform like BakerySwap within a short duration. If you like to add customizations into BakerySwap Clone you can suggest it to our developers. We are glad to accept your recommendations and deliver the BakerySwap Clone accordingly to you. 

How To Build A DeFi DEX Like BakerySwap?

Best solutions are awaiting for you which clarifies your queries you have on building a DeFi-based DEX platform like BakerySwap. Let us get into the step-by-step procedure.
  • Food-themed based exchange platform are graded under comprehensive DEX categories, so once before you get started you should definitely have a eye on other decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, JellySwap, BurgerSwap, HoneySwap,etc,...
  • After checking the above DEX platforms keep a track of BakerySwap exchange platform and about it's trading feature, unique facility introduced in it & more.
  • It helps you to to figure out the top-rated reasons for building your decentralized exchange as similar to BakerySwap.
  • When you checkout the BakerySwap's exchange official website who can happily look after the features listed in their exchange platform.
  • Claiming for that features to be replicated to your exchange is of your choice.
  • Even if you thought of having a additional feature in your BakerySwap like exchange you can simply go for it for sure.
  • Cheif and finest advise is to seek the help from a skilled developers in DeFi development company because certain protocols followed by them while developing BakerySwap Clone Script is highly encouragable.
  • Developers also pays attention for your ideas by gathering your requirements for customizations in BakerySwap Clone Script.

What is BakerySwap - Explained In Detail

Are you looking forward to understand about BakerySwap in depth?  Have a glance on the report provided by CoinMarketCap about BakeryToken. The below details are provided as per the date of publishing, there may be changes in the numbers. To get clear report on bakerytoken visit coinmarketcap.com.
DATE : 04/05/2021
BakeryToken Price - $7.27
Market Cap - $1,372,369,378
24hr Trade Volume - $657,904,816
Max Supply - 277,237,400
Reported Circulating Supply - 7,306,054 BAKE

Images source: Bakery Token Price On coinmarketcap.com


Why Start a DeFi DEX Like Bakeryswap?

Major reason behind starting a DeFi DEX like BakerySwap is that you can relish tasty rewards offered on BSC. Since staking and baking is done routinely in this DeFi space many food based projects can be launched on it. People also prefer it because of it's faster transaction rate at a lowest gas fee. 
AMM model based BakerySwap exchange platform functions by providing trading facility for users to trade against liquidity pool rather than order book model. As this AMM model is hugely welcomed among traders, starting this BakerySwap like exchange is a great idea.
BakerySwap Liquitidy Pools
Adding liquidity to BakerySwap is not too hard as you think, initially what you have to do is to add liquidity to DEX by supplying tokens to the liquidity pool. Afterwards once you gain with liquidity then you can begin farming BAKE.
BEP20 liquidity pools supported till date are as follows,
Bread: Stake BAKE to earn BAKE
Doughnut: Stake BAKE-BNB BLP to earn BAKE
Waffle: Stake BAKE-BUSD BLP to earn BAKE
Rolls: Stake BUSD-BNB BLP to earn BAKE
Croissant: Stake BAKE-DOT BLP to earn BAKE
Latte: Stake USDT-BUSD BLP to earn BAKE
Toast: Stake ETH-BNB BLP to earn BAKE
Cake: Stake BTC-BNB BLP to earn BAKE

How BakerySwap Works?

Get Started With BakerySwap
  • First and foremost visit BakerySwap website so that a wallet can be connected to start the transaction.
  • Choosing MetaMask or WalletConnect will be a better choice.
  • Meta Mask is an Ethereum wallet & it supports BSC and Dapps easily.
  • After connecting your wallet, proceed with transaction.
  • Finally unlock the connected wallet.
To Add Liquidity To BakerySwap
Here is a process of adding liquidity to BakerySwap.
  • On the top menu you will find Exchange button, click on to it.
  • Next select Pool tab and then press "Add liquidity".
  • Choose the token pair for which to want to offer liquidity.
  • For example: When choosing BNB and BAKE you will get BAKE-BNB BLP tokens as a reward.
  • Then navigate to "Earning" button and choose the option that matches your BLP tokens.
  • For example: Let us choose Doughnut, Give the number of tokens that you wish to stake then you can confirm the transaction.
  • After your confirmation you can check out the BAKE you have earned.
Initial DEX Offering 
Initial DEX offering (IDO) is developed for game like Battle pets and it is a blockchain based pet battle game. In this game players can exchange, breed, and battle NFT pets on BSC. This project is well familiar on BakerySwap.
BakerySwap NFT Combo pool
Mining special meals called NFT combos is popular and it requires to lock BAKE. More number you offer for your BAKE you can get more number of NFT combo. By the way to can get more staking power so you can earn more BAKE while farming takes place for your BLP tokens. Decomposing the earned token is also possible so that 90% of BAKE can be earned back that you have locked while creating it.
Four kinds of NFT Combos, each requires a different amount of BAKE.
  • Basic: 10,000–20,000 BAKE
  • Regular: 20,000–50,000 BAKE
  • Luxury: 50,000–100,000 BAKE
  • Supreme: Above 100,000 BAKE
Is BakerySwap Safe?
Ideal functioning of smart contract have done a perfect job till now which have no issues reported with BakerySwap. 

