OKEX clone script-To start the crypto exchange platform like OKEX.
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OKEX clone script-To start the crypto exchange platform like OKEX.
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OKEX clone script-To start the crypto exchange platform like OKEX.

Sellbitbuy is the best clone script provider for any crypto exchange website. Now, In this great day, we establish OKEX clone script to start a crypto exchange business like Okex. 

Our OKEX website clone script is developed with many additional technical features and plug-ins to make you hit your competitors in the marketplace.

What is OKEX Clone Script?

OKEX clone software is exactly like OKEX crypto exchange website that consists of all existing features in OKEX crypto exchange platform. We are the Sellbitbuy extend our hands with best OKEX clone with additional many technology features.

Let us now discuss What is Okex exchange platform? What are the major features pulled the crypto traders in Okex exchange? What are the steps to take to create the crypto exchange like Okex?

What is OKEX exchange platform?

The OKex exchange was born out from branded  OKCoin exchange. Where the cryptocurrency traders can buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens. The OKex exchange allows the standard crypto-to-crypto trading as well as fiat to cryptocurrency trading. 

An overview of OKEX exchange platform

The OKEX exchange founder Star Xu.
The OKEX exchange website launch of the year 2014.
The exchange Headquarters Valletta, Malta.
The OKEX exchange platform originally based in China.
The OKEX exchange service available countries Hong Kong, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Crimea, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, the USA and its territories, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Kyrgyzstan.

What are the major features pulled the crypto traders in Okex exchange?

OKEX exchange C2C

C2C stands for Customer-to-Customer or peer to peer exchange platform which allows users to buy and sell such as Bitcoin or other digital assets.

OKEX exchange spot trading

In spot trading, the trader can trade 100 types of tokens. The is many types of order limited like an advanced limit order, Iceberg order, Triggered order, Trail order, Algo order.

OKEX future contracts 

OKEX futures contract is launched to trade contracts of digital assets such as BTC and LTC. Each contract describes USD100 of BTC, or USD10 of other digital assets (e.g. LTC, ETH, etc.). Investors may open long term account to increase profit from the digital asset's price, or open short to profit from the decline of a digital asset's price. 

Highlights in OKEX exchange 

In OKEX exchange platform they have security response center the trader can report any vulnerability online activities.

In OKEX the trader is verified through the video they must show their password or any government authorize document.

In May 2018, OKex exchange platform became the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by reported their revenue of about $15.6B.

In OKEX exchange platform has two types of fees spot trading and futures trading 

Maker fees: 0.02%-0.15%
Taker fees: 0.05%-0.2%

The OKEX exchange platform offers REST API with user-friendly, and features.

In OKEX exchange has BitTorrent ,Cosmo(Atom),Airbloc(ABL),HitChain(HIT)

In OKEX exchange platform they can list token for the investor. They made some term of the condition while listing the investor token.

What are the steps to take to create the crypto exchange like Okex?

Analyzed the OKEX exchange platform completely.

What are the features you need in OKEX trading clone script list

Analyzed the all other crypto exchange platform whether they have any unique features or plugins.

Selected the correct technology to maintain the security in the OKEX clone script.

Why OKEX crypto exchange clone script from sellbitbuy?

Sellbitbuy- leading crypto exchange clone development company has more than 5+ year of experiences provide the best crypto exchange clone script like localbitcoins, paxful,remitano,binance,poloniex and more

Our OKEX clone comes through the secure admin panel and user-friendly panel.

We give multi-wallet support and multi-language support to reach your crypto exchange business in each corner in the globe

You can easily customized clone script through a white label solution.

You can integrate a multiple payment API.

Don’t waste your time! you can start a crypto exchange like OKEX! Ask For a free demo of our OKEX crypto Trading Clone below.

Talk To Our Experts Get The Okex Clone Script Demo

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Disclaimer : We use the word "OKEX" for the reader's understandable purpose only and not doing any disservice activities for them.
Our intention doesn't want to harm any organization or individuals.

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