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My DeFi Pet Clone Script - To Create A Virtual Pet Raising Game Like My DeFi Pet On BSC Blockchain
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My DeFi Pet Clone Script - To Create A Virtual Pet Raising Game Like My DeFi Pet On BSC Blockchain

My DeFi Pet Clone Script - To Create A Virtual Pet Raising Game Like My DeFi Pet On BSC Blockchain

My DeFi Pet Clone Script

My DeFi Pet Clone Script is a popular digital pet raising game that brings traditional gaming experience collaborating on top of both DeFi & NFT solutions. My DeFi Pet Clone comes along with unique features that lists out the stats of monsters like Color, Shape, Type, Aura, Mutation, Rarity, HP, Mana, ATK, DEF, INT, CRIT, etc. Players in My DeFi Pet can earn it’s official token “DPET tokens”, by completing it’s missions.  

As My DeFiPet Game is popular among gamers, it is featuring as one of the most liked Blockchain games on the Binance Smart Chain network. With My DeFi Pet Clone Script, one can start their own DPET game on BSC. Sellbitbuy - A top Blockchain Development Company helps you to start a plenty of blockchain games on different blockchain networks. Read further and explore!

Features Of My DeFi Pet Clone Script

Collecting Monsters
Pets in the game are referred to as monsters and owning a pet is essential to start this game. One can own/collect a monster in two ways and it can be done via bidding and summon options. 

Breeding Monsters
Creating new pets is done via breeding monster options, once the pet level is above level 10 a user can create their own new pets. Cross-breeding options creates a newborn pet that inherits the features of parents like color, tail, & more.

Evolving Monsters
Inorder for the monsters to evolve a pet cage needs to be built. In a pet cage a monster can be feed to grow. 

Seasons and Events
Lucrative prices can be earned if a user participates in different seasons and events. 

Monsters can participate in the tournaments and earn prizes and rewards. A team can be created for fighting with others in this game. 

Monsters in this game are simply referred to as NFTs. It is rare and distinct from each other and a variety of trading operations can be performed like buy & sell options for making money. 

My DeFi Pet Clone Development

My DeFi Pet Clone Development process is a tedious process in creating a blockchain game similar to My DeFi Pet. It offers a complete package that inherits the features of this virtual pet game by offering engaging gaming activities like collecting, breeding, evolving, battling, and trading. 

With an instant My DeFi Pet Clone one can launch a revenue making blockchain gaming platform on top of the BSC blockchain. Apart from the readymade one a whitelabel customizations are offered to create a customized My DeFi Pet Gaming platform. You can create rivals as you can compete by making millions of downloads by it. 

How My DeFi Pet Game Works?

Now, let’s explore how My DeFi Pet Game works, 

  • First and foremost a wallet creation is the initial step for a transaction to take place securely. 
  • Ensure you have BSC in your wallet. 
  • In the search bar, give the address of your coin for identifying your specific coin in the pool of the coins. 
  • Specify the amount of currency that you wish to add to your wallet.
  • Use the converter to convert it’s value as it is not constant.
  • Finally, swap and move the coin to your wallet.  

Top 3 Characteristics Of My DeFi Pet 

  • My personalization
  • DeFi features integrated
  • Pet raising game

Why Start A My DeFi Pet Game?

My DeFi Pet Game is a decentralized, interoperable blockchain platform that offers traditional gaming experience for gamers across the globe. It holds a record of millions of global downloads and mass-adoption of this blockchain game eventually grows day by day. As this pet raising game is becoming popular day by day, businesses have started creating a virtual monster game similar to My DeFi Pet Game. 

Why Choose Sellbitbuy For My DeFi Pet Clone Development?

Sellbitbuy - A predominant Blockchain Game Development Company, is happy to extend the services by developing a world class My DeFi Pet Clone Script for the enthusiast who wish to launch a virtual pet raising game similar to My DeFi Pet Game. We are experts in building unique blockchain games across many interoperable blockchain networks. Our developers collaborates with their colleague to create a specialized My DeFi Pet Clone integrated with distinct features. Talk with us & get to know about more insights.  

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