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Paxful 2.0 clone script - Build your new bitcoin exchange website like paxful.
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Paxful 2.0 clone script - Build your new bitcoin exchange website like paxful.

Paxful 2.0 clone script - Build your new bitcoin exchange website like paxful.

In day to day, crypto life brings a lot of excitement to the trader and investor. I was surprised upon hearing the Paxful bitcoin exchange has updated its features and UI into advanced technology known as the Paxful 2.0 bitcoin exchange platform.
What is Paxful 2.0?
Paxful 2.0 is a bitcoin exchange platform where the trader can buy and sell the bitcoin for 300 types of payment options.
Why has it become a great elation to the South African people?
In April 2018, Nigeria and Ghana's second-largest crypto exchange platform are Paxful. The Paxful moves friendly relations with African people and they are easily and quickly connected with digital currency through smartphones.
The Paxful has teamed up with Zamzam water to build a new nursery school for South African children.
Paxful 2.0 partners with airtm
Peer to peer bitcoin marketplace paxful gets started a new day with airtm. Buyers and sellers can withdraw their bitcoin from a paxful bitcoin wallet using Airtm as a payment method.
Airtm works in connecting each peer who wishes to buy and sell bitcoin for dollars or cryptocurrencies, allowing them to deposit and withdraw using over 200 different types of payment methods.
The trader can hold and send AirUSD, Airtm’s dollar-pegged token, or cryptocurrencies through their Airtm wallets.
New affiliated program with Paxful 2.0
The is a two-tier structure program to earn more money. Anyone can easily sign up through the paxful exchange network. You can directly sign up through an affiliated program called Tier 1 and Tier 2 another affiliate that signs up with your Tier 1 affiliates’ links.
In tier 1 the escrow can collect 50% of fees and in tier 2 the escrow can earn 10% fees from traders.
Features in Paxful 2.0
Paxful 2.0 has multiple language support.
Increased customer support - 24 hours X 365 days.
In paxful 2.0 they provided new offers and payment options.
The Paxful 2.0 is mobile responsive user-friendly for South African traders.
Where can you get the paxful 2.0 at an affordable price?
Sellbitbuy is a topmost software company they can provide a paxful 2.0 clone script with highly technology efficient features.
What are the technology features you can expect in our paxful 2.0 clone script?
For the Paxful 2.0 clone script admin
  • The admin can set the multiple languages they can change at any time to attract the trader from their country language.
  • The admin can enable or disable the available Fiat Currencies and update the live bitcoin price according to the crypto market.
  • The admin can approve a trader KYC document automatically. Simple, the tool is integrated into the admin panel so they can check all details of the trader.
  • The admin can add the multiple payments API to the user's convenience.
  • The admin can change the revenue method they can get the revenue through trade fees, affiliated programs, or banner ads.
For Paxful 2.0 clone script for the user
  • In our paxful 2.0 clone script, the bitcoin trader can get a user-friendly and responsive design to the trade at any device.
  • The trader can raise the queries to the admin through the mail or live chat.
  • This will be a unique wallet address for all the traders in the paxful 2.0 clone script.
  • In any critical situation, there will be a dispute resolution button you can ask for any help from the escrow.


Disclaimer : We use the word "Paxful2.0" for the reader's understandable purpose only and not doing any disservice activities for them.
Our intention doesn't want to harm any organization or individual.

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