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What Are Deflationary Tokens and How It Can Impact Crypto Industry?
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What Are Deflationary Tokens and How It Can Impact Crypto Industry?

What Are Deflationary Tokens and How It Can Impact Crypto Industry?


Howdy, let's together explore the most researched topic called “Deflationary Token”. Okay! Before pushing us into this concept, it is fair to have a glimpse about “Tokens” in short.


Let’s begin,


Crypto tokens are the most talked topic of the town, many cryptocurrencies are in circulation and experts finds cryptos are of a great business in our digitalized world. So, people started taking tokens more into consideration. Digging further about tokens it is broadly subdivided into two categories.


  1. Deflation Tokens
  2. Inflation Tokens

What is deflationary tokens?


Deflationary tokens is a type of crypto token whose value tends to decrease gradually after a certain point in time is called as deflationary tokens. Buyback and burn and Burn on a transaction are the two strategies, that keep on restricting the market from getting prevented from over-flooding.
It's main goal is to create offer a deflationary token that slows down the process of flooding, caused by millions of tokens circulating in the crypto market cap. 

Deflationary Vs Inflationary

There are great variations between the inflationary token models and the deflationary token models. The major difference lies between, is the number of tokens that is planned to create on an year for an average. 
Experts also relate this inflationary tokens with our normal fiat currencies. It is a regulated timed inflationary model where the tokens are circulated for a certain period of time. 
Deflationary token model it is exactly opposite to the case of inflationary token model. The token is completely removed from the market after a point of time. Removing tokens from the crypto market is too simple, than you think, just token burning and buy-back tokens are the simple way of removing tokens from our crypto market.

Why Deflationary Token Model Is So Special?

Scenario between the huge hype created inbetween the crypto freaks is actually quite noticeable and vibrant. Deflationary tokens is currently transforming the crypto world as the world of traditional finance is replacing with decentralized finance (DeFi). 
Rise of many DeFi projects, is the secret reason behind uncountable number of tokens circulating in our crypto industry. In addition to that, the deflationary tokens price value constantly increases above the average than an expected level. 
One of the addictive reasons that makes deflationary tokens to get more and more popular is nothing but the value of the token. If the price value of the token goes down below the average, then there is great chance of its value to get triggered in the upcoming days. 

Deflationary Token Burns

Burning of token is widely known by all, orelse atleast the crypto enthusiast might be aware of it. After a certain point of time, a created token can be burned by following two different strategies. 
  • Buy-back and burn
  • Burn on transaction
Buy-back and burn
Buy-back and burn token strategies is one of the effective method that reduces the count of the tokens by destroying it. Burning of tokens is processed by a company or entity by taking a initiative. 
A company participates in buy-back of token process by initially sending it to the dead address and later once if the sent tokens becomes inaccessible, it is finally burnt. 
By doing so the circulating tokens are destroyed but still it keeps the value of tokens driving even if the demand is reduced. A system who takes the initiative for dividing the token shares pays a keen attention in splitting up the share to very shareholders in a reasonable way. 
Burn on transaction
Burn on transaction is usually processed based on the pre-defined contract integrated into this deflationary token model. When a on-chain transaction is processed a particular percentage of fees is paid for each and every percentage of the token is burned. 
Burning of the tokens usually functions with this underlying principle (i.e) based on the token volume, trading volume and token supply, & so on..
Burning of turns on transactions is absolutely beneficial by increasing the value of the token, even after it is burned. Consider if a token in circulation is burned and completely removed from circulation, ever after this process you will able to notice that the demand of that particular token never changes or have a great possibility to get increased in the upcoming days.

Deflationary Assets/ Tokens Insights

Deflationary token assets has the capability of reducing the counts of the tokens circulating on the crypto market on a massive scale. There are some key factors that should be explicitly highlighted, in this deflationary token model. Crypto token price, still continues to thrive, in a positive direction even after the token is burned successfully. 
Moving a step ahead, a net deflationary token must be explored perfectly. It reduces more number of tokens by either following buy-back and burn or burn on transaction. Just keep this on your notice, that this net deflationary token is still very scarce in our circulating supply.

Build a New Token Economy With Deflationary Tokens  

21st century, is quite evident to say that the cryptocurrencies have penetrated into our lives in our day to day life. Talking about cryptocurrencies the tokens are the heart of each and every crypto exchange, functioning with a support of blockchains. 
Crypto token values are priceless as it has a ever-green demand in the future. A stakeholder of the token is benefitted absolutely as a profound hike is noticed for a token. Immense popularity is created via this tokenomics model, as tokens has the potential to affect multiple blockchain models in a profound trustworthy and an approachable way. 

Factors That Influences Deflationary Crypto Tokenomics

Allocation and Distribution of Tokens
Once a token is created it should be distributed, isn’t it. The created token is distributed in two ways by either in a pre-mined way or by giving a fair launch of the tokens. Only a fair launch of the token is provided if the crypto token is mined, owned, & governed by a community. Whereas in a pre-mining process, the tokens are minted before it comes to circulation. 
Supply of the Token
A ultimate goal of creating a token is to supply it. Token supply is done in 3 ways, circulating supply, max supply & the total supply. 
Market Capitalization
It lists out the total amount of funds that’s being invested in the crypto market. While calculating the market capitalization value, the fully diluted market cap, theoretical marketcap, and max supply of the token is taken into consideration. 
The Token Model
Type of the token model is absolutely taken into consideration. (ie) Inflationary token model and the deflationary token model. In the inflationary token model, the token does not have max supply, whereas in the deflationary token model, it is exactly opposite to it.

How deflationary token-based ecosystems Uplifts startups?

I hope many startups and individual business freaks are aiming to set their own mark by operating their business of their own. Hope blockchains and their services like deflationary tokens plays a key role, by managing the challenges faced by the crowd-funding token models. Billions of dollars is driven in this token-based ecosystems, by capturing the capital investment on the economical scale.
It keeps on motivating the entrepreneurs to build their own empire in this field. Even in this tough situation, “Covid-19”, many have started accepting crypto tokens is a great choice for earning as it contributes great on a financial level. One who has a upcoming future plans, in expanding a business can set a foot print in tokenization. 

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