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IDEX clone script - To start your own decentralized exchange website alike IDEX.
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IDEX clone script - To start your own decentralized exchange website alike IDEX.

IDEX clone script - To start your own decentralized exchange website alike IDEX.

Sellbitbuy - the topmost cryptocurrency exchange clone development company offers Idex clone script to start a decentralized exchange platform like Idex. We develop and deploy the IDEX crypto decentralized exchange clone script with highly effective features.

Do you wish to start the decentralized crypto exchange platform?

If your answer is yes then this article helps your dream to achieve within a short duration of time.To achieve your crypto entrepreneur dream you must want to know some basics concept like,

What is a decentralized exchange platform?

Which is the best-decentralized exchange platform?

What is IDEX?

What is the IDEX website clone script?

How did Sellbitbuy IDEX trading clone script work?

Now let's discuss these topics to give in-depth knowledge about the IDEX clone script.

What is a decentralized exchange platform?

A decentralized crypto exchange platform or DEX is an exchange that doesn't allow a third-party service to hold the trader funds. Instead, trades occur directly like a peer to peer model through an automated process called a smart contract.

Which is the best-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform?


Waves dex

CryptoBridge Dex



Do you know about the high rated IDEX DEX cryptocurrency exchange platform?

What is IDEX?

IDEX is an International Development Exchange-based on an ethereum token decentralized smart contract that allows the trader to trade the ethereum in real-time. 

The IDEX Decentralized exchange platform is a part of an Aurora project.

IDEX is a decentralized exchange platform where a trader can buy and sell almost 300 different ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network.

This IDEX decentralized crypto exchange does not allow the trading of certain popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. However, it does allow you to trade Ethereum support coins and tokens like AuroraDAO, OmiseGO, Metal, Storj.

What is the IDEX clone script?

The IDEX clone is a decentralized cryptocurrency website script that has all the existing technical features like the popular decentralized exchange platform IDEX. If you are interested to start the exact business model of the IDEX then buy the Sellbitbuy IDEX exchange website clone script at an affordable price.

How Sellbitbuy IDEX website clone is working?

You can install IDEX trading clone software within a short duration and start your new decentralized crypto exchange platform globally to reach the target audience. Just read the following steps to know how the IDEX clone works in your platform.

Step 1:

 If your trader decides to create a new wallet, the IDEX exchange will produce a private key for a trader and store the wallet in Keystore file or if the trader already has an ethereum wallet just connect with the IDEX.

Step 2:

If the trader has an ethereum wallet just click unlock wallet option to unlock the wallet where you saved it. The is four types of wallets Keystore file, private key, meta mask, and ledger wallet.

Step 3:

If the traders unlock their wallet go to the profile section. Check whether their wallet balance.

Step 4:

The trader can deposit the crypto to the IDEX smart contract wallet through the balance option.

Step 5:

The trader is allowed to trade now. They create market/limit orders, and unlike other DEXs, you can cancel trades without paying gas.

Step 6:

Once the trader had entered the order click the buy or sell button. A trader will receive a popup informing the order just placed.

Step 7:

Once the trade had matched with another trader they will send the Ethereum. To see the status of the trade go to “Orders” →“Trade History” in the top navigation of the IDEX clone.

Step 8:

The trader in your decentralized exchange platform charges a 0.1% fee for the makers (who make liquidity by creating a new order for the order book) and 0.2% for takers (who take liquidity by filling an order book).

Step 9:

In the IDEX clone package, there is a chatbox system that helps to answer the trader's queries. 

The gas fee is a transaction fee on the Ethereum network paid to miners to process the transaction. Trades on IDEX cost ~140k gas

Highlights in Sellbitbuy IDEX Clone Software

They have a user-friendly dashboard.

They have an unhackable admin panel.

They have the easy customization option through a white label solution.

They have a clear trading chart and price details.

In Sellbitbuy, IDEX clone services come through the AES method.

Sellbitbuy has more than five years of experience in cryptocurrency clone development. We offer user-friendly cryptocurrency clone scripts like Binance clone script, Poloniex clone scriptand more with enhanced features and security plugins.

It is your time to build your own cryptocurrency DEX platform like IDEX to grasp the crypto market audience's attention and get high revenue.

Get a free live demo for IDEX Clone Script Now.

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Disclaimer: We use the word "IDEX" for the reader's understandable purpose only and not doing any disservice activities for them.
Our intention doesn't want to harm any organization or individuals.

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