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Aftermath Islands Clone Script - To Create Gaming Platform On Tron Blockchain
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Aftermath Islands Clone Script - To Create Gaming Platform On Tron Blockchain

Aftermath Islands Clone Script - To Create Gaming Platform On Tron Blockchain

Aftermath Islands Clone Script

Aftermath Islands Clone Script is the  blockchain-based virtual reality interactive platform launched on TRON blockchain. The Aftermath Islands Clone Script is built to be a strategic roleplaying game. Launch your own community island paradise platform where your users can become your own land baron.

Sellbitbuy, is here to deliver you a launch ready Aftermath Islands Clone Script for entering the blockchain gaming industry. If you are interested in the gaming business then Sellbitbuy is your right choice. 

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What Are Aftermath Islands?

Aftermath Islands is a virtual reality gaming platform based on the assertion of a water-world that had islands that act as the destinations in a global virtual game. To allow the players to experience a wide range of adventures and opportunities, Aftermath is evolved with various exciting themes based on islands, communities, and estates. 

In the virtual world of Aftermath Islands, the users can buy, develop, trade, and sell the Virtual lands (VL), property or asset that includes buildings, crafts, transport, and other items from NFTs.  The users purchase virtual lands, goods, and services in Aftermath Islands using the CREDITS. It is the code name for the currency, fiat and other authorized currencies, coins and tokens used inside the game. 

Gameplay Of Aftermath Islands 

Initially one needs to purchase an island but it is not mandatory . After that the pirates will take the user to the new island and drop them on the beach. Then the owner of the island should clear the land, make paths for settlement, explore the island, find treasures and collect resources. The foremost thing the player should do is to secure shelter, food, and water as they are the basic necessities in the game. To earn money in the game, the player is allowed to select one master profession or hobby or specialization.

Choose Your Role

One needs to choose the role when playing the game. There are a number of roles which will make the gameplay more interesting. Some of the roles are mentioned below,

  1. Island Owners
  2. Land Owners
  3. The Island Hoppers
  4. Pirates

Types Of Islands In Our Aftermath Islands Clone Script

Aftermath Islands Clone Script offers the players a change to acquire their own virtual land. There are three types of islands. Each of them have their own community, land baron, adventurer, creator and farmer. Types of islands are: 

  1. Estate Islands
  2. Community Islands
  3. Theme Islands
  4. Virtual land
  5. Kingdoms

Features Of Our Aftermath Islands Clone Script

There are several user-friendly features intended in our Aftermath Islands Clone Script. They are as follows,

  • Simple scenery and structures 
  • Interactive game
  • Warehouse 
  • Dwelling
  • Destination
  • Transparency
  • Immutability
  • Scalability
  • User-friendly
  • Advanced UI\UX design

Why Choose Sellbitbuy For Aftermath Islands Clone Script Development?

We are Sellbitbuyt the leading cryptocurrency exchange development company where we provide excellent services and we are a team of wonderful developers who explore the technology to another level. 

  • A pool of blockchain experts 
  • Instant clone solutions of popular blockchain gaming solutions
  • Fully Tested & Bug-Free Aftermath Islands Clone Script 
  • Customizable script with advanced trading  plugins
  • Unbeatable Virtual VR 
  • Various Technology Stacks 
  • Agile Methodologies to deliver output on time
  • Uninterruptible Technical support.

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