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Sorare Clone Script - To Launch NFT Fantasy Football Gaming Marketplace Like Sorare
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Sorare Clone Script - To Launch NFT Fantasy Football Gaming Marketplace Like Sorare

Sorare Clone Script - To Launch NFT Fantasy Football Gaming Marketplace Like Sorare


Sorare Clone Script

Sorare Clone Script is a fantasy gaming platform of football just like the Sorare, where players buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team with digital player cards. Our Sorare Clone Script uses blockchain technology based on Ethereum.

Sellbitbuy, a leading NFT Development Company, offers the best Sorare Clone Software, that holds all the features and functionalities of the universal fantasy football game Sorare. 

As a prominent NFT Gaming Platform Development Company helps entrepreneurs and startups to launch their very own NFT based games platform into the market.

Sorare Clone Script Features

These features of our Sorare Clone Script can be classified into user features and admin features. They are listed below,

Sorare Clone Script - User Features

  • Build & manage your Squad
  • Earn Weekly Prizes
  • Advanced Graphics
  • Clear Cut Transparency and trust worthy
  • Secured internal payment methods to make betting simple
  • Players have no operational risks
  • Realistic and sensible feeling while playing
  • Collect digital cards and trade
  • Link user interface and leaderboard

Sorare Clone Script - Admin Features

  • User Management
  • Realistic Analytics and Statistics
  • CMS & CRM
  • Referral Program & Ads Management
  • Instructions for fata feeding
  • Dashboards based on roles
  • Payments & Transaction Management

Benefits Of Sorare Clone Script

  1. The usage of NFTs brings the real use of fantasy sports games.
  2. Running on Ethereum allows this platform to operate globally.
  3. No user identity verification process.
  4. Rather than Ads, a variety of revenue models are available.
  5. Ready to launch and a highly customizable platform.
  6. Multi-lingual support
  7. Multiple device support.

Sorare - Overview

Sorare is an online fantasy soccer game incorporating crypto. Just like the formal fantasy sports gaming platforms, sorare is also about building your team each week using professional popular players. The game is to beat the other users in the particular league by acquiring the most points each week. Sorare brings soccer, fantasy sports games, sports collectibles, and crypto NFTs together and make the people more excited. 

Sorare operates on the Ethereum blockchain network for the security of the ownership and distribution of cards. The supply of the cards is minimal. So that they cannot be altered, duplicated, or deleted. This is because the player card is represented as a non-fungible token and ERC-721 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Develop an NFT Fantasy Football Game like Sorare

With the viral spread of the NFTs and the wide acceptance of the fantasy sports gaming platforms, people around the globe have started looking for alternative platforms that work similar to Sorare. One who needs to start a nft fantasy sports gaming platform like Sorare, can choose can 

  1. Build the platform right from the scratch
  2. Buy a Sorare Clone Script 

White Label Sorare Clone Script

White Label Sorare Clone Script helps entrepreneurs who want to launch their nft fantasy gaming platform in a short span. We offer White Label Sorare Clone Script with all necessary features inbuilt. We also customize the software if required.

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