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PantherSwap - To Create & Launch A DeFi Exchange Like PantherSwap On Binance Smart Chain
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PantherSwap - To Create & Launch A DeFi Exchange Like PantherSwap On Binance Smart Chain

PantherSwap - To Create & Launch A DeFi Exchange Like PantherSwap On Binance Smart Chain

PantherSwap Clone Script

PatherSwap Clone Script is an AMM-Based Decentralized exchange script built for the purpose of developing a replica of PantherSwap like DeFi exchange with the prime features included in it. Compared to other decentralized exchanges in the blockchain market, PantherSwap is specialized in delivering quick auto-functioning liquidity pool, with a absolute automated liquidity maker for performing a reliable transaction through this platform.

Sellbitbuy - Our team, will offer you a high level & bug-free PantherSwap Clone, so by making use of this instant solution, you will be able to deploy your PantherSwap like DeFi platform on BSC blockchain network.
Interesting facts about our PantherSwap Clone Script are awaiting in this blog, keep looking further.

Features Of PantherSwap Clone Script

PantherSwap's features are distinct from other DeFi projects, offcourse each and every DeFi platform has it's own features, but in PantherSwap, it delivers you the best solutions by adding some rare features included in it. 
Let's explore about it in one by one. Okay!
PantherLocker is built with the intent of not replicating the LP like PancakeSwap, instead, it is built with a unique locker contract named as PantherLocker. It allows the PantherLocker owners to withdraw the tokens which is previously sent to this smart contract.
Automated Market Maker Liquidity
This feature is introduced first ever in PantherSwap. In this AMM liquidity pool, 4% of tax is added into the pool automatically with the support of the smart contract. It locks the LP at the final stage.
Symbolically, Jungles are stated as a place where the panther lives. It is storage place where a Panther tokens are kept safe. Currently there are 3 jungles like WBNB jungle, BUSD jungle, WBNB jungle.
Initial Panther Offerings (IPO), is a community based Panther offering platform where people can join the community to participate in the Panther offerings on BSC network.
Automated Burning
Entire burning process of this LP tokens is automated where each transfers are charged with 5% as tax fee. It is further splitted and sent as 4% to the LP acquisition and 1% of the trading fee is immediately burnt while the transaction takes place.
Anti Whale
A particular limit is imposed on PantherSwap for making transactions and here it is. If a transfer is more than 0.5% of total supply, then it will be rejected. This Anti Whale feature is extremely rare in DeFi concept.
Harvest Lockup
It is a reward lockup mechanism built for the purpose of preventing bot entering into frequent harvesting system.
No Migrator Code
Migrator code in PantherSwap is nothing but the MasterChef contract which contains a set of advanced programming language. It has been removed from PantherSwap.
Timelock for 24 hours is introduced in PantherSwap, for the security purposes.
Transparent & convenient to Use
For making it reliable and convenient to use by the audience, the entire system of transactions in PantherSwap is completely made transparent for easy monitoring.
Incentives for trading
PANTHER tokens are offered as a reward for the one's who hold the PANTHER tokens.

PantherSwap Clone Development

PatherSwap Clone Development process is a time taking process, where a PantherSwap Clone Script has to pass multi-level of development and testing phases. So the PatherSwap Clone development is taken as a challenge by our DeFi developers, to bring out a classy PatherSwap Clone Script as a result. 
Overall purpose/ goal, of building this PatherSwap Clone Script, is to offer a easy solution to start a DeFi exchange platform like PatherSwap rapidly.


Benefits Of Our PantherSwap Clone Script

You need not struggle hard for building a PatherSwap Clone Script, we support you by 24/7. Here, is a list of the major benefits of our PatherSwap Clone Script, exclusively for you.
  • Customizable and scalable
  • Quick and easy launch
  • Cost-effective
  • High chances of success
  • Less effort and research
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Available conveniently
  • Instant solution

Steps To Start PantherSwap Like DeFi Exchange 

You are not far away to build & start your own Decentralized exchange like PantherSwap. Just a proper guide will let you to deploy your own PantherSwap like DeFi DEX platform.
  1. Never forget to study about the other super DEX's in the blockchain world.
  2. Multiple decentralized exchanges are build on several blockchains to create an interoperable future in online.
  3. Be the one, to join in the DeFi world, by launching a valuable DEX project like PantherSwap on Binance Smart Chain network.
  4. It is okay, to spend some time on reading about the other DeFi project like PancakeSwap, Uniswap, 1inch Exchange & more,...
  5. They are also highly demandable like PantherSwap, so just read and research the above mentioned ones...
  6. Now talking about PantherSwap, it is super easy to start PantherSwap DeFi project, if you have a PatherSwap Clone Script on your hand.
  7. Don't worry, we have it. A ready-made PantherSwap Clone Script is available, at a budget friendly price.
  8. You can grab it, if you wish to instantly launch a PantherSwap like DeFi-DEX platform on BSC network.
  9. Additionally, we are happy to hear if you like to add PantherSwap Clone Script's customizations. 
  10. We make changes to our ready-made PatherSwap clone script and bring it out as "Whitelabel PantherSwap Clone Script". You can claim for it & launch!

