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How to start a p2p cryptocurrency exchange website with escrow services?
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How to start a p2p cryptocurrency exchange website with escrow services?

How to start a p2p cryptocurrency exchange website with escrow services?

When everyone comes to cryptocurrency exchange the is a different concept of a trading website like decentralized, centralized and hybrid. Now, Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges are the perfect solutions for all traders its works like a decentralized exchange concept we can call shortly P2P crypto exchange.

Let us learn about how P2P crypto exchanges work and what are the benefits that they bring.

P2P crypto exchanges were created for the number of traders where transactions and trade are carried out effectively with the help of escrow or smart contract.

A Brief History of Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange

To increase the magnitude of trust in the cryptocurrency exchange platform the, P2P exchanges are introduced, it involves direct trade between traders without the need for any intermediaries.

How does the P2P bitcoin exchange works?

In peer to peer bitcoin exchange, who wished to buy/sell the cryptocurrency would post an order with details such as the location, huge coins, and price. 

These posting details would be added and shared in a ledger called the order book. 

On the other end, traders who would like to buy those offers would select an order. 

The trading process will begin with buyer and seller any one of them can check the feedback scores 

The users can negotiate with each other without involving an intermediary, making the entire process simple and effective.

However, the transactions can sometimes involve third-parties helps to avoid any scam. 

Yeah, Before starting the chat seller wants to submit the bitcoin to the escrow wallet or need to agree to the terms condition of a smart contract.

When the seller receives the receipt of the payment proof mentioned as “Mark is paid” the escrow will release the bitcoin to the buyer wallet. 

Another side, the smart contract algorithms match both sides the bitcoin will release to the buyer wallet.

Till this technical service helps to prevent the traders from spammers.

The Benefits Trading in P2P Exchange 

Security –  In a P2P exchange, all the transactions held in on the public ledger of blockchain and KYC/AML details remain in synchronization to the database. Therefore, this is the possibility to avoid fraud.

Encrypted data – All the information about the transaction stored in a distributed network so it, embedded with encryption mechanism. Therefore, it is quite not possible for anyone to trace the information.

Cost-effectiveness – The cost of transaction fees less in the p2p exchange platform when compares to other exchanges. 

Target Audiences – The exchange is fast and compact in all devices with security features. It is one of the biggest reasons even not allowing cryptocurrency countries can use this exchange easily.

No limits for Deposit/withdrawals

The traders can add or move their cryptos at any time without count.

Use of traditional currency for Buying a digital coin

User can buy the cryptocurrency with their fiat currencies is make so easy.

Did you also want to start a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange website Business now? Are you looking for high-end profit cryptocurrency-related business?

P2P Crypto Exchange Script is a pre-build coding crypto website script that helps to launch a "peer to peer" crypto exchange which works on the concept of decentralization, escrow or smart contract.

Sellbitbuy is a cryptocurrency exchange development company that provides the p2p cryptocurrency exchange script with escrow services wallet smart contract audit services, crypto trading bot, liquidity API providing, Whitelabel solutions to set a robust exchange platform.

Features in Peer to Peer Bitcoin Exchange script  

  • Powerful matching Engine

  • Instant KYC and AML Verification Software 

  • Multi-layer security

  • Escrow Wallet

  • Automatic swap

  • Multi-language support

  • OTC trading support

  • Advertisement trade

  • Private Chat

And more

Why choose Sellbitbuy's for P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Here are some solid reason to choose Sellbitbuy for Peer-to-Peer Exchange Development

  1. P2P Exchange Script comes with admin and traders, merchant dashboard, trader dashboard.

  2. Security features like DDOS, SSRF, CRF, HTTPS Authentication, etc.

  3. Special add ons like Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API, Rest API

  4.  Multi-currency wallet support.

  5. Digital Marketing Services for your exchange

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