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Zebpay Clone Script - To Launch a Powerful Crypto Exchange Like Zebpay
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Zebpay Clone Script - To Launch a Powerful Crypto Exchange Like Zebpay

Zebpay Clone Script - To Launch a Powerful Crypto Exchange Like Zebpay

Do you believe crypto exchanges are broadening the business opportunities on a global scale? Well, you must accept the fact that the exchange is providing great opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to kick start a trading business on a massive scale. 

As per the stats, the ground-breaking innovation in recent decades creates many business opportunities in the crypto market. 

The potential development in cryptocurrency exchanges now leads to an inclination of crypto tokens get emerging rapidly. Since building one’s crypto exchange requires a lot of work & as well as a time taking process the tech developers from our team at SellBitBuy can offer you all types of cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts for the crypto enthusiast who wishes to start a business in a quick span of time.

Lucrative money making crypto exchanges will provide multiple trading features like smart trade, trading bot, trailing, backtesting, multi-exchange crypto trading facilities, etc,..to the users who use an exchange like local bitcoins, binance, paxful, coinbase & now additionally zebpay also joins the above list of popular crypto exchanges in our market.

If you aren’t aware of zebpay crypto exchange then let us get started! Before taking a overview about zebpay exchange just have a look at the zebpay clone script to have a better understanding.

Zebpay Clone Script

Zebpay Clone Script is a website clone script that contains all the functionalities & plugins to launch a zebpay like a crypto exchange. High customization features are available that allows customization as per business needs & requirements. As the latest design features & security features give an eye-catchy outcome in exchange the business freaks can make use of the readymade zebpay clone script to start their own exchange. 

Exclusive Features of our Zebpay Clone script 

  • Multi-Lingual supporting facility

  • Liquidity API

  • Atomic swaps

  • IEO Launchpad

  • Margin trading

  • KYC/AML verifications

  • Admin dashboard facilities

  • Margin trading

  • Exclusive payment gateway integration

  • Multi-currency wallet

How Zebpay Crypto Exchange functions?

Let us take a look at how a zebpay like exchange works, Okay.

  1. The first & foremost thing is to register and open an account by using a mobile phone. 

  2. After OTP verification is completed then activation is done successfully.

  3. The next move is to fill in the bio with the necessary details like name, & other required fields to complete the other verifications like KYC/AML verifications.

  4. Buy Button on the top left corner can be pressed if a bitcoin needs to be purchased. 

  5. Alright, then the respective fiat currency can be chosen which you decide to make an exchange for the bitcoin. 

  6. The amount of BTC which a buyer wants to buy is now entered & the payment can be done via credit card/debit card.

  7. After choosing the method of payment the “place an order” option is selected to finish the exchange completely.

  8. Once the credit card & debit card details are filled then the order is processed successfully. 

  9. Finally, bitcoin is credited to your zebpay wallet 

I hope you got knowledge of how a zebpay exchange functions. As the workflow of the zebpay exchange is elegant and a simple process to follow business is starting out by demanding for developing a new zebpay like a crypto exchange. If you guys are one of those then you can purchase a readymade zebpay clone script from us. I think you guys must take a look at the overview of zebpay crypto exchange before you start a business on it, so guys now let us take a look at it.

Zebpay Crypto Exchange - Overview

Zebpay may sound new to you but to your notice let me tell you zebpay is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platform in India. As far as zebpay is considered as one of the leading crypto exchange in India with 3 million active users serving 162 countries across the horizons. When compared to other crypto exchanges buying & selling of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether is securely transferred by using devices like Android, ios which makes the cryptocurrencies easily transferable at a faster rate.

How Zebpay is Distinct From Others?

Folks as said above that the zebpay exchange is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The zebpay exchange uses the oldest bitcoin exchange with the non-fungible token which is popularly known as the “Dazzle”. These tokens are not mutually interchangeable & are unique from the other crypto tokens.

Talking about Zebpay it serves 3 million users and covers 162 countries processing $3 billion transactions in their exchange. Additionally multi geo authentication & cold wallets offers a stress free transactions by covering almost all the multi layered security protocols.

Fungible Tokens Vs Non-Fungible Tokens

Crypto tokens are said to be conventional & non-conventional, the conventional tokens are named as fungible tokens. Some of them include Bitcoin, Ether, ripple, which are primarily known to all whereas non-fungible tokens are known for their uniqueness & rarity. 

Each Dazzle token will confer rewards to owners, such as lower fees on the ZebPay exchange and discounts from partners such as e-commerce retailers, food deliveries, and streaming services. Since they are based on smart contracts built on the Ethereum network, Dazzle NFTs will gain new properties over time and give greater membership benefits to the owners. Generating new tokens from pairs of existing ones will also be possible.

The zebpay clone script is a p2p cryptocurrency exchange website script that provides the most reliable facility to start a profitable, customizable & enhanced crypto exchange website like zebpay . 

It includes a variety of customized upgraded features of zebpay to deploy a powerful crypto exchange like zebpay. You can make an affordable purchase of zebpay clone script to start your exchange business on a perfect day. If you are in need of a script then you can approach us immediately as we are professionals in this field who deliver all types of crypto exchange clone scripts to everyone on our planet. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose our team. Keep reading for further information.

Why should you get the Zebpay Clone Script From SellBitBuy? 

SellBitBuy is one of the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that offers a readymade and bug-free Zebpay Clone Script by which one can easily launch an exchange website just like Zebpay exchange.

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