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White Label Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company
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White Label Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

White Label Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

We are stepped in the wonderful year 2020 Cryptocurrency world you have any idea about how to secure your valuable digital assets in a wallet? Keeping your crypto assets in the exchange platforms is just like keeping your earned money in your hand.

Now, This article goes to explain the importance of a white label multi-crypto wallet.

Let start with What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A crypto wallet is like a software that operates like your bank saving account where are you in the world can easily send, receive or store cryptocurrencies in a wallet without any trouble.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

This is a type of wallet based on platforms, storage devices and access, type of assets to store.

Hardware wallet

The Hardware wallets are used to store the digital coins in hardware devices build specifically for handling private keys and public addresses securely.

Eg: Ledger Nano S, Trezor

Paper wallet

The paper wallet is used some technical cautions for the private key and a public key is printed in the paper like a brochure.

Web wallet 

Web wallets or hot wallets are always connected to the internet and can be accessed via different internet browsers.

The web wallet has two types like hosted wallet and non-hosted wallet

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are used to compactable with both Android and iOS they used private keys, backup & security, development community feedback, etc.

Eg: Mycelium, Coinomi

They are so many wallets that are spread in this Bitcoin techy world.

Now, this is a time to know about White Label Multi Cryptocurrency wallet.

What is a white label multi-crypto wallet?

A white label multi-crypto wallet is used to store any type of cryptocurrency the admin can customize the wallet for more features.

Sellbitbuy is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet development company created a lot of crypto exchange and different types of wallets all over the clients through a 5+ year ago journey.

Our white label multi-cryptocurrency wallet is developed through such features like mnemonic phrases, multi-sign support, QR code scanner, biometric authentication, two-factor authentication, self-explanatory interface, and more.

What are the technology languages are used to create a wallet?

We have a different type of coding team for all types of wallets.

Eg: If clients want to create a mobile wallet for their exchange.


We used Java or Node.js. and libraries are like (Chain-java, BitcoinJ).

Front end 

We used front end Angular or React Native has become very popular recently this enables us to create modern interfaces faster and easier.

Secure Blockchain Tools

Blockchain developers used several tools like Storyboards, JSBridgeWebView while for Android chose Gradle, Apache Commons, and Junit.

Best features of white-label crypto wallet in Sellbitbuy

NFC Based wallets:

NFC or Near Field Communication technology is a set of protocols that can be used to verify communications between two devices. Now, these trends are moving into the crypto wallet worlds that would accelerate the exchange process between the buyers and the sellers. 

Eg: The sender only needs digital coin tap the NFC tag on the wallet and the funds will get transferred to the buyer’s wallet address by automatically fetching the public address.

The customized wallet will Increase the user

Cryptocurrency wallet using people increasing due to the adoptions of crypto. If you have a crypto exchange platform you need a customized white-label multi-crypto wallet like the app, web-based with fully structural features like two-factor authentication, SMS verification, password-protected access, jail login sessions, etc.

Rapid wallet for mobile user

The structure of our white label solution wallet is very user-friendly. We have creatively crafted a self-explanatory user interface design of wallet and single transaction speed o is calculated by the nanoseconds through our special software.

Crypto wallet market stabilization

Mobile crypto wallets have captured a huge share in the crypto market. We place a special digital marketing team to stand tall your mobile wallet in the technology industry.

And more…

If you are planning to build your crypto wallet or exchange for getting a billion-dollar profit in the crypto market.

We can help you through white label crypto wallet development services, so whether you want to build a custom crypto wallet or crypto clone exchange development.

Our cryptocurrency wallet developers provide their experience knowledge to set the foundation of a secure wallet that fulfills your business goals.

Just spend a few minutes to know more information about crypto wallet Talk to Our Experts.

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