PantherSwap - Explained In Detail

In depth knowledge about PantherSwap can be learnt here, by looking at the below data collected from CoinMarketCap. Have a glance at it.

DATE : 25/06/2021
PantherSwap Price (PANTHER): $0.1263
24hr Trade Volume - $63,160
Max Supply - 44,117,020
Image Source: CoinMarketCap

What Is PantherSwap?

PantherSwap is exclusively launched to offer a simple solution for performing staking and yield farming options. Certain set of rules are imposed on PantherSwap for performing successful transactions, like 4% of the deposit fee is splitted as 1% for burning and remaining 3% is offered as an incentive for PANTHER token holders. 


As every DeFi exchange have a native token, the PantherSwap also holds a token called "PANTHER" tokens. It is the official token of PantherSwap exchange, and several functions can be performed like staking the token, swapping it, farming it, etc,..
A reward it also offered as a token of appreciation, if the users combines PANTHER token with another token. For example, BUSD or BNB. Now a corresponding LP token is provided as a reward to the one who exchanges it.
Source: DappRader

How To Buy PantherSwap Token?

Few procedures needs to be followed for buying PantherSwap tokens. It will be absolutely helpful for purchasing a token like PantherSwap.
  • Initially go to metamask.io
  • Before purchasing PANTHER tokens, you must have BNB crypto in your account. So buy it.
  • After doing so, then go to BCscan and search for PantherSwap Token.
  • Now you can copy the contract mentioned on the profile summary.
  • Now go to PancakeSwap, click on the exchange option for PANTHER token.
  • Paste the copied contract and buy the PANTHER token.

Why To Build PantherSwap On BSC Network?

Valid reasons are right listed below to you for launching PantherSwap on Binance Smart Chain network.
PantherSwap's launch on BSC network is considered as an explosive launch as it is the first AMM liquidity yield farming & AMM platform on BSC. It is fastly growing rapidly as it's last 24 hrs trade volume is increased by 70% with many active wallets interacting with dapps smart contracts. 
Trade volume keeps on increasing in this platform and have been increased to about $225. More and more people shows interest in PantherSwap, as this platform leverages to offer PantherSwap to farm native tokens. 
So it absolutely valuable if you start launching a PatherSwap like DeFi project in the Binance Smart Chain network. 
Source: DappRader

PantherSwap - FAQ

Common FAQ in PantherSwap are answered right here,
What should you need to do in PantherSwap?
If you wish to keep staking in LP farms, you must migrate CAKE-LP tokens to Pather-LP tokens.
When should I migrate? 
Migrating your LP token should be done as quickly as possible. CAKE-LP tokens should be migrated into PANTHER LP tokens for avoiding staking the tokens in the liqiuidity farms.
Do I need to do anything with Pools? 
Continue to stake in the liquidity pools, it won't be affected.
How to move CAKE-LP token to wallet?
First and foremost, unstaking of the CAKE-LP tokens must be done from LP farm, then you can add PANTHER-LP tokens one by one. 
How to stake PANTHER-LP tokens in new farms?
No deposit fee is required for staking in new farms after PANTHER-LP is received.
Source: PantherSwap
Yes, now it is time for you to check out who brings out the quick solution of deploying PantherSwap like DeFi-based project into marketplace.

Launch - PantherSwap, Explosive DeFi Project On Binance Smart Chain

PantherSwap is a new era on BSC network, is the first automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM exchange perfectly running on BSC. It creates a huge revolution in the DeFi projects existing in the marketplace.

Launching PantherSwap is not a huge deal, if you get a consultation from the experts in DeFi development company. Get the PantherSwap exchange development solutions, token development services, dapps & smart contract services, and much more on the way to get started.

Why Choose Sellbitbuy For PantherSwap Clone Script Development?

Sellbitbuy - A world-class Cryptocurrency exchange development company, offers a quick solution for the ones who aims to start PantherSwap like DeFi project. By closely monitoring the current demandable DeFi project's, our team of experts meets this challenge in developing an advanced super operating PantherSwap Clone Script. 
Admin dashboard facilities, stunning UI interface, UX designs, inclusion of previously available features of PantherSwap clone script, advanced features of it, AMM liquidity provisions, PANTHER tokens, smart contract services & much more services are provided for you. Apart from the above, we can support you in starting any type  of Crypto & DeFi projects. Time is running, build  your PantherSwap like DeFi platform with the support of  our experts!
Consult Our Team!

Disclaimer: Sellbitbuy never promotes any third party products or services, and we are not having any control over the brand "PantherSwap". We use the term "PantherSwap" for easy understanding, and we don't have any tie ups with the mentioned brand. Our solutions are complete white label solutions, based on the requirements it can be customized or altered.

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