Benefits of Implementing Right Technology Stack For Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Posted On Oct 7, 2020 08:44 PM

As decades moves on, there is a tremendous evolution in any business sectors likewise, there is a drastic growth in the field of cryptocurrency that makes everyone speechless. Individual business players & many crypto enthusiast are making use of this open opportunity for a business growth. New business models & the uncountable number of Cryptocurrency exchange developed now & then, nevertheless proves the growth of this industry is absolutely incredible than we think.Here, is a complete guide that takes you the concept called "Technology stack for your Cryptocurrency exchange" & more.


Table of contents:

  1. How to start your Cryptocurrency exchange platform?

  2. What is cryptocurrency exchange technology stack?

  3. List of technology stack Implemented for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

  4. Unique benefits of implementing technology stack in your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

  5. How to Choose Your Tech Stack 

  6. Technology Stack For Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

  7. Is Technology stack in Cryptocurrency Exchange important?

  8. Why SellBitBuy for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

How to start your Cryptocurrency exchange platform?

It's nothing but a online platform where a large volume of crypto trading is performed in between the buyers & sellers. N number of people can happily do trading in the trading website & make profits. To be precise everyone are fond of cryptocurrencies and wishes to do trade on it that results in stunning user friendly cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance & more. I think you may wish to start your own crypto trading website, isn't it?


Here, comes a solution for it, just purchase a instantly available cryptocurrency exchange script & quickly introduce your cryptocurrency exchange business into the world within 7 days! That looks too simple & a smart idea.


Before getting into technology stack, just give a glimpse about the cryptocurrency exchange script,

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script - Cryptocurrency exchange script is the backbone for each and every cryptocurrency exchange platforms & the functionality of the exchanges depends on how the source code is written into it. Here, the coding should be strong enough that get rid of the malicious and vulnerable attacks. Individuals can make you of the Cryptocurrency exchange script from SellBitBuy & bring your trading platform to the world. Entire technical guidance is offered so it doesn't matter if you don't have a programming knowledge.


What is cryptocurrency exchange technology stack?

Technology stack in cryptocurrency gives a complete technical backend & frontend services to the cryptocurrency exchange platforms. In short the functionality of this technology stack is to offer strong programming with a framework to the trading platforms.


A great combination of language like Java, Node.js, PHP offer a high riched output.

Client side database offer wonderful graphical interference, navigation & glorious looks to the crypto exchanges whereas server side database provides performs actions like data fetching & many more.


List of technology stack Implemented for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Various combinations of technical support is offered from technology stack in cryptocurrency. Below list gives a clear view about the high level programming language used for developing a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, Coinbase, etc,...


First of all understand, there is a huge combination of languages, here not just one high level language is included. It differs from the platform where people views it in a website/ mobile applications.


Website: PHP - Laravel / Codeigniter

MEAN Stack: Mongo DB ,  Angular js , Node js, Express JS

LAMP - Linux Server, Apache, Mysql DB, Php

Technology Stack: Applications


Based on the requirements of the clients there is a slight variation of combinations used for developing a successful ready to deploy cryptocurrency exchanges. Our developers ensure they combination of frameworks for a creating a highly secured websites/platforms.


Supporting various OS like android & iOS is really much essential so our team also gives a strong technical support for it.


Android apps:

Tool: Android Studio 3.1.3 (New Version)

Web Service Format: JSON Format


  1. Back-end database (MySql)
  2. SQLite local database
  3. Room local database(Updated Database)

Language: Kotlin

Design: Material Design

iOS Applications:

Tool - Xcode 9.3 
Web Service – AFNetworking, Swifty JSON, Alamofire
Web Service Format - JSON
Database - Mysql
Design - MVC, MVVM

Language - Swift (4.2)


Unique benefits of implementing technology stack in your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

  1. Gives a better standard code for your business model
  2. Developers will provide a bug free source
  3. No performance issues will be faced
  4. Quick delivery of cryptocurrency exchange projects
  5. Avoids complex problems in terms of compatibility & security of crypto exchanges
  6. Keeps individuals out of stress by engaging a experienced developer to code for cryptocurrency platforms
  7. Experts gives a technology stack for making their projects successful

How to Choose Your Tech Stack

People with non technical knowledge should hire for a tech stack developer, may be there will be a confusion while doing so, just ensure your business requirements are implemented with technical merits. Classify your queries regarding the scalability, security, time to market, development & maintenance cost, then go for it.

Technology Stack For Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

While developing a software there is a need for a technology stack, this case is same in cryptocurrency software development too. Set of tools in technology stack & frameworks enhance the background of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms. A startup business should never ever hesitate to consult a cryptocurrency exchange development company for technical guidance. If you have a tough time in picking a tech stack then continue reading this blog till the end.


Is Technology stack in Cryptocurrency Exchange important?

Quite simple, Yes! Unless or otherwise if you have a good experience in programming, you need the help of the external developer. Lack of proper support can result in utter failure of your crypto website/platforms.

Problems you may face,

  • Long time taking process for a beginners tech stack to code.
  • No idea to updates in project deployment.

If you are looking forward for a technology stack to build your own cryptocurrency exchange then, SellBitBuy will be a perfect choice. Reasons for choosing us is listed below.


Why SellBitBuy for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

SellBitBuy - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, offer a complete end-to-end technology stack for deploy a good result oriented cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Our service & experience in this field is 5+ years and our qualified professionals are well experienced in launching a realtime cryptocurrency exchanges. You can claim for a Live Demo & start your business from us.

Consult our experts & we are happy to help you by 24/7.


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