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Top 10 DeFi Alternatives Not on Ethereum: All You Need To Know About
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Top 10 DeFi Alternatives Not on Ethereum: All You Need To Know About

Top 10 DeFi Alternatives Not on Ethereum: All You Need To Know About

Over a couple of years, decentralized finance (DeFi) is becoming one of the trending topics in the DeFi space. As a number of DeFi projects are building a huge hype is created in between the defi enthusiast. Apart from Ethereum based operating defi exchange, there are several protocols that are introduced in the marketplace. Let us take a look at it by one by one.

  • JulSwap

  • QuickSwap

  • JustLend

  • JustSwap

  • Neutrino

  • PancakeSwap

  • LoopRing Exchange

  • Venus Finance

  • Newdex

  • Swop.fi


Just like the uniswap that launched on the binance smart chain, the julswap is one of the excellent alternatives that offers the same trading engine feature in this DeFi exchange. 

There are several instincts that makes julswap much better than uniswap are listed below,

Great supporting features are offered by the JustLiquidity protocol, transactions are made faster and cheaper, also operates based on binance smart chain. 

The above-mentioned ones are one of the major highlights added in the Julswap when compared to the Julswap exchange.


The magical growth of starting automated market maker DeFi exchange like quick-swap is rapidly expanding its demand in recent times.

This Quickswap is an Etherem based decentralized exchange (DEX) platform which is powered by Matic network and it allows traders to make a perfect trade with users ERC20 asset with zero gas fee. 

Only 0.3% of the trading fee are charged for making swaps. To enhance the betterment a reward is offered to all the liquidity providers, so 0.3% of the trading fee is splitted equally to all the liquidity providers. 

One of the notable highlights in this quickswap is that the provision of a trading facility is offered at the lightning speed. 


This exchange is a TRON powered market protocol which holds two major responsibility and roles, they are supplier and borrower. When a direct interaction within the protocol takes place then floating interest rate is achieved. 

On JustLend a unique TRON asset such as TRX, TRC20 stablecoin (e.g. USDT) or other TRC20-based tokens, and entails are extremely stored on an open and transparent ledger that records all transactions and past interest rates.


For exchanging TRC20 tokens this TRON-based exchange protocol is introduced. Based on a fixed system price system a quick conversion takes place between any two TRC20 tokens. The collected trading fee will directly go to the liquidity providers rather than the protocol.

In specific Justswap is the first TRON-based token exchange protocol that supports very fast TRC20 token exchange at a faster rate. Users wish to earn transaction fees just by providing liquidity to the market makers. The threshold fund pool feature allows users to add and manage their own pool without taking any commission fee.


Neutrino protocol is an algorithmic-based price stabled assetization protocol that just enables the creation of stable coins moved to the real world original assets which in terms commonly known as our national currencies. 

Neutrino Token(NSBT) allows making decisions just by concerning this neutrino protocol. 


PancakeSwap is one of the well popular DeFi protocols which is commonly referred to as Binance Smart Chain based DEX platforms launched anonymously. 

Numerous platforms which are emerged allows all the users to stake the funds in return for the protocol's tokens. Bulk activities carried out on this Ethereum based blockchains allows smart contract supporting facility. 

For Swapping BEP-20 tokens this pancake swap is efficiently utilized. The automated market maker (AMM) Model is utilized by this pancakeswap model. When there is no order book matched with some other then users can trade digital assets on this platform.

LoopRing Exchange

LoopRing is one of the Ethereum based Layer-2 protocol which extremely helps you to save gas fee by saving a quality amount of time. 

Loop Ring exchange is an Ethereum based exchange which is commonly called the noncustodial Ethereum based exchange. It works on the model called order book based and AMM based exchange which offers high performance and provides a low-cost trading experience with a provision of speed and affordable provision. 

Venus Finance

It is one of the best-decentralized exchange marketplace utilized by the borrowers and lenders which allows borderless transactions of stablecoins. According to today’s states and reports, Venus has more than 18,000 users which hold nearly $2 dollars of total price value.

World's first decentralized stablecoin, which is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain holds numerous stablecoins and crypto assets without any control imposed by the centralized system. 


Newdex is one of the first EOS based decentralized exchange platform which operates on top of the EOS chain. For making the decentralization exchange popular best trading infrastructure is introduced. 

The profit model in this Newdex starts from 0.1% transaction fee. The listing fee is not charged by token developers so it extremely reduces the cost of launching a new defi exchange. 


One of the instant and fast crypto exchange platform which offers a great extra income for the ones who provides liquidity to the defi exchange. 

Pricing formulas are most suitable for each and every specific pair of tokens which is carried out by the swop.fi automated market maker(AMM) protocol. 

A payment option is taken for staking in the liquidity pools and then rewards are offered for the liquidity providers in SWOP. This DeFi exchange operates based on the waves blockchain which also ensures transactions can be added within few seconds.

Booming blockchain-powered decentralized finance (DeFi) offers financial growth for the ones who need to start a trustworthy DeFi exchange platform within a quick span in time. 

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