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Top Zed Run Alternatives
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Top Zed Run Alternatives

Top Zed Run Alternatives


Zed is a fair digital horse racing game built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It is built by the australian based Virtual Human Studio where one can own, race and earn. The platform was launched in 2019 and now zed run is the future of digital racehorse ownership. 

An NFT race horse game where you can breed, collect and race horses on the Ethereum blockchain. By playing the game one can win "cash" prizes and increase your stable size.

Top Zed Run Alternatives

Axie Infinity 

Axie infinity is a trading and battling game that allows players to breed, collect, raise, and trade creatures known as “Axies”

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is the ultimate digital trading card game that gives players true ownership of their collection.


Splinterlands is a blockchain-based trading card game. Using sophisticated methods and blockchain technology, game participants may freely purchase, sell, and trade their digital collectibles and valuables


Sorare is a fantasy game of football, where players buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team with digital player cards.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is a popular virtual sports game that functions on top of the NFT Gaming platform to exchange sports goods via buy, sell, & trading options.

Other Zed Run Competitors

Crypto Blades
The six dragons
9 lives arena
Lost relics
MetaSapiens NFT

Zed Run Clone Script - To Create Next-Gen NFT Digital Horse Racing Game

NFT enthusiasts and gaming freaks are very much interested in launching their own NFT gaming platform like Zed Run, Axie Infinity, etc. ZED RUN is an NFT-based game horse racing game built to create a wonderful gaming experience in NFT marketplace.

Sellbitbuy a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company is proud to offer Zed Run Clone Script to entrepreneurs to launch their own NFT Gaming Platform Development like Zed Run. We built the platform in any blockchain like Tron, BSC, Ethereum, Flow, etc. based on the clients request

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