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Local Bitcoin Clone Script-Start Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Website Instantly.
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Local Bitcoin Clone Script-Start Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Website Instantly.

Local Bitcoin Clone Script-Start Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Website Instantly.

In today's world, every business needs a website to reach the target audience. If you can think a website is a simple process to build within one day? It is obviously the wrong idea its takes so many days to create a website that considered us difficult tasks.

We are the sellbitbuy cryptocurrency exchange clone development software company you can get our ready-made peer to peer local bitcoin clone script using this business model the trader can easily exchange fiat currency to bitcoin without any trouble with the help of bitcoin escrow.

To know more about the Bitcoin Escrow Concept, just have a look at our article: Bitcoin Escrow Script To Start  Bitcoin Exchange business instantly.

Simple, you can hire a single developer or dedicated development team to build your own bitcoin exchange website like localbitcoins. Just think it costs too much money or overwhelmed through a budget.

You are the young entrepreneur think in a smart way to buy our local bitcoin trading clone script with advanced features with affordable price.

I think you have a lot of questions surrounding your head while reading this article?

Why most of the entrepreneur chooses the localbitcoins clone to start their your own bitcoin exchange platform?

What are special security features in our local bitcoin clone?

Wait, we are here to explain all your questions with the right answer.

Why most of the entrepreneurs choose the local bitcoin clone website to start their bitcoin exchange platform?

First of all, you already know that the localbitcoins exchange platform is a peer to peer or people to people connection business model.

The local bitcoin website operates from 2012 until it has a strong reputation to begin reliable.

All trader needs to register their details according to through know your customer(KYC) rules.

If you can create your own crypto trading exchange website make us unique but, you need a lot of time or days to reach you're branded in crypto industries and target audience.

This is a major reason the entrepreneur chooses the branded bitcoin exchange platform clone script for starting their bitcoin exchange business.

Highlights of LocalBitcoins Exchange Website

  • The largest P2P Bitcoin trading platform local bitcoin has 1 000 000 registered users and trade volume of $11,325.37 USD which has equal space in the global marketplace.

  • They support more than 248 countries to Buy/Sell Bitcoins with their local currencies.

  • In this exchange platform the buyer/seller posting an advertisement along with trading rates and payment methods.

  • The important note is the reputation and feedback mechanism for finding and filtering reliable traders on the exchange.

  • The trader in LocalBitcoins is free to fix their price and limits for their trading, ie., no limits for buying and selling of Bitcoins.

  •   Local Bitcoin charges a 1% fee for the trading Fees may vary per the payment methods.

  • The Customer Support systems are available to help traders through the email support system.

What are special security features in our local bitcoin trading clone script?

Multiple payment options

In our local bitcoin clone software we providing multiple payment options for all your trader. You can attract more trader through the multiple payment options they can buy a bitcoin through a gift card, PayPal, western union, etc.

Innovative Advertisement platform

In every advertisement, a platform seller can create ads to sell their bitcoin. But, our local bitcoin clone script automatically sends the seller ads to the nearest buyer through e-mail or message according to the seller information.

Safety guard escrow

In our local bitcoin exchange website script, escrow protects sellers from fraudulent buyers by requiring the Bitcoin to be deposited in an escrow wallet.

Multiple factor authentication

Your trader individually protects through two-factor authentication methods or send the one time password to your registered mobile number on the website.

Live crypto value price

The bitcoin price can be shown to all the traders to set the bitcoin value limitation to sell or buy.

Secure Admin panel

 The admin can view a list of user details whether verified or not and activate the buyer or seller ads approve from the admin panel. You can take each month-end report like how many transactions are done? who is the new user?

To Book, a live demo of local bitcoin clone script immediately to start your profitable business with us.

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