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1inch Exchange Clone Script - A Solution To Create DEX Aggregator Like 1inch
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1inch Exchange Clone Script - A Solution To Create DEX Aggregator Like 1inch

1inch Exchange Clone Script - A Solution To Create DEX Aggregator Like 1inch

1inch Exchange Clone Script

1inch exchange clone script is a DeFi DEX Exchange Script to deploy a fully decentralized DeFi exchange platform like 1inch on Ethereum blockchain.  A DeFi Exchange Like "1inch" can provide Optimized trading experience to users. Our 1inch clone script is a DeFi based DEX website script which is wrapped with high end security features to launch a DEX aggregator similar to 1inch on BSC network.
Our 1inch clone script provides user friendly features that facilitate to function your exchange smoothly in a secured way. If you think of starting an 1inch like exchange then we Sellbitbuy offers a multi tested DEX aggregator script which is integrated  with scalable features to develop an lucrative platform for the client's across horizons.

Exclusive Features Of 1inch Clone Script


Extremely Low Risk

Chances of slippage are reduced in our 1inch clone script which automatically enhances and reduces the hackers who wishes to break the secured firewall of the trading platform.

Higher Liquidity Availability Options

Liquidity is desirable for any DEX platforms and keeping it in concern our 1inch clone script offers enhanced liquidity rates of multi-dex exchange on a single board.

Versatile Trading Options

Versatile trading options are enhanced in order to support multiple trading options with the power of attracting new customers who wish to make a trade.

Highly Secured API's Integration

Ultra security of API' integration have enforced the mutiple layer of protection to the exchange. The Security API' connects every major exchange by eliminating the inconsistency faced by the other common DEX platforms.

Trading With Gas Fee

It is better to trade with the gas fee which holds extreme tax benefits. 

Eliminates the Presence of KYC 

There is no need for KYC verification since DEX platform like 1inch are autonomous where any one can trade digital assets. 

1Inch DEX Aggregator Clone Development

DeFi based DEX Aggregator can be developed and deployed with our Sellbitbuy's 1inch exchange clone development services. Our 1inch clone encompasses and covers smart contracts which functions on the BSC- Binance smart chain network. To launch a best performing 1inch DEX Aggregator which includes the desirable features of 1inch clone a reputed DeFi development company - Sellbitbuy can help you for sure.
Our 1inch clone development services exclusively includes the integration of liquidity aggregation in our 1inch clone and additionally smart routing technology while developing a DEX platform which functions exactly similar to the 1inch.  
Interoperability is one of the another major features that are included to incorporate the functionality of multiple centralized and decentralized exchange platforms.

Benefits Of Creating DEX Aggregator Like 1Inch Exchange

1inch DEX aggregation platform can be launched with the desirable 1inch protocol which process collaboratively by offering the functionality of multiple exchanges to be consolidated into the single platform. 
Benefits of creating any DEX Aggregator is to improve the level of efficiency in the DeFi ecosystem. 
Here is a collaborative list of reasons which specify the importance of DEX aggregator are listed below,
DEX aggregator main role is to look in search of liquidity from numerous DEX's and then it finally optimized the best token prices and optimizes token fee swapping to provide a better prices value for the users.
Within the shortest period of time best swapping rates are finalized by the 1inch DEX aggregator than any other decentralized exchanges. Apart from the above these integrations performed by the DEX aggregator attracts large user volume in an exchange.

How Does Our 1inch Clone Script works?

Do you have an idea of starting an 1inch like exchange platform with an ready made error free 1inch exchange clone script. Okay.
It is time for us to explore about the tedious working principle of our 1inch clone script. Let us get into it.
1inch clone script functions based on the API technology and the script is designed in a way that offers the best solutions for token swapping. Pre developed 1inch website script allows to earn interest rate by providing liquidity to the liquidity pools. 
Our 1inch exchange clone script functions in a way which enables the allowance of any users in an exchange to get a native 1inch token where an exchange holds a liquidity in that liquidity pool. The script also offers a great solution to launch a 100% resembles 1inch like exchange platform with the functionalities that offers the ready to deploy solutions to launch a 1inch like platform within a short span.


Overview of 1inch Exchange platform

Let' s have an overview about the 1inch exchange platform in brief. 1inch exchange platform is an decentralized exchange in short known as the "DEX aggregator". 
1inch exchange platform is just launched recently in the year May 2019 by the Russian developers named Sergej Kunz and Anton Bukov. The key highlights of this DEX aggregator is to offer the cheapest price values of all the customer who trades in this exchange platform. By the way it makes the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies across multiple DEX platform have become an easier choice which holds the best market price value.
One of the best specialization in this 1inch exchange is the platform is non custodial which means it allows the easier option to perform the trade within a single transaction from an Ethereum based wallet.

Why to opt for 1inch Exchange DEX platform development?

On a whole there are multiple decentralized exchanges operates in  a decentralized fashion on various network like Ethereum, Tron, EOS, BSC network like Airswap, DexGuru, Atomex, Balancer and more
Certain exclusive reasons will be much convincing for launching an 1inch Exchange. 
Here is it.

Gas Token 

Transaction cost is stabilized in a full fledged way which eliminates the fluctuations on the price value on top of the Ethereum network.

Smart Contract 

User's approval on the smart contract audit are extremely proven to be safe and this smart contract are be purchased directly for this exchange to ensure whether double security is included in it.

Reduced Liquidity Problems

Liquidity is one of the familiar term when it comes to the Dex exchange platforms and as the exchanges commonly faces this liquidity problem majorly the demand of reducing it is one of the big deal when it comes to handling the Dex exchanges. To reduce this worsening problems of the liquidity and making it superior to handle the large volumes of trade in a better way 1inch exchanges goes for a better option by splitting the order into multiple fragment but by making it executing in the single transaction.

Why choose Sellbitbuy for 1Inch Clone Script?

We Sellbitbuy is one of the well reputed Cryptocurrency exchange development company & DeFi development company having a experienced team of developers who offers a ready made white labelled 1inch exchange clone script to launch a standard well developed DEX aggregator platform like 1inch.Developers at our team deploys a innovative multi tested 1inch clone script which gets rid of major problem faced by any exchange platform. If you wish to start an exchange similar to the 1inch then you can use our 1inch exchange clone script, it can help you can inaugurate your exchange within 48 hours.
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Disclaimer: Sellbitbuy never promotes any third party products or services, and we are not having any control over the brand "1Inch". We use the term "1Inch" for easy understanding, and we don't have any tie ups with the mentioned brand. Our solutions are complete white label solutions, based on the requirements it can be customized or altered.

FAQ - 1inch Exchange Clone Script

1inch Exchange Clone Script is a DEX aggregator script that comes along with 100% source code which is multi-tested & offers an interoperability facility to launch a 1inch like DEX aggregator. Our 1inch clone script uses smart contract technology that makes you to start your Aggregator like 1inch in a secured way.

Watch out for the premium features supported in our 1inch clone script.

  1. High Liquidity
  2. Ultra Security APIs Integration
  3. Functions in 100% decentralized way
  4. Offers 100% Customizability
  5. Versatile trading

White-label 1inch Clone Script allows flexible customization options where the script can be perfectly customized that meets your business demands/needs.

Original price of our 1inch Exchange Clone Script varies based on the customizations you wish to add in our script & also based on the additional features you would like to include in it. Better make a call and enquire with our team and get clarified about the price range!

Our multi-tested DEX script is bound to deliver flexible trading options in an extremely secured way to keeps the hackers out from creating vulnerability.

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