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IDO Development Company | Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Development Services
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IDO Development Company | Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Development Services

IDO Development Company | Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Development Services

Initial DEX Offering (IDO), is a type of token asset, explicitly developed for the purpose of, launching an asset on top of decentralized exchange (DEX). 
IDO is the simple solution to raise funds for creating popularity in cryptocurrency, by opting to token development solutions in the simplest way. IDO will be a right move for starting your startup business at a budget-friendly price.
Sellbitbuy - One of the best token development company expertise is obliged to create a new profound way to boost IDO platform expansion across the global market. We embrace a decentralized fundraising paradigm with our innovative & creative approach initiated by our developers. 

Initial DEX Offering Services

With IDO development services & solutions, an IDO token is launched on a DEX platform. IDO token creation can be of any form, like cryptocurrency, video, or it could be of a music album, etc. 
To expand this service in a huge scale, IDO solutions are offered globally to create a change in the business sector.

What is an IDO?

IDO popularly called as initial DEX offering is a fundraising liquidity platform where an IDO issuer offers IDO coins that enable traders to trade multiple tokens from liquidity pools. In IDO two popular coins are utilized to the full potential. (i.e) stable coins & the crypto assets. 
In IDO market conditions only decides which coins/ pairs to be exchanged when the token has less volatility. Uniswap, Bancor, or Binance are some of the common DEX’s who initiates the issuance of IDO coins for an IDO platform. 

Benefits Of Developing An IDO

Liquidity matters the most in every decentralized exchange. Without creating a price slippage a liquidity is constantly maintained, for all price levels. 
Quick Trade
Ever since the project is launched, a token price tends to increase constantly. The price Value of the token depends on the first investor who buys a token. It is better to trade quickly if a trader wants to sell their tokens for the best price.
Low Fees
A gas fee is extremely low when a token uses a liquidity exchange to exchange a token. 
Secure Fundraising
Funds are processed in a secured way, where an IDO enables instantaneous token generation as well as liquidity for successful completion of a transaction.


Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) are the new Initial Coin Offerings, but there is quite few difference that can be picked from each other.
IDO & ICO is more or less common with each other but there are some notable element that makes both of them distinct from one other. 
A big difference that lies between them is the amount of funds raised varies, In both IDO & ICO, no need to pay fees directly to the middleman, the major difference lies in the hands of IDO & ICO issuer. Their marketing strategies of the token varies endlessly, from creating a smart contract till selling those tokens.  

Top IDO Launchpads

Some of the best crypto launchpads of 2021
  • Lemonade
  • Polkastarter
  • Thorstarter
  • SuperStarter
  • TRONPad

Top 5 IDO Projects To Watch In 2021

Wilder World ($WILD)
Frank wilder started a community-owned decentralized NFT platform & a social platform, that enables multi-leveled, photorealistic, and mixed reality worlds.
SteakBank ($SBF)
It is a popular multi-asset staking platform that participates in validating a respective chain & unlocks a value of the token at the same time. 
Spherium ($SPH)
Spherium is launched to offer a convenient solution to carry out financial borderless transactions within a circular economy.
ArGo ($ARGO)
ArGo provides a secure, decentralized, & permanent deployment of web dApps to safeguard the integrity of the internet.
PERI Finance ($PERI)
PERI’s goal is to build a decentralized cross-chain synthetic insurance & a DEX protocol, to offer unlimited liquidity on a Polkadot network. 
Source: News BTC

Initial DEX offering list

IDO watch list to look out for crowd sales in 2021
  • BlockSwap Network
  • MakiSwap
  • TeraBlock
  • Don-Key

IDO Platforms List

We have collected, top 10 IDO platform list,
  • OpenSwap
  • MadHouseToken
  • totheMoon.ART
  • NIFTSY  
  • Zinari
  • FineBit
  • MELD
  • Alium Swap
  • Decubate

How to launch IDO?

Many elegant approaches can be followed for launching an IDO, as per the Binance DEX survey, for obtaining an IDO crypto-insurance, just a token issuer can organize it on their own. Two strategies can be followed, one is, it can be carried perfectly by sticking on to the offline method and the next one is nothing but carrying out transactions via online through blockchain. 
Checkout the dropped listed and ensure whether these steps are processed,
Form a Strategy
Create an overall plan, and then finalize the token that you wish to offer to a DEX platform. 
Draft Your White Paper
Share your ideas with the investors by explaining the concepts to them. 
Run Your IDO
The next, step is to straightaway launch your IDO token. By doing so, you can raise your funds afterwards.
Increase Your Token Value
Offer utility services for increasing the value of your token at the final stage. 
Create Governance Tokens & Distribute
Pay attention in creating a governance token & reward them to your users. 
Begin Serving
Enhance the value of your token by offering advanced services with newly launched features embedded in it. 
Source: Accubits

Future Of IDOs 

IDOs have a great welcome in the future, these fundraising crypto projects, raise money through IDOs crowdfunding platforms. One thing to be paid attention is to check on its scalability. 
Increase interest is created, in building this fundraising IDO’s as it operates in a decentralized fashion. More IDOs will be introduced in the upcoming days that says a huge scope lies in the future. Comprehensive IDO solutions are available to deliver a great business outcome, who wishes to start a IDO platform of their own. Let’s see how...

IDO Development Company - Sellbitbuy

IDO let’s the young entrepreneurs to capitalize on profits by building IDO platforms for raising funds in this crypto industry. Nevertheless, if you are new to this sector, end-to-end solutions for token creation and cryptocurrency exchange development services is offered to launch your new IDO platform. 
Enterprises/ startup, can start your new journey by developing a new fundraising IDO platform with the guidance of the experts.
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