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Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Website in UAE
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Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Website in UAE

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Website in UAE

UAE is one of the cryptocurrency regulatory countries. Ripple coin recently set up regional-based crypto in Dubai. The UAE’s first cryptocurrency-related rules emerged in 2018, the FSRA, of the Abu Dhabi Global Market published guidance on cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and initial coin offerings. 

The FSRA continued to actively engage with the industry, granting several regulatory approvals to startups, cryptocurrency exchange platforms, etc.  
Now, In this blog, we see the cryptocurrency exchange platform that runs in the UAE. 

1. Rain.bh

Rain.bh is one of the famous and most reputable crypto exchange platforms in the middle east and has thousands of customers from over 50 countries. It’s Headquartered located in the kingdom of Bahrain and enables the customers to buy, sell the crypto assets stored in a secure and regulated place.

Highlights In Rain.bh

Licensed Custodian

  1. Crypto funds in the exchange are stored in offline on a cold storage system. 
  2. Encryption and bank-graded security are some of the major security factors that are considered while meeting the requirements of the crypto exchange platform.

2. Fasset

Fasset is a cryptocurrency exchange website allowing zero trading fees in the middle east allows users to buy cryptocurrencies and tokens within minutes. A simple trading interface and zero trading fees allow you to kick start your trading with no payment.

Highlights In Fasset

First Hard-Asset Token Exchange

Reduce the risk to extreme price just by investing in the asset-backed tokens which are directly linked to the real-world crypto assets. Ability to Access new asset class which makes crypto investing extremely a safe option.
Institutional Graded Security and Encryption

It is one of the approved companies operating under the CBB's Regulatory Sandbox and effectively utilizes state-of-the-art security mechanisms to protect user information and funds.

3. Bitex

It is one of the leading digital asset exchanges that allows you to buy and sell popular digital assets like Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, etc.

Highlights in Bitex

Professional Crypto Trading Platform
Advanced charts and other financial indicators for the professionals are provided exclusively in this bitex trading platform. Spot and limit orders can also be placed for all the available trading pairs in this exchange.
Multi-Signature Wallet

  1. A web wallet allows you to securely store all your digital assets which use multiple keys to make your crypto wallet safe and secure.
  2. It allows you to send the digital assets/currencies to the third-party wallets so that you can receive payments from the other crypto wallets.

4. Bitoasis

Bitoasis is one of the largest digital asset crypto exchanges in the middle east that offers cheaper, secure, and easier crypto trading options to process faster exchanges.

Highlights In Bitoasis


High-security measures are offered with cold storage facilities just to ensure that the funds are secure and safe.
Offers Best Trading Fees 

Ability to trade in your locality with just low trading fees.
Offers Maximum Security

High security is offered to store your funds in a safe and secured way.

5. Emirex

Emirex is a crypto exchange platform that allows trading and exchange options for blockchain-based tokens. Emirex is a Dubai-based crypto exchange platform in the middle east. As an evolution of emirex, it has launched an emirex pro version which offers more opportunities to the users in the crypto exchange platform.

Highlights In Emirex

Ease to use

Extremely user-friendly interfaces which allow users to access the digital assets very easily by granting advanced trading tools with the required functionality.
Fiat gateway

It facilitates and processes the withdrawals and deposit options to the users via multiple payment options like credit card payments/debit card payments as well.
Compliant with international standards

To enhance the security options the international standards of IT security are offered with the most advanced security measures.
I hope you took a look at the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in the middle east and if you wish to start a similar cryptocurrency exchange platform like Rain.bh, Fasset, Bitex, Bitoasis, Emirex, then you should definitely approach a crypto exchange development company. Let us talk about it further in this article.

Sellbitbuy - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company In UAE 

Sellbitbuy - Worldclass Cryptocurrency exchange development company is one of the top-notch cryptocurrency exchange development companies in UAE that supports enterprises and startup solutions to start their dream careers in the field of cryptocurrency. 

If you have an aspiration to start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform then our entire team of developers will help you to launch your own crypto exchange platform in just 1 week.

Our team is specialized in developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch so that you can start your crypto exchange with our mission-driven and technology-agnostic solutions.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Phases

The lifecycle of our cryptocurrency exchange development is categorized into several phases and it is categorized and explained to you for a better understanding.

Phase 1:

Research and analysis
We analyze deeply and do perfect research to find out the current popular crypto exchanges in the market. It helps us to avoid the pitfalls in the current crypto exchange and makes our development phase much better because of proper research by our team.

Phase 2:

Gathering Business Requirements

One of the major factors that we never missed out is to gather the business requirements from the customers and discuss them in detail.

Phase 3:


One of the essential factors to be focused on at the time of cryptocurrency exchange development is nothing but to design an appealing crypto exchange platform for attracting a greater audience across various nations.

Phase 4:


Our qualified team of developers offers perfect software for you to start your crypto exchange by developing a robust and secure custom module-based architecture.

Phase 5:


Most important and the most challenging step that should never be missed out is the testing phase. Once we develop a cryptocurrency exchange we pay close attention to testing. It helps to sort out the bugs and makes them ready to be deployed. 

Features we offer in our cryptocurrency exchange script

Like secured and faster trading, margin trading, OTC trading, fiat-crypto trading, p2p exchange options, and other crucial features are offered in our cryptocurrency exchange script

Premium Features

  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Trading Bot
  • Multi-Currency Pairing
  • Liquidity Management
  • Supports Unlimited Cryptocurrencies
  • Escrow Application
  • Multi-Signature Wallet
  • ICO Support

Security Features

  • Jail Login
  • Escrow Security System
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Anti-Denial of Service (DDoS) 

Why Choose SellBitBuy For Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

As our team of professionals have vast experience in this field of cryptocurrency exchange development, we Sellbitbuy offers various support to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform like

  1. Guaranteed Technical support in the cryptocurrency exchange development phase.
  2. Rapid launch of your cryptocurrency exchange platform development in 1 week.
  3. Constantly exploring the client requirements to enhance and deliver the best crypto exchanges to users.
  4. To stand out unique from the competitor and be the first in any search engine with help of the Digital Marketing Team.
  5. We design and develop the finest Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts to build your own exchange platform.

Top 5 Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts

  1.  Binance Clone Script
  2.  LocalBitcoins Clone Script
  3.  Paxful Clone Script
  4.  Remitano Clone Script
  5.  Wazirx Clone Script

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