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Why to start a crypto exchange like Localethereum ? | Localethereum Clone Script
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Home > Why to start a crypto exchange like Localethereum ? | Localethereum Clone Script
Why to start a crypto exchange like Localethereum ? | Localethereum Clone Script

Why to start a crypto exchange like Localethereum ? | Localethereum Clone Script

We are the Sellbitbuy -Leading Crypto Exchange Clone Script Provider Company worldwide, offer the best-branded crypto exchange clone scripts to start your exchange like Binance, LocalBitcoins, Remitano, and so on.  Now, Our experts furnish the localethereum Clone Script with advanced modules and Security APIs.

Localethereum Clone script 

A localethereum clone script is a cryptocurrency exchange website clone that has the features and plug-ins as the local ethereum. 
Now, let us discuss a few topics: what is a localethereum exchange, its highlights, and how localethereum trading works?.

What is localethereum? 

Localethereum is a peer to peer ethereum marketplace for ether traders.
The people can trade with their local currency and choose whatever payment method makes faster & secure transactions.
This ethereum exchange website carries end to end encryption method and decentralized escrow method.

Highlights in localethereum

In this localethereum exchange website, traders can enable price alerts. When you have created a price alert for ether, you receive a message via email or message when that crypto price falls below or above.

The Escrow completed over on smart contract method it’s guaranteed for your funds and in cases of disputes.

The trader’s chat is end to end encrypted with the private -key’s with numeric digest to avoid the prying eyes.

To avoid the Phishing attack locaalethereum joins hands with phishfort.

The new traders can earn 20 % of commission using a unique referring link of another trader.

The localethereum trading has advanced module search, notification sounds, added two extra wallet portis, fortmatic , 12 languages supports.

How does peer to peer localethereum exchanges works?


The trader can sign up through their favored username, email id, and password 

Your password is equal to your private key kept it remind, the e-mail address is used for two-factor authentication. 

However, once your account is set up you can switch it over to OTP (e.g. Google Authenticate).


You need to find the best offer or set the offering plan for your target buyer.

You can select the offers or set the offer’s through Payment method, Location, Popularity, Price, and limits.

Remember: If you need to buy the ether let check the seller's reputation through trades point( how much of the trade successful completed), Good feedback from another user, Verified account.

Step :3

If you are the seller need to deposit the ether in the escrow smart contract.

Once you deposit, see the right short popup notification message that will place funds in escrow.

The will be a counter timer to cancel or withdraw the ether in smart contract


If you are the buyer after a chat with the seller, kindly check the seller's reputation.

Once you transfer the amount to the seller and send note “mark as the paid” receiving money.


Once the seller clicks the marked as the paid counter time will stop. The ether will send the buyer a wallet.


The seller never sends the ether to the buyer then the “dispute” solution takes again to the seller.

When you open a dispute, the escrow will work with both parties to make a fair solution. They may ask you and the other party to send them proof of payment (e.g. a bank transfer receipt), and, proof of your identity.

Source: Localethereum.

How to start a crypto exchange like localetherum?

To start your crypto exchange like localethereum, you need localethereum clone script which possesses all the features like localethereum.

Sellbitbuy provides the innovative localethereum trading clone script. 

1. Advanced KYC/AML Schemes.
2. User-friendly Admin Panel.
3. Mobile application for ios and android.
4. Fast and secure transactions.
5. Security Features like the two-factor authentication method, Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), etc.

and more …

If you want to see the demo of Sellbitbuy localethereum exchange Clone Script, you can book a live demo now!!

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