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SafeEarth Clone Script - Launch A Blockchain Based Liquidity Generating Protocol
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SafeEarth Clone Script - Launch A Blockchain Based Liquidity Generating Protocol

SafeEarth Clone Script - Launch A Blockchain Based Liquidity Generating Protocol

SafeEarth Clone Script

The SafeEarth Clone Script is an automated liquidity and leveraging yield code that creates money for its holders just by holding the protocol's native token. SafeEarth Clone Script is an Ethereum-based charity fundraising mechanism that allows users to earn a passive income by holding the platform's Token.

How Safe Earth works?

Giving to charities on a regular basis is never easy. The first step is to choose a charity to which a financial contribution will be made. The Safe Earth community can weigh in on these decisions and vote for the cause that they believe is most worthy. Voting is conducted on Twitter and Telegram, among other social media platforms.

Safe Earth can continue to fund environmental projects thanks to the transaction fee embedded into the system. The following is how the 4% transaction tax is distributed:

  • As a donation fund, 1% of the proceeds go to the initiatives.
  • 1% goes to holders, who continue to earn more SAFE EARTH with each transaction.
  • Forever, 1% of the market is stuck in liquidity trading.
  • A marketing budget of one percent is allocated to Safe Earth's general outreach.

The native token of SafeEarth is deflationary, which means that as time passes, there will be fewer SafeEarth. During the token launch, the team burnt 40% of the total supply. The 1 percent allocated to token holders will be distributed to that unspendable address, thereby reducing the total supply. The developers purposely chose not to set a limit on the number of tokens that can be burned.

Safe Earth's main goal is to raise money and develop a strong and supportive community. Repairing the planet's ecological harm will take a massive amount of effort. The Earth Fund, a charity network, has partnered with Safe Earth to assist deliver the money to the nonprofits that need it the most.

Features of SafeEarth Clone Script 

  1. Safe and increased security 
  2. Rapid burned off tokens
  3. 1% Share to all holders
  4. Hacken Audit passed 
  5. Community operated guidelines 
  6. Anti-inflation Token 
  7. Auto- locked liquidity
  8. Standardized and defined contracts 

Advantages of SafeEarth clone script

SafeEarth Clone Script token is a cryptocurrency that you may buy, hold, and trade to help save the environment. Yield and liquidity creation process that is self-contained. You will receive more if you keep SAFEEARTH in your wallet. The protocol distributes incentives to holders and auto-locks liquidity for the duration of each transaction.

Community driven and Eco friendly

A project that is both environmentally beneficial and community-driven
Our SafeEarth Clone Script community votes on which charity should receive our donations, based on who we believe would benefit our planet the most.

Reward recipients and the environment

The brilliant tokenomics employs the same tax mechanism to reward holders, feed the Earth Fund, pay for marketing, and deflate the token's supply, increasing scarcity and hence value.

Allow the Earth Fund to expand!

In addition to the Earth Fund, our community has agreed to dedicate a 1% tax to SafeEarth's outreach budget in order to raise awareness and attract larger investments.

Benefits of buying SafeEarth Clone Script

  • More than 10 million Total supply 
  • Above 6 thousand Holders
  • 78 unique senders
  • 323 recent uniques
  • More than 50% of Tokens already burned 
  • 50 ETH for the Ocean Cleanup project
  • Increased transfers
  • Up to 300% Annual percentage yield 
  • 256 Unique receivers today

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