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How to Launch A P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange like Localcryptos?
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How to Launch A P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange like Localcryptos?

How to Launch A P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange like Localcryptos?

Localcryptos Clone Script

Localcryptos Clone Script is a crypto exchange script which is enriched with pure source code ultimately developed with the goal of building a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange platform like Localcryptos. Our Localcryptos clone script passes several levels of testing and prone to bugs which let's to swapping of ether and fiat currencies in a purely encrypted format.
Localcryptos clone script is a replica of Localcryptos exchange having all the inbuilt and added features of the Localcryptos. SellBitBuy's Localcryptos clone script lets you to launch a gentle and smooth functioning crypto trading platform like Localcryptos in a competitive crypto market industry. So we help entrepreneurs to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Localcryptos.

Localcryptos Clone Software

Localcryptos Clone Software comes with a variety of features like P2P, basic and advanced trading options powered with smart contracts which let's traders to trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin & more. Our Localcryptos clone software offers several add-on features that can be added to your Localcryptos hence satisfying client's business demands & needs.
Crypto enthusiasts can make use of our Localcryptos clone software if they wish to start a non-custodial crypto exchange platform. It helps business freaks to start their own cryptocurrency exchange like Localcryptos with our Localcryptos clone software instantly.

Localcryptos Clone App development

Our Localcryptos clone app is 100% secure, reliable and offers potential trading experience in a P2P crypto exchange platform like Localcryptos. We are obliged to build a Localcryptos clone app for multiple devices like Android, iOS, windows by keeping the worldwide traders in concern. It lets the traders to effectively utilize portable devices like mobile in any remote location.


Exclusive Features Of Our Localcryptos Clone Script

  • Supports 40+ payment options
  • Keeps middleman out
  • Non-custodial platform
  • End-to-end encrypted messaging options
  • Blockchain-powered escrow services
  • Operates globally
  • Low transaction fees


Security Features Of Localcryptos Clone Script

Smart contracts

Smart contract enriches your localcryptos exchange by the self-executing process. The code controls the execution, and transactions are trackable and irreversible.

Escrow Security

Enables to offer extreme security while crypto transactions are processed and keep the hackers out of making vulnerabilities.

Data encryption

Data breaches are avoided if the transaction messages are encrypted completely. It allows to secure of critical assets and records.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to the authentication process by making it difficult for hackers to attack the trading website.

Multi-signature wallet

Multiple keys can be used to authorize transactions so handle the transaction much effectively even if there is a single point of failure.

How does LocalCryptos's Non-Custodial Platform Work?

Localcrypto exchange functions by the below 4 step by step procedure. Let's have a look at it.

Create an account & signup

Traders can quickly start trading Localcryptos by registering with an Ethereum wallet. One of the advantages in signup process is that the users do not require a password instead Ethereum wallet can be used.

Buying and Selling Options

Bidding of cryptos taking place for both buying and selling of cryptos

Process an open trading option

Trade is opened with the user which lets the traders to choose the price of buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.

Make an exchange

Once the seller is ready to make an exchange and once after cryptos are sent to the escrow account the deal to make an exchange is closed.  Once the seller confirms the payment then the respective cryptocurrencies are released by the seller to the buyer.

Overview of Localcryptos Exchange Platform

Localcryptos exchange - Most famous Australian crypto exchange platform operated by LocalEthereum Ptv Ltd. LocalCryptos is a global peer-to-peer marketplace that holds 100,000 users for buy and sells cryptocurrencies. This exchange platform permits to escrow cryptos safely without taking control of it.
Localcryptos name is new to the crypto marketplace but it is initially named after the famous "LocalEthereum".  This Localcryptos end-to-end messaging system works a self-executing custodial wallet in a decentralized escrow system.

How to launch a P2P Marketplace like Localcryptos?

You are not far away to launch an exchange platform similar to Localcryptos. Our team of developers at Sellbitbuy is blissful & obliged to deliver our pre-developed bug-prone Localcryptos clone script for entrepreneurs to thinks of starting a crypto trading platform exactly like Localcryptos. 

Why to opt for Sellbitbuy for Localcryptos Clone Script development?

Sellbitbuy - Top class cryptocurrency exchange development company supports entrepreneurs to start their most prominent Localcryptos like exchange by encompassing different solutions while developing a Localcryptos clone script. Developers take a lead role in taking up individual projects by keeping the client's requirements in mind which makes it possible for you to start your Localcryptos like exchange within a limited point in time. 

Apart from developing a Localcryptos clone script, we offer bug-free cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts like

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