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PolkaCity Clone Script - A Finest Solution To Launch Your Metaverse NFT Marketplace
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PolkaCity Clone Script - A Finest Solution To Launch Your Metaverse NFT Marketplace

PolkaCity Clone Script - A Finest Solution To Launch Your Metaverse NFT Marketplace


PolkaCity Clone Script

PolkaCity Clone Script is a quick to launch, instant solution to build a 3D & AR NFT multichain marketplace just like PolkaCity with a short duration of time. Users of the Polkacity clone NFT marketplace can buy a wide range of NFT assets in this virtual city. It is one of the intellectual ideas for entrepreneurs who would wish to create a polkacity like virtual reality in an effortless way. 

Sellbitbuy - A predominant NFT Development Company focused on creating a virtual NFT ecosystem with supporting features like top class security, flexibility with desired customizations. Our team specializes in creating realtime NFT marketplaces by integrating world class graphics and VR services for the purpose of creating an outstanding NFT marketplace.

Features Of PolkaCity Clone Script

NFT Construction Tools

PolkaCity provides a free construction tool to build your own NFTs on your virtual land. 

25% APY

Payouts are offered for the ones who hold the user's assets. PolkaCity offers a 25% annual percentage yield as a rate of return for the investment made in PolkaCity. 


3D/AR NFT Store 

The Store lets users buy 3D and AR-based NFTs that can be later used in the PolkaCity Metaverse. 


BSC-ETH Bridge

Bridge in PolkaCity allows quick transfer of POLC tokens and cross-chain transfers for exchanging tokens like ETH & BSC.


NFT Treasure Hunt 

It is a battle between NFT users where the gamers must find NFTs from the treasure hunt. 


CertiK Audit 

CertiK audits smart contracts to ensure safety. Once the audit has been completed it guarantees a safety assessment to the PolkaCity NFT marketplace. 

Advantages Of PolkaCity Clone Script

  • Ownership
  • Cross-chain Functionality
  • Enhanced Interoperability
  • Immutable
  • Scarcity
  • Enriched virtual experience
  • Simple and elegant virtual investing experience
  • Ease-to-use

PolkaCity Clone Development

PolkaCity Clone Development is a process of developing a virtual reality platform just like PolkaCity. With our world-class premier PolkaCity Clone Development Solutions any individuals can elegantly start their own NFT Virtual Reality platform like PolkaCity. An impeccable top-secured PolkaCity Clone Script is developed that supports features like NFT store, treasure hunt, & so on. 

We ensure proper testing is done after all phases, once front-end & back-end development is perfectly done. Issues like bugs & future software upgrades are continuously monitored and fixed by our skilled experienced team. 

PolkaCity - Overview

PolkaCity is a virtual reality 3D and VR-based NFT platform that allows quick transfer of virtual assets to the other NFT players. It involves the exchange of real time assets like sports cars, buildings, etc. This VR platform is powered by a POLC token that can be later used for performing gaming transactions. 

It is a virtual world blockchain game that allows ownership for users, by providing a steady source of income for the owners. 


Why prefer Sellbitbuy over PolkaCity Clone Script?

Sellbitbuy - Specializes in creating a NFT marketplace for starting an outstanding virtual reality NFT marketplace like PolkaCity. Our team offers top-class AR//VR services to create an amazing NFT platform like PolkaCity. We support you to create a digital NFT space, by offering end-to-end NFT marketplace development services within a short span. 

We are providing a wide range of NFT marketplace development services on various blockchains. Consult with our experts to know more about our services. 

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