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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bitcoin Exchange Like LocalBitcoins ?
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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bitcoin Exchange Like LocalBitcoins ?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bitcoin Exchange Like LocalBitcoins ?

To start a peer to peer bitcoin exchange platform like localbitcoins you need an exclusive localbitcoins clone script with customized trading features, API mechanisms, and Different Payment methods the cost must be varied according to the many cryptocurrency exchange clone script development companies.

We at sellbitbuy provide a premium local bitcoin clone script with ingenious features at your affordable budget.

Why did entrepreneurs want to build an exchange like localbitcoins?

Localbitcoins is a bitcoin exchange platform having an online and offline trading method with escrow concept. That is why all entrepreneurs want to create a high-quality cryptocurrency trading app and website like localbitcoins it is an amazing idea too.

The Cost of the Clone Script might seem affluent according to your capital requirements but kindly remember this business will make you one of the top richest men.

List out the options to get the bitcoin in Localbitcoins.

1. You can buy the bitcoin through an online platform in the localbitcoins website via highly secured through Escrow featured integrated wallet.

2. You can buy the bitcoin through fiat money in payment options such as Bank transfer, Paypal and some other gateways.

3. You can directly meet buyers and get bitcoin in your place with local country currencies since this exchange has an offline platform.

Benefits of Starting an Exchange like Localbitcoins

Nowadays, Cryptocurrencies are getting more HYIP above our prediction of minds !.

You can easily create a brand name among your target audience traders.

You can also release your own Crypto coin and tokens. 

You can add the banner of another business model get the extra revenue.

If the is a numerous number of traders in the exchange platform you provide the affiliated program to the group of trader. 

What do you need to pay attention to and how to start a cryptocurrency exchange service like localbitcoins platform.

The is a two ruling module in exchange platform.

User roles :

Users can log in into the exchange/trade the bitcoins through advertisement phase, chat phase and store their bitcoins into the wallet.

Admin role :

The admin controls entire exchange security & settings and user database.

Where to Get LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

Sellbitbuy is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that offers the best Localbitcoins Clone Script with all the default features and security plug-ins. 

Features in our localbitcoins clone script 

Bitcoin & 100+ another Cryptocurrencies support

Dispute Resolution

Secure Escrow Wallet

Two Factor Authentication

Multiple Coin Support

Advertisement on Platform

AML/KYC Verification method

Multi-signature Wallet Development 

Current Live Pricing of Crypto

And more.

Required technology stack to build the application like Localbitcoins :

Client requirement analyze & management – 230 hrs

Framing & networking arrangement – 700 hrs

UI Design & Development Rough working process – 450 hrs

Web application development like localbitcoins –2200 hrs

Customized features according to the country, customer demands – 800 hrs

Script QA testing process– 320 hrs

We need just 15 weeks to deliver the platform like local bitcoin exchange and application from the start date.

Once again I need to remember you that cost always predicted features or requirements of a business.

Ready To Start Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Like LocalBitcoins  See The Free Demo of Localbitcoins Clone Script Here!

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