BakerySwap - FAQ

What is BakerySwap?
Bakeryswap.org explains BakeySwap as their DEX platform functions based on Automated Market Maker (AMM) model on top of Binance Smart Chain say BSC network.
Why is Bakery on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Explained?
Lower gas fee and lower slippage offered by BSC is one of the major reasons for people getting attracted towards Binance Smart Chain rather than Ethereum. Furthermore BSC gives faster transactions of tokens to users.
What are new deflationary measures provided by BakerySwap?
  • Burning of BAKE tokens and  tokens.
  • NFT tokens will be burned so that NFT pet eggs transactions will have 5% fees.
  • NFT combos reduced from 20x to 12x. 
  • Burning pool moved to 268x.
Why is deflation necessary in BakerySwap?
Deflation measures are necessary as BAKE token's price value increases over time and tends to elevate in the future as well.
How to buy and sell tokens in BakerySwap?
Choose the wallet from which you look forward to purchasing BAKE tokens, then stake your purchased token by hitting Earning -> Bread -> Stake buttons. Move on to NFT supermarket to buy either one of the following like (battlepets eggs, digital artwork, or a combination of both). 
How does Bakery creates a impact on ROI?
Since BAKE token is scarce it will create more value in future so, there is a great chance of BAKE token to be extremely valuable in future. 
What is Bakery's Vision?
BakerySwap's future goal is to be one-stop shop for NFTs on Binance Smart Chain
We Sellbitbuy offers business oriented solutions for you to launch a DEX platform like BakerySwap, check out & connect with our team!

Top Reasons To Choose Sellbitbuy For BakerySwap Clone Development

We have a team of experienced professionals from Cryptocurrency exchange development company who are extremely obliged to develop & deliver DEX's Clone Script like,
  1. PancakeSwap Clone Script
  2. SafeMoon Clone Script
  3. Uniswap Clone Script
  4. 1inch Exchange Clone Script
  5. ParaSwap Clone Script
  6. BurgerSwap Clone Script
  7. JellySwap Clone Script
  8. FalconSwap Clone Script
  9. JustSwap Clone Script
By making use of the above DEX Clone Script you can start launching your decentralized exchange platform like PancakeSwap, 1inch like Exchange platform, ParaSwap like exchange platform, etc,...
Also, if you have a query regarding the price range of our ready-made bug-free BakerySwap Clone Script, then you talk to our experts @ Sellbitbuy.

Disclaimer: Sellbitbuy never promotes any third party products or services, and we are not having any control over the brand "BakerySwap". We use the term "BakerySwap" for easy understanding, and we don't have any tie ups with the mentioned brand. Our solutions are complete white label solutions, based on the requirements it can be customized or altered.

FAQ - BakerySwap Clone Script

BakerySwap Clone Script is a DeFi backed up Decentralized exchange script used for exchanging BEP-20 tokens on top of Binance Smart Chain network. Using our BakerySwap Clone Script any individual can start their own food-themed exchange similar to BakerySwap.

White-label BakerySwap Clone Script is so essential because it is customizable to make changes. Any client of ours can enjoy this service abundantly as they can claim for customizations if they wish to add it in our BakerySwap Clone Script.

Our developers concern our customer's and deliver the BakerySwap Clone at an affordable price. Our Built-in advanced BakerySwap Clone provides you exclusive features embedded in a decentralized exchange like BakerySwap.

To enquire about the price of our BakerySwap Clone Script talk to our experts via WhatsApp, telegram, & more, because it differs based on the customizations you demand.

We have a team of experienced professionals and they have in-depth knowledge in developing decentralized exchange scripts.

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