Solving liquidity problems that Bitcoin exchanges are facing – Here is the solution

Posted On Jan 26, 2018 04:08 PM

Bitcoin Exchange market seems to increase since early 2017. Whenever the marketplace grows, there are still some drawbacks existed at the core. Bitcoin exchange business has been facing challenges like giving trade liquidity to the users at the initial stage. Many bitcoin exchanges are still not providing trade liquidity for their users.

This is the biggest mistake that companies are doing by not knowingly. So, It’s better to start a bitcoin exchange business with trade liquidity.

Integrate exchange liquidity API from other exchanges:

As a startup, the Bitcoin exchange will don’t have the transaction data. Hence, the problem here is the users have no idea of what’s going there and less chance to do exchange or trade.

To avoid this problem, integrate the liquidity data(i.e. transaction data) from popular bitcoin exchanges and implement in your exchange. It will give clear visibility and trusted signal about your exchange. This is done by the Liquidity API integration. We gave this solution for many startups and they had improved their revenue double.

Import sophisticated technology in your exchange:

The global Bitcoin exchanges are using modern technical aspects to engage their users on the platform. They offer mobile applications for exchange and trading. Importantly, users can see the trade or exchange liquidity from their mobile application easily.

Mobile apps are advanced technology to increase your user base and revenue. You can also make your own Bitcoin wallet service on your exchange platform and be standalone. In fact, the providers like coinjoker are helping startups providing bitcoin exchange script, software including liquidity solutions. 

Here in Sellbitbuy, we have solutions for your liquidity problems as well as other exchange issues and have the advanced technology to make your Bitcoin exchange business success.

Reach us for the free demo version, we give you all types of Bitcoin exchange services!


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