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Why To Build a LocalBitcoins Like Exchange Website
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Why To Build a LocalBitcoins Like Exchange Website

Why To Build a LocalBitcoins Like Exchange Website

The bitcoin exchange platform has a crypto marketplace. Did you know the reason why bitcoin is most important in digital life? The people using bitcoin in routine life for purchasing, selling some things goods. Apart from that, bitcoin is a good investment for growing entrepreneurs in the crypto marketplace. The entrepreneur begins their investment in trading and exchanging platform. In bitcoin exchange platform, the users can change the fiat currency to bitcoin and vice-versa.

Master of offline /online trading in the bitcoin exchange industries.

A Localbitcoins.com website is particularly created to offer secured bitcoin exchanges platform for local trader to international trader platform. They covered a large number of customers through peer to peer model or people to people model.

Offline method

The offline trading method meets the buyer/seller face to face. They meet in a public place and a number of mouth suggestion needs to confirm the deal. In the offline method, the bitcoin is store through the hardware device or after payment send to the buyer bitcoin wallet address.

Online method

In the online trade method, the buyer and seller meet in bitcoin exchange website at any time, anywhere from the world. The trader can grab the bitcoin value in each minute. For each trade, less amount of money will charge by the escrow.

What is Money launder?

Money launder is referred us the huge amount of money carried for criminal activity, such as drug trafficking or terrorist activity, etc. This type of money came from the illicit activity is considered dirty money or launders.

To overcome this type of illegal activities they introduced

New 5AMLD updated in localbitcoins.

The localbitcoins exchange considers 5AMLD(fifth money launder directive) is known as your trader information like Name, Nationally, Date of birth, Proof id, etc.

This KYC(Known your customer) will able help to avoid money laundering/terrorist financing.

The European government provides established new rule they not allowed third-party prepaid card. Whenever a new trader is registered through any exchange platform the whole details will be automatically sent to the European central platform.

According, to the European government announcement, Localbitcoins has to adapt to the new standards laws and this law also relevant to all cryptocurrency industry in Europe.

Buy a localbitcoins clone script from sellbitbuy.

The localbitcoins clone script is used to start the exchange platform like local bitcoins with all efficient feature. Our localbitcoins clone script also comes through 5AMLD to make secure bitcoin exchange platform. 

The advantage in localbitcoins clone script

Escrow application

Escrow script protects sellers from fraudulent buyers by requiring the bitcoin to be deposited in an escrow wallet.

White label solution

White-Label software presents a unique and different way for your bitcoin exchange business. The white-label solution improves own branding name, logo and you can construct your own exchange website with attractive style and design. Simple, you can decide what type of crypto coins you want in your exchanging platform.

Multiple payment options 

The bitcoin exchange business must offer multiple payment options to its trader. when the trader makes online payments to buy bitcoin these multiple payment options include credit card, debit cards, PayPal, Gift card codes, etc.

I think you are the newbie to the crypto world. Don’t waste your long time searching the localbitcoins clone website.

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