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Splinterlands Clone Script - To Build A NFT Card Gaming Platform Like Splinterlands
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Splinterlands Clone Script - To Build A NFT Card Gaming Platform Like Splinterlands

Splinterlands Clone Script - To Build A NFT Card Gaming Platform Like Splinterlands


Splinterlands Clone Script

Splinterlands Clone Script, is a complete website script, built to create a NFT digital card game on top of powerful hive blockchain. It is a quick to deploy solution, to start a real world physical card game with the support of NFT gaming platform development solutions.

Splinterlands Clone Script, provides win win to start a collectible gaming platform for playing card games like card packs, magic potions, dark energy crystals, and more..

Features of Splinterlands clone script

  • Transparency and trustworthiness are at an all-time high.
  • Ad Modules as a Source of Revenue
  • Zero Revenue Sharing System Ready-to-Go Platform Instant User-Friendly Script To Compete In Market Loyalty Programs
  • Graphics that are appealing and eye-catching
  • Engage Audiences from Various Locations
  • Compatibility with Multiple Devices (Android & iOS)
  • Assistance in Multiple Languages

Advantages of Splinterlands clone script

Players can trade, sell, and lease their card assets using our Splinterlands Clone Script.

Blockchain enables safe and secure purchases, eliminates fraudulent activity, and allows players to keep and govern their in-game assets.
Your digital collectible cards may be compatible with third-party marketplace systems such as Open Sea, Monster Market, PeakMonsters, and others. You might also,

  • Exchange cards with anybody
  • Sell on several platforms
  • Rent cards to other people
  • Combine cards to advance levels
  • Convert cards to cryptocurrency

Source: coin market cap.com   


What is splinterlands?     

Splinterlands is a game idea similar to Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone in that you build a digital collection of cards with varied attributes and abilities and use them to combat other players in skill-based gaming battles. Using sophisticated methods and blockchain technology, game participants may freely purchase, sell, and trade their digital collectibles and valuables as if they were actual cards, and all transactions are immutably recorded.

How does Splinterlands NFT base Digital Trading Card Game Works?

Unlike other NFT games on the market, Splinterlands has cross-compatibility with various blockchains such as Tron, Ethereum, and WAX. Splinterlands is also notable for having its blockchain, which offers in-game stability and regular updates to the card trading game.

Splinterlands is a platform that allows card enthusiasts to play, trade, and receive in-game prizes via their desktop and mobile devices. The game now has 283+ cards that players may combine to strengthen their characters' power.

Speed, armour, mana cost, and several forms of attack, including ranged, magic, and melee, are the seven attributes that determine how strong a player is. Splinterlands is divided into different "factions," commonly known as "Splinters." Each card belongs to one of the following factions: Fire, Earth, Dragon, Death, Life, Water, and Neutral (mercenaries). Some many Rarities and Abilities may be used to gain an edge over other players in Splinterlands.     
Splinterlands provides a range of in-game activities in which players may participate and earn prizes regularly. Quests, ranked play, and tournaments are some of the several types of gaming available.

Players play the game at various levels to collect card packs, rarities, magic potions, and the most unique item, Dark Energy (digital currency which is used to buy items from the in-game shop). Users may level up in Splinterlands by combining cards, lending cards to other players, or converting their cards to other cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of  Splinterlands Card Game Integrated with WAX

WAX All Access allows you to create a blockchain account in two clicks.WAX EpressTrade Free and fast transactions provide secure, easy trades.
Splinterlands is a fantasy multiplayer card game in which thousands of online players compete daily with their deck of cards to dominate the virtual planet, acquire new cards, and trade or sell them in the NFT market. Players will be able to use WAX to quickly purchase, sell, and trade their cards.

Source:  morioh.com 

The future of Splinterlands

Splinterlands was recently resurrected through WoW Classic, eliciting nostalgia as well as a desire for a challenge when playing. Every day, MMOGs provide players with so much activity that they may armor immerse themselves in this alternate reality.

It is still a card game today. This is likely to be only a small part of the huge possibilities in the future. Based on the existing card IDs, it is not difficult to develop entirely new games. They are announcing it for a long time. Both Splinterlands and other game companies can use the code to reinterpret the data on the blockchain.

There is already so much money and enthusiasm in the game that it is only a matter of time until this happens. The first offspring game will almost certainly spark a flood of new concepts.

Source: hive.blog

How to create an NFT trading card game like Splinterlands?

Every player's objective is to create a deck that can win battles. Cards are classified into two types: summoner and monster. So, if you wish to play, just start your summoner and assemble your army, and the game will take care of itself.                       

Splinterlands is a great chance for lovers of conventional card-trading games to transfer their passion to a digital platform. It's worth checking out for NFT gamers who appreciate the earning possibilities.

Every Summoner grants monsters a special bonus to that Summoner, such as enhanced armor or magic power. Choosing which buff to use is an important element of choosing the proper Summoner for the match. Dragon Summoners vary from other Summoners in that they allow the user to utilize whatever element they choose.

Source: One37pm.com

Why Choose Sellbitbuy For Splinterlands Clone Development?

Sellbitbuy is a wonderful place to start if you want to create your own gaming platform like Splinterlands. We are the Leading Cryptocurrency exchange development company who is also expertise in building NFT gaming platform like Splinterlands, and we can assist you swiftly by developing your own highly secure NFT gaming platform, complete with cutting-edge features and security measures suited to your unique demands and requirements.

We have an excellent and strong team in our NFT Development Company that are willing to offer their expertise in building a high-performance gaming platform for your company. Our clone script is very flexible, allowing you to alter and manage it as desired.

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