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Localbitcoins Escrow Script- To Start The P2P Escrow Bitcoin Exchange Business Like Localbitcoins.
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Localbitcoins Escrow Script- To Start The P2P Escrow Bitcoin Exchange Business Like Localbitcoins.

Localbitcoins Escrow Script- To Start The P2P Escrow Bitcoin Exchange Business Like Localbitcoins.

In day to day life, we have often heard about localbitcoins escrow script is the next trending business in the worldwide. If you are a businessman in any professional field or new entrepreneur you have a question like what is local bitcoins escrow script? Why localbitcoins clone script going to be the next trending business?.

Just wait a moment we are here to explain all over a question in your mind.

First of all, I wish you all have a happy day we are the Sellbitbuy leding cryptocurrency exchange development company presented here to conferring you ready to market localbitcoins escrow website software with multiple features.

You can also become a successful entrepreneur who needs to know some business tactics.

localbitcoins-fasted and secure bitcoin exchange

The localbitcoins is founded in 2012 based in Helsinki, Finland. It is peer to peer, service model where a local trader can buy and sell their bitcoins. The platform also provides an escrow service that is used to ensure the correctness of every transaction made by the trader.

An overview of escrow in localbitcoins

We know that bitcoin is the inevitable payment method in today's modern world. When the product is necessary for the people it will increase the product demand and price. The demand got highs their will a lot of competitors to sell the same product for a high or low price.

When the seller buys a bitcoin from the unknown buyer in online/offline mode. At any situation, any one person can become scammer at any time.

example: The seller can receive the payment and he/she not send the bitcoin to the buyer wallet. So, if you are the buyer at the situation you can contact the seller through checking his/her profile page any mail id, a phone number is available or simple you can contact the website admin through online chat, email.

In localbitcoins, you can contact escrow through a single click in the dispute resolution button.

Dispute resolution or tickets Disputes/Tickets can be opened by the buyer in exchange if the seller does not release Bitcoins. The escrow will solve the problem between two parties in the exchange.

The will be feedback option helps admins or escrow to monitor the user experience independently.

Localbitcoins revenue model

When your trade completed making ads in localbitcoins you must charge 1% of commission fees.

When you transfer the bitcoin from another exchange wallet it carries another amount of fees.

You can also set any revenue model for your Bitcoin exchange business.

What reason we are telling you to buy our localbitcoins escrow clone script?

Again, I want to tell you localbitcoins show their brand visibility to the audiences for more than eight years. They have operated in 248 countries and 13774 cities. If you can start your new bitcoin exchange business with branded one purchasing our localbitcoins clone script now.

Features of our localbitcoins clone script

White label solution

This is one massive solution gifted to you with leap price. You can customized own bitcoin exchange logo and set your own theme, adjust your navigation button for the bitcoin exchange website.

Monetization opportunities for escrow

The escrow can take commission fees through buyer and seller making ads

Another option, Get the profit from banner ads once your website got famous from the target audiences. You can get the banner ads from another website you can earn more profit.

The features completely depend on your requirements. If you need any innovative features our developer team is ready to build it.

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