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CoinTool App Clone Script To Launch BEP20, ERC20 Token Generator Like CoinTool
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CoinTool App Clone Script To Launch BEP20, ERC20 Token Generator Like CoinTool

CoinTool App Clone Script To Launch BEP20, ERC20 Token Generator Like CoinTool

CoinTool App Clone Script

Cointool App Clone script is a BEP20 & ERC20 Token Generation platform that works exactly as cointool.app. This token generation platform can be used as an online digital currency toolbox. Our CoinTool App Clone Script comprises all the existing features and functionalities of the cointool.app. 

By using our advanced CoinTool App Clone Script, one can launch their own token generation platform. Our CoinTool Clone Script is 100% customizable and ready for launch. 

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Cointool.app - A New Online Digital Currency Toolkit

Cointool.app - A Next-Gen Token Generator Platform To Create Token In Minutes

CoinTool is a one of the successful token generation platforms that was widely accepted by audiences across the globe.  Using both the BEP20 token and ERC20 token makes it an uncommonly different one. There are other unique features that become reasons for making clones of the platform. 

BEP20 And ERC20 Token Generator

The token generation platforms are used in creating BEP20, ERC20, etc  tokens. The tokens are built in their respective blockchains. For example, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Blockchain, etc. No coding knowledge is required to generate a token. The token generation platform is built with the required programs to generate the tokens. This makes the user feel simple and user-friendly. 

Features Of Our CoinTool Clone Script

Our CoinTool Clone Script contains all the features in cointool.app and also one can customize the features as the business requirement. Sellbitbuy offers an excellent set of features. Some of them are listed below.

  • Smart Contract
  • Token Locker
  • Referral Program
  • Gas Price
  • Coding knowledge is not required
  • Multi Wallet Support
  • Customization of token name, symbol, etc.
  • Absolute ownership for generated tokens.
  • Batch check balance
  • Batch wallet generate
  • Token allowance checker
  • Token batch collection
  • Token hold scan
  • Chain record

How To Create Your BEP20 Token In CoinTool App Clone Script (Token Generator Platform)

BEP20 token is the BSC which is the same as the ERC20 token that runs on Ethereum network. The BEP20 token will not run on the ethereum network but runs on the binance smart chain network. Let us now explore how to create your own BEP20 token.

The BEP20 token generator is DApp that helps the users to simply use the Smart Contract for mintable, standard, capped, burnable BEP20 token. 

1. MetaMask Installation: The MetaMask should be installed compulsorily to pay the contract development fee in BNB. Other wallets can also be installed as follows:

  • Trust Wallet
  • imToken
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Tokenpocket
  • WalletConnect

2. Update The Required Details: Enter the token name and symbol and select the supply and token type.

Enter a name for the token.
Select a symbol.
Enter the decimal precision for your token.
Enter Initial Supply
Update the Total Supply
Determine the config for thr token. Config like Mint, Burn, pause, blacklist, and deflation.

3. Token Deploy: Using the MetaMask, confirm the transaction. After that, the token is ready to use.

The token that you generated will be available all around the world in the BEP20 wallet. It will have a name, symbol and amount.

What Is Mintable, Burnable And Capped?

Mintable: The initial process in generating a token is minting. The owner is able to mint the generated token. If you no longer need the token, you can disable the minted token anytime.

Burnable: The circulation of the token supply can be reduced by eradicating the portion of the token. The token will be burnt.

Capped: The user will not be able to generate a greater  number of tokens than the defined number of tokens. 

Why Choose Sellbitbuy For CoinTool App Clone Development

Sellbitbuy - A leading BEP20 token development company offers quick solutions for creating a token for various token standards like BEP-20 token standards, ERC-20 token development standards & more. We have an experienced set of teams who are specialized in building tokens for various blockchains. 

Our team has 7+ years of industry experience who frequently upgrade to offer the best DeFi & token development services, cryptocurrency exchange software development, NFT marketplace development services, and so on.

Once who wish to grow your business in the crypto & blockchain field can approach our team. A great customer support and development service are offered to you at an affordable price. Enquire our team if you have a query!

FAQ - Cointool App Clone Script

Cointool App Clone Script is a ready-made solution to deploy a token generator platform like Cointool.app. This website script delivers an easy solution to create the BEP20 token and ERC20 token in less than a minute.

With Cointool App Clone you can get a custom token name, symbol, and initial supply of tokens. In addition to it, get 100% ownership of generated tokens & much more.

Cointool App Clone, comes along with no login, no setup, no coding required to launch a BEP20 Token Generator platform.

Sellbitbuy is the leading BEP20 Token Development Company, offers the best BEP20 token creation service with which you can create your BEP20 token at an affordable cost.

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