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JuggerSWAP - Non-Stoppable DeFi Staking Protocol brings DeFi With NFT
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JuggerSWAP -  Non-Stoppable DeFi Staking Protocol brings DeFi With NFT

JuggerSWAP - Non-Stoppable DeFi Staking Protocol brings DeFi With NFT

What is JuggerSWAP?

JuggerSWAP is a DeFi staking protocol proudly launched on the Binance Smart Chain. In JuggerSWAP it performs dual action like DeFi staking & plays a major role in the NFT Marketplace. It has the potential to list many different varieties of assets. 
JuggerSWAP is the first-ever staking protocol that combines both Decentralized finance and as well as provides a huge gateway to discover new rare collectibles in NFTs. On a whole, if a user chooses JuggerSWAP for trading then he/she can mint synthetic assets, trade NFTs and can perform actions like staking & locking. 

Features Of JuggerSWAP

Farming in DeFi allows users to earn rewards for user's holdings. In JuggerSWAP a unique reward is granted to the users with high APYs for staking JGN or BEP20 tokens. 
Popular BSC tokens like native BEP-20 tokens and Binance-pegged ones are exchangeable directly. It is done via adding liquidity to the pools, receive fees from it, and then stake your LP tokens.
NFT Staking
NFT staking lets users to earn unbelievable rewards by staking new NFT collectibles for making JuggerSWAP more interesting.
LP Staking
For making extra rewards LP staking can be performed from your liquidity pools.

Binance Smart Chain New Launch - JuggerSWAP

Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is a king of blockchain networks. As this rapidly growing blockchain protocol is faster and cost-effective among several blockchain networks, many new DeFi projects are still developing to deploy a successful DeFi protocol. 
JuggerSWAP is one among them, it provides transactions for unique real-world assets within a blockchain network say BSC. Moreover JuggerSWAP, brings NFT to DeFi, now let us explore how it is done. Okay!


JuggerSWAP - Unstoppable In DeFi Market

At present Binance academy focus on the talk topic of the town "NFTs". NFTs are real-world physical tokens like music, art, games & many more rare collectibles. As this unique set of assets, "NFT" are not quickly interchangeable, JuggerSWAP brings in collaboration with DeFi to make the work more easier.
NFT are standardized to deliver huge interoperability that allows easier transfers between applications. As volumes are higher in terms of transactions, verifying the data and ownership is essential to gain trust. So JuggerSWAP stores the data of the non-fungible token owners to offer trustful transactions in NFT. 
This is how DeFi infrastructure is built for combining DeFi with NFT. 

Juggernaut (JGN) DeFi - Explained In Detail

The main goal of Juggernaut is to provide a simple and ease to access both NFTs and DeFi's products. Juggernaut is launched for the purpose of improving the exposure of this platform among blockchain users. 
This project Juggernaut has allocated a more significant part of its development to customize usage directly among users and holders. Thereby it encourages greater liquidity through its reward pools & provides adoption that empowers users with complete decentralized governance.

Key Features In Juggernaut

  • Defi synthetic suites
  • JuggerSWAP
  • NFT ecosystem and marketplace
  • Governance

What is Juggernaut DEX?

Juggernaut DEX stands for AMM-based decentralized exchange that provides farming opportunities with liquidity pool staking, swapping, and grants token exchange features like JGN, CAKE, BAKE, or BUSD, alongside new & innovative NFT mining components.

Why Juggernaut Is Predicted To Become King Of BSC?

Juggernaut steps into both NFT and DeFi by bridging the gap between both of them. It creates a complete customized DeFi suite, NFT ecosystem and it's governance. Many new use cases are introduced in JGN for allowing asset tokenization. 
Apart from it, Juggernaut is so special because it focuses on the non-commodity synthetics market rather than synthetic asset protocol like spartan protocol. 
By using this unstoppable platform an endless trade can be performed with a full potential.

How To Launch JuggerSWAP Like BSC-Based DeFi Staking Protocol?

Hurray business freaks have a great solution to build your own JuggerSWAP like DeFi staking protocol. All you need to follow is, the guidelines given below.
  1. Approach a DeFi Development Company to get a replica of the source code to start your own DeFi protocol like JuggerSWAP.
  2. By the way, you will be enriched with the complete package of the code to launch your own DeFi project across nationwide.
  3. Entire trading, staking, lottery pools, rewarding & all features can be inherited.
  4. Make use of this opportunity and deploy your own DeFi staking protocol just like JuggerSWAP.
  5. Customizations are also possible for meeting your own demands/needs.
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