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Eggies World Clone Script - To Launch A TRON Blockchain-based Online Game Like Eggies World
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Eggies World Clone Script - To Launch A TRON Blockchain-based Online Game Like Eggies World

Eggies World Clone Script - To Launch A TRON Blockchain-based Online Game Like Eggies World

Eggies World Clone Script

Eggies World Clone Script is a ready to launch TRON blockchain-based gaming script to build an online game similar to Eggies World. It allows players to hatch eggs for earning a reward in this online blockchain gaming platform. Demand builds constantly on launching this powerful TRON blockchain based Eggies World gaming platform. 

Sellbitbuy - Top most Blockchain game development company provides world class Blockchain Game Development Solutions to create an advanced gaming platform by offering a realistic gaming experience.  Check out our top class Eggies World Clone Script features in order to launch a blockchain game similar to Eggies World.

Features Of Eggies World Clone Script


Pro-activity base let’s a player to stay alive in the game. It allows a monster to stay alive for 7 days even without paying attention. 


Multi login methods are available for accessing Eggies.World, also a player can login into the Eggies world by using their wallets. 

EXP Rank

Monster receives an EXP rank and it can be earned by feeding, fighting, & so on.


Visable eggs are earned after this game is played with one or more EGG tokens. The EGG displays stats like health, power, speed, happiness, loyalty, luck for representing the strength of a monster.

The Monster

Once after an EGG is hatched a monster appears by allowing functions like feeding & play.

Attacks / fight

A monster is attacked by a set of series attacks, with the support of EGGPower a player can unlock a monster. 


It is a gaming token in Eggies World that can be utilized to buy items in the store. 

Professor Eggies Hideout

It is a store, where a player can buy items in the store like feed, protect, poison, and personalize a monster in the game. 


Environments shows special effects on the stats of the EGG / monster & a player has full control of the environment that let’s them to switch easily. 


A simplified chat function is available that allows to communicate between the players. 

What Is Eggies World?

Eggies World is a popular online game launched on top of the TRON blockchain. In Eggies World, every player has a huge opportunity to earn TRX tokens as a token of reward by owning a unique monster. Egg needs to be hatched in order to become a live monster.

Let’s have a deeper look about eggies world!

How Eggies World Works?

Eggies world gaming concept is an interesting topic to explore. In Eggies World, a gaming platform the players need to pay a huge amount of attention for turning an EGG into a monster. It takes 1 to 2 weeks for an EGG to hatch. Once an EGG is hatched into a monster, the player has to feed the monster inorder to keep it alive. 

Monsters in the Eggies World are fed with the TRX tokens, & based on the token that you feed it shows a different impact on your monster. Your monster can get easily hurt by the other players but it never dies even after hurting it. Only solution to kill your monster is to stop feeding it. 

After it dies, the DNA qualities can be brought back by paying a fee of about 100 TRX. 

Types Of EGG

Categories of the EGG are segregated into 4 different categories, & they are.

Regular EGG

Regular egg consists of 1 EGG token and holds a supply of 100,000 tokens. It can be refunded by paying 1000 TRX.


Lab EGG holds a count of 9 EGG lab tokens. Refundable options aren't available for 1000 TRX.


Partner EGG

Partner EGGs are available through the partners and supplies 5 partner EGG tokens. Per partner burns 1000 EGG tokens, and partner EGG tokens aren't refundable for 1000 TRX.  

Seed EGG

1 Seed Egg token is available and it is distributed only for a limited supply. Only 100 tokens in Seed Egg can be supplied. 

How To Launch a Blockchain-Based Game Like Eggies World?

Mass adoption is the secret behind the evolution of the Eggies world gaming platform. Ever since the launch of Eggies World, it has found a great adoption among the blockchain freaks. If you are one among those who aims to deliver an instant launch of Eggies World gaming platform, then it is better to approach a blockchain game development company. 

Sellbitbuy - #1 professional blockchain game development company, assists individuals to build a well optimized blockchain gaming platform exactly like Eggies World. Top secured gaming platforms like Eggies World are built with top-notch features & functionalities for meeting the requirements and business needs of an individual. 

Why Sellbitbuy?

As a popular blockchain game development and cryptocurrency exchange development company, Sellbitbuy offers classy online game development.solutions to instantly launch Eggies World like online gaming platform. Our team pays a huge attention in satisfying customer demands & requirements. We have a team of experts, who has a deep knowledge in building blockchain games elegantly.

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