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Understanding the Business Scope of DeFi
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Understanding the Business Scope of DeFi

Understanding the Business Scope of DeFi

DeFi is uplifting to the crucial nascent chic in Financial Sectors. Cryptocurrencies are attracting immense attention in DeFi as Decentralized Finance which refers to Finance Industry Services by using Smart Contract Auditing Services.

What is DeFi?

"Defi ecosystem is open Financial Services built on the Public Distributed Ledgers"

The Major intent of Defi Ecosystem is rendering control of your own assets through the Decentralized Nodes and Blockchain Community

Why is Defi so Popular?

Decentralized Finance drives for a more widespread way to Decentralized in the Traditional Financial Industry. Open Financial Ecosystem is the main purpose of DeFi. 

The Capital amount locked up in DeFi contracts has risen $2.9 Billion at the beginning of the August month. Which has driven a huge range of rise in the Market Capital Value around 15 billion dollars that are used for DeFi Smart Contract.

DeFi is the recent trend in Blockchain Infrastructure. That why DeFi is more popular in 2021 

Characteristics of DeFi

Defi gives everyone access to Financial Products and Services. Have a look at the characteristics of the Decentralized Finance System.

  • Disintermediated
  • Permissionless
  • Autonomously
  • Transparent
  • 100 % Open Source
  • Dynamic

Let's take a closer look of earn passive Income of owning a Decentralized Finance Ecosystem.

How to Make Money with Defi?

Business Players can make more money by launching the Decentralized Finance based Projects, Protocols. Here are the examples of Defi based platforms with various Services.

1. Uniswap

Protocol: ETH
Uniswap is a Decentralized Exchange Platform- Users can swap ERC 20 tokens from their wallet to another token.

Business owners can make money by starting Uniswap like Decentralized Exchange business amid the crypto space.

2. Compound

Protocol: ETH

Compound is the Decentralized Lending and Borrowing Platform. Which allows its Customers to lend and borrow for interest rates based on the demands.

3. Aave

Protocol: ETH

Aave is a Decentralized P2P lending Platform and it has been the smart contract auditing services with 100 % multi-test System.

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Business Scope of DeFi

Generally, DeFi Platforms are Decentralized Applications with Smart contracts built on the blockchain Networks such as Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger and more. I have listed some of the major concepts of DeFi.

(I) Yield Farming

Yield Farming is a method to make a lot of crypto with your Cryptos. Defi Customers can return on their assets. it offers the chance to earn returns of their investment by giving a Funds in Decentralized Finance Protocols. Farmers can get fees for their lending digital assets.

(II) Liquidity Mining

Which is nothing but the result of Yield farming. begets rewards with cryptocurrency gripping. getting a native token as a rewards bonus excluding the returns.

(III) Money Legos

Get ABIs, Addresses, and Solidity Interfaces to popular Defi protocols Money Legos provides you with the Main Network address, ABIs and solidity interface for DeFi Protocols. Aave, compound, DyDx, DappsSys, UMA are the Supported DeFi Protocols.

(IV) Decentralized Exchange ( DEX )

DEX is a Crypto Exchange whereas DeFi Customers can exchange their digital assets without a middle man. that can use  smart contract Services. Nowadays, DEX is the Trending Topic on the Cryptocurrency Space. 

(V) Lending & Borrowing

Investors and lenders issue a loan or deposit fiat for in interest through a distributed system and a decentralized application. On the other hand, an individual or business borrows money for interest through a decentralized network.

(VI) Crypto Banking

Decentralized Banking system Which allows the No transaction fee for exchanging between both traders. Defi Decrypt Banking act as a Without a middle man, Crypto wallet, Transactional Analysis.

(VII) Staking

DeFi Staking means DeFi Customers can join, use the smart contracts in POS (Proof of Stake) Model also, earn the rewards by holding the cryptos on their wallets.

Extent of Defi Development is limitless. So, Every aspiring Entrepreneurs are moving towards Decentralized Finance amid the cryptocurrency Space.